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The Disable Friendly iPhone

There are many that suffer from some form of disability or the other and as such, it becomes quite difficult for such persons to use cell phones. If you are one such individual who suffers from some form of vision or hearing loss, you know what a great frustration it is when trying to making use of the latest technological innovations. However, today there are many mobile companies that have taken this into consideration and have started manufacturing mobile phones that can be more accessible to people with disabilities. The perfect example of this is the Unlocked Apple iPhone that has been developed with different in built accessibility features.

If you wish to improve the functionality of the Unlocked iPhone for a disability, you can do the following.

1. Visual Voicemail: Should you have some sort of difficulty in hearing, you can decide on using visual voicemail. Through this, you can have your messages read back to you. Consider for instance that there is some phone number being spoken, but you are unable to hear it clearly, you can use the visual voicemail to play it back at a much slower pace. It will be played in iTunes where you can continuously drag the slider back and forth to re read what it was you were unable to hear the first time.

2. Closed Captioning: With closed captioning, you have the ability of having a message displayed at the bottom of any video currently being watched. Just go to options and make sure that “Closed Captioning” is turned on.

3. Voice-Over: Voice-Over is a very beneficial feature that can be used by persons having a difficult time reading content on the screen. With Voice-Over, it is possible to have a voice read what is currently being shown on the screen of the phone. You can even use the touch screen feature together with the Voice-Over functionality.