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Dell Streak-Unlocked: A Great 3G Phone And So Much More

If you purchase a phone through a service provider, the cellular phone will be more than likely locked. You would not be able to change providers unless they were to unlock your phone. By purchasing an unlocked device, you will be giving yourself many advantages over being limited with a locked phone. One of the latest products offered in the cellular phone market is the Dell Streak unlocked.

The Dell Streak is a 3G device including a powerful 1GHz processor to make everything run faster and more efficiently. It combines ideal features of a personal computer and a typical 3G phone. Instead of lugging a large and bulky laptop or even a mini notebook, you can simply carry this lightweight power phone. Use it for work, to socialize and to keep in touch with loved ones.

This phone also comes with Bluetooth, 3G broadband and Wi-Fi capabilities. It also includes a nicely sized memory card, a 32GB micro SD. This gives you plenty of memory to store plenty of videos, music, images, business presentations, documents and the ever important ring tones. The phone is about six inches wide, three inches high and the thickness is just a mere half an inch. This will allow it to fit easily into a purse or a pocket with ease.

This phone also allows you to watch videos or even television shows comfortably on a five inch screen. The clarity and durability of the screen is enhanced with a scratch and damage resistant glass screen. This type of screen promises to remain in great condition for quite awhile. This phone also includes a light sensor to adjust the screen brightness for optimal viewing purposes and to maximize battery usage as well as ultra-intelligence in the design for facial proximity.

Currently, the unlocked Dell Streak is available for purchase at a cool five hundred and fifty USD. You may be able to find this phone at a much lower price if you can wait until a promotional or special sale. Above and beyond working or making the next hottest business deal, you can also stay in touch with the people that mean the most to you from anywhere. The Streak can easily connect to the local area network of your personal computer or your office for real-time access.

If you are looking for a cellular phone that has it all, then the Dell Streak is the way to go. This phone can give you the option to utilize Microsoft Applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint as well as gives you real-time access to your office local network and the ability to connect to the internet easily and quickly in order to chat, browse, search and more.

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