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Using the iPhone 4 for Multi-Tasking

A major issue that other users had with other editions of the iPhone is that when they came out they did not provider the users with the ability to multi-task. Several telephones sold then already offered multi-tasking features, and users did not get why Apple decided to forgo this capability in favor of others. The answer to this question was obvious after we examined the multi-tasking capabilities that are available on the unlocked iPhone 4.
Switch from one App to Another Fast

The multi-tasking capabilities of the iPhone 4 provides users with a way to switch from one app to another app simply and fast and all that must be done is to double click on the button located at the bottom of the phone. This is the home button. When this button is clicked, a shortcut list will pop up that will show the apps that the user has utilized recently. Think about the fact that you could switch to the iPhone app from Pandora in the event that you cannot locate a song you want to listen to. In addition, you are going to be able to go from a game you are currently playing to your Internet browser if you want to see how your team is doing or to read a current headline or two.
Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

The Multi-tasking capabilities of the iPhone 4 also lets you pick up at the exact point you stopped with all apps. This means you can return to the YouTube clip you left without fast forwarding to that spot, or you can start a game at the point you stopped. Right when you return to the app, your position will be right where you were when you had to leave.
Listen to Tunes as You do Other Tasks

You probably would like to have the ability to listen to music on your iPod, on YouTube, or on another app as you do other tasks on your phone. You would not have been able to do this with other editions of the iPhone, and as such, this was a hot topic among users who wished they had this feature. Now you will be able to listen to your tunes as you do other tasks on your phone like browse the Internet or check your email.
Have GPS Apps Running While You do Other Tasks

Many users utilize their iPhones to get directions to somewhere and for music, which wasn't possible to do simultaneously with previous versions. Because the GPS app could not be used at the same time as you were listening to music on your iPhone, you probably missed your exit more than once. However, the newest version iPhone 4 unlocked will allow you to run your GPS app to receive the right directions even if you are listening to music. This feature will lower the level of your music automatically whenever it provides new directions.