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FCC Unveils National Broadband Plan

Today in a message to congress the FCC unveiled it’s plans to work on a national broadband plan.  The plan details how the FCC will work to bring voice and broadband internet services to as many Americans as possible.  The FCC’s plan includes both wireline and wireless broadband components.

With the wireless side the FCC requested the use of 500MHz of spectrum and hopes to get that much made available in 10 years time.  Currently the FCC has 50MHz of spectrum available and is considering incentives and possible auctions to get current spectrum holders to give up their current allotments.

The FCC is also looking into the ways that infrastructure can help reduce the costs of deploying wireless broadband.  They would like to look into the ways that rooftops, utility poles, and other conduits can be used for cell towers and repeaters that will greatly reduce the costs of rolling out a nationwide broadband service.

The main goal of the FCC and this broadband initiative is to provide every American with access to broadband service of 100Mbps downloads and 50Mbps uploads.  The FCC also feels that the US should lead the world in mobile broadband and should have the largest and fastest network.

If the FCC realizes its goal then this will be very welcomed news for mobile device users that are currently on data plans.  They way it sounds to me is that the FCC wants to have a country wide wireless broadband service that mobile users would be able to access from their unlocked cell phones for free.  Gone could be the days of paying for wireless data plans to stream video content on your mobile device.  This will be an interesting story to keep our eyes on in the coming years to see just how much support the FCC gets from the government.