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Sony Ericsson Play Review

The unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is a device that has been ever-present in the media in recent years, and for good reason. At first, it looked as if the device would be the first official PlayStation branded mobile device on the market. Now it is clear that the phone will actually have the XPERIA branding instead, but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining steam as the first official gaming oriented smart device on the market.

The phone looks sleek, and features a four inch touchscreen device, accompanied by a slide out gamepad that will easily allow you to switch between the touchscreen and game pad while you are playing games. Some have compared the Sony Ericsson Play to the PSP Go, but from our hands on experience, we can say that the Play is much more advanced that the Go.


The software is easy to use, and runs on the most recent version of the Android system. Although the official version of the device that is out there is not the official version so nothing can be taken as a certain flaw in the design of the device, but some have reported that the device requires at least one reboot per day to maintain its quick surfing ability.

In order to play games on the version that is currently out there, you have to load an emulator and use a ROM, so that does not really give you a good idea of the quality that you can expect from titles in the XPERIA Play unlocked official marketplace, but from what we have seen the handling on the games is great and is very intuitive and easy to use.


It is easy to see why the XPERIA Play has become so popular in recent months leading up to the release of the device - with or without the official Playstation branding.