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Droid Updates Equates To Good Customer Service

Recently, Verizon Wireless rolled out the Motorola DROID.  This Smartphone was to be their first device powered by ANDROID 2.0 technology.  It promised speedier access to web browsing and the largest 3G network in the country as well as hundreds of ANDROID applications and widgets.  The DROID was to offer options that other Smartphones did not, and at speeds not yet experienced by users.

Did the DROID deliver once it hit the market?  Many users noticed two things about this Smartphone almost immediately.  First, it was everything it promised it would be related to speed and its software applications.  The initial reviews were outstanding when it came to the DROID’s performance on the phone, and applications side of the equation.  However, there was recognition by DROID owners concerning an obvious flaw in the device which has some wondering what happened?  The flaw that many DROID users had noticed was the camera function was not working properly. More to the point, it simply would not focus and leading to poor quality pics was a major complaint.  There were other issues people were having with the camera including lack of clarity.

As quickly as owners had noticed the deficiencies it seemed the camera began to improve in almost every way.  What happened?  No technical service was sought, although there certainly were customer complaints and dissatisfaction with the camera.  Did Verizon quietly perform updates to the DROIDs that had been purchased?  All over owners are reporting significant improvements with their camera problems leaving many to speculate that in fact there have been updates to their Smartphone.

Some find this a bit weird, even somewhat sneaky.  Others are pleased that Verizon has heard customer complaints and moved quickly to address the problems.  There are those who have concluded in their minds that the planned December 11 updates were moved forward once the issues were made known by DROID owners.

Sneaky? Good customer service? Either way DROID users are reporting significant improvements with the quality of their pics.  In the end, having their device work as advertised is all most consumers really care about.