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FCC Asks for All Phones to be GPS-capable by 2018

One of the big issues surrounding cell phones these days is the ability to make calls to 911 services. Yes it does work but the current technology in place and not take advantage of all the features of a cell phone could offer when someone makes a call to 911. Ideally you should be able to send text messages, photos or videos to the 911 operator from your cell phone such as unlocked BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900.FCC Asks for All Phones to be GPS-capable by 2018

The FCC has been involved in trying to set regulations on the matter for very long time. Recently, they issued a press release that stated that they were aiming to make enhancements to the 911 service by the year 2018. The goal is to fully utilize the GPS capabilities of cell phones and have better efficiency and the ability of pinpointing the location of cell phones. With increased accuracy it should help to 911 operators and their response times and providing the right information to those who are going to help the situation.FCC Asks for All Phones to be GPS-capable by 2018

It is expected over 85% of all cell phones such as unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G will have GPS capabilities. This should make it easier to set up the proper infrastructure to support the other forms of communication to the 911 service. The downside to all this, is that there is not much support from the major carriers as they do not want to have mandated rules set up that they have to follow. Their belief is that it is not economically viable to impose that requirement as a rule of law. What's good about the FCC making a statement is that it sets the tone for change and will encourage the carriers to place the issue towards the top of their lists of service enhancements.

There is still quite a bit of time for all those involved to come up with a solution that makes the 911 service better overall. It's fair to say that with the technology innovation that's happening as quickly as it is will most likely change the path to which the carriers implement the FCC mandate.