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FourSquare iOS App Update with Faster Check Ins

Foursqure, the popular check an app that has been integrated with a number FourSquare iOS App Update with Faster Check Insof different devices and social networks has received an update for the IOS client. The app is a popular one that allows unlocked iphone 4 and other iOS users to update their friends on where they are, where they will be heading, and where they have been in the past.  The app has been very popular over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and has been integrated into another of other devices as well.  Their app for IOS devices has been highly popular, and the new update should allow users to check in at different locations much faster than they did in the past.


The faster check-in process should be something that users will love.  The company gave a quick update earlier in the day and even demonstrated the new app through a YouTube video that was released. Before, checking in on the app would require a number of different steps that confuse some users.  Now, checking and will allow for users to do so in a few short button clicks with some Checkins being just one button click.

FourSquare iOS App Update with Faster Check Ins

The company also announced that with their newest update to the iphone 4 unlocked that they have reached more than 10 million users in total, making it easily the largest location-based checking in software and the world.  Although other companies such as Facebook have tried to emulate the software through their own portals, foursquare continues to grow at a rate that other companies can seemingly not will be interesting to see if the company can grow at the same rate that it has been so far.  The 10 million user mark is one that companies celebrate around the world, but seems to only be the tip of the iceberg for a program like foursquare that will undoubtedly become more popular as time goes on.