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FBI Raids Hackers from ‘Anonymous’ Group in New York

The FBI has now rated the homes of three different hackers from a group known as anonymous. These hackers were located in the New York City area, and the news was first reported by Fox News. a total of more than 10 FBI agents were able to get into the house of Giordani Jordan, who is located in the Baldwin, New York area. The FBI agents reportedly to release one laptop from the premises, and have suspected that Jordan is part of a plan to launch a denial of service attack against a number of different firms including both MasterCard and Visa. It is not currently clear how they were able to track the events to him, but you can bet that more arrests will be coming in the following days. The police are also reportedly searching homes are located in Long Island and Brooklyn areas.

The hackers are all reportedly in their late teens, and early 20s, and have been acting for the group of anonymous for the last few years. As of right now, it is unclear if the hackers that were rated R. part of the group Lulzsec, a group that has been responsible for hacking a number of huge firms over the course of the last few months including both Sony, the U.S. Senate website, as well as the CIA.

It will be interesting to see what kind of charges is handed down of any evidence; it was part of these attacks. And for more individuals to be rated in the coming days, with possible attacks coming from the group in response.

If the FBI is able to find evidence of the hacking, you can expect them to make it publicly known quickly. They want to quickly bring down the threat of further attacks from the screw, a group that consists of many anonymous members that never reveal their identity.

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