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Disappointment in Real Time: AT&T

This is good news for those who are always disappointed with AT&T’s service; you can now get an app that will convey your disappointment with your AT&T cell phone or service to AT&T. The bigwigs at the telecom giant somehow have learned how to make nice, at least for the time being. Verizon has this app as well so maybe the make-nice-virus is also out this flu season.

This however is not good news for those who really want to express their disappointment about AT&T’s service because 511 only address coverage gaps, dropped calls and other network problems. Therefore, if you have a problem with your outrageous bill, you cannot complain here, you would have to talk to the people at customer care.

Mark The Spot is what this app is called and offers long-suffering customers an ability to send a message or to ping their carrier as soon as the problem comes up. No one knows yet how this is useful though so this disappointment app somehow has caused more disappointment than cheer.

Because for one, why cannot AT&T monitor dropped calls automatically the way Verizon does? Another thing is how wills someone, anyone reports that he or she has no coverage if in fact, there is NO COVERAGE? Well, maybe you report when you get your coverage back, which will be utter, useless. So maybe AT&T is not trying to be nice, maybe they are doing a survey on dropped calls i.e. which of these dropped calls or how many dropped calls made are related to the network’s bad service or coverage. If this is a way to do a survey then it will probably not work.

It is a rather surprising app though, something much unexpected indeed. No one knows what this app is really for but let us hope it will cover other “disappointments”.