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EscapeCapsul Keeps iPhone 4 Safe from The Elements

Have you ever wanted a phone case that would keep your unlocked iPhone 4 for safe from water, sand, mud, and all of the other elements that are out there that could potentially damage your phone? Getting a case for your iPhone for a something that everyone should do, but getting one that is able to keep it completely safe from all of the elements should definitely help you to keep it running into top form for longer."EscapeCapsul"

The vast majority of those that keep your phone safe from all of the elements including water often make your phone more bulky. However, the EscapeCapsule, is not as bulky as the others that have appeared in recent years. In fact, it is pretty thin overall. It is made from high impact clear poly carbonate, and is able to protect against even the most damaging events.

All of the hardware of the phone as well as the bonds is going to be protected through a specially designed membrane and read your fingers and a way that is very similar itself reads your fingers. Even with the cover on, the camera still works surprisingly well."EscapeCapsul"

There are a number of different colors of the case will come in, so you can mix and match with your device. The cases will come with a lanyard that you can attach to your list while you are playing in the water with your iPhone, and will be able to stay on your hands even when you’re not utilizing it.

At this point, after 28 days the company has a goal of $30,000 in funding, and currently only have $3780 in funding total. This means that they are still looking for donations over and Quick starter and would undoubtedly enjoy your help. EscapeCapsul is a company that is really designed a case that is really going to raise the standard for waterproof cases moving into the future.