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First Data and Tyfone announce partnership for NFC payments

With the announcement that Visa is going to team up with DeviceFidelity to deliver NFC payments via microSD cards there is news that Visa will have some competition from First Data and Tyfone.  First Data and Tyfone have announced their partnership to also bring the ability to deliver NFC payments via MicroSD cards to cell phones.

The heart of their system is Tyfone’s SideTap card made by NXP Semiconductors which can also function as an actual memory card in addition to a NFC payment device.  However, while Tyfone’s SideTap card can function as memory card as well it is expected to cost the same as a regular memory card of the same capacity.

Using a microSD card instead of a phone with built in NFC technology will also reduce the need for carries or phone manufacturers to be involved which will also help lower the costs.  While the complete details of the partnership are not known at this time the two companies are promising that the technology will hit the market in the second half of 2010.

For consumers that will need to use this NFC payment technology this sounds very encouraging as First Data and Tyfone look to keep the costs down while providing consumers with this needed technology.  By combining forces First Data and Tyfone will be able to pass the savings they create when implementing this NFC capabilities onto the consumers which is always a welcomed case.