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Five Reasons I'm Happy I Ditched IOS For Android

The allure of the imposing Apple iPhone is very strong. It's built like a sports car and performs like one too. Everything is streamlined, cohesive, and works together to give you a smartphone experience that is very simple and pleasing. The very nature of Apple being the ultimate pick up and play device is at work. I feel like I could hand an iPhone to a toddler and within minutes they would have it figured out. Well this is all fine and dandy, I, being a now-former iPhone user, eventually grew tired of the straight and narrow path presented by Apple. It was time for me to expand my horizons. It has been almost two months now since I got my Nexus 5. While there are some things I do miss, there is a lot to love about Android. Here are five reasons I now prefer Android to IOS.

My red Nexus 5, my first Android phone

1. Choice

iTunes is a standard in music. But what if you don't like iTunes, or think it could be improved? Tough luck. With Android you have a choice. If you aren't happy with the standard music player you can go out and find one you do like. Heck you can even make one if you feel compelled!

2. Phones, Phones, and more Phones

I never realized how small an iPhone was until I picked up my Nexus 5. The full HD 5 inch screen makes watching movies and videos far more feasible. It has also opened my eyes to gaming as my big hands often cluttered the screen of my iPhone. All of this is made possible by the fact I had a choice with Android. I probably could have found a smaller screen phone, or heck even a larger one, but with iPhone you have one choice, iPhone.

3. Better Choice In Accessories

How many times have you dug around for an iPhone cord to realize you didn't have the right one or it was magically incompatible for some reason? I said too many times. With Android it is simple. Is it Micro USB? Well, it'll work. This means I can use a huge variety of chargers for both the home and car. Same goes for cases and wireless chargers. We didn't see the first great flip cover for the iPhone until this year. Samsung, LG, and others have been making unique covers and cases for years. Compatibility and choice, I'll take that.

4. Price

This is self-explanatory. I got my Nexus 5 shipped to my house off-contract for less than $450. I know, $450 aint cheap. But do you want an Apple iPhone 5S off-contract? You are looking at $649. Add in Apple Care and you are close to $800. Yikes.

5. Apple IS Just one company

While they are a visionary company, Apple is still just one company. When you have the minds of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Google pounding out phones for Android you see more innovation because you have more minds working on making phones as good as they can be. When that happens, when competition happens, consumers win.