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Crazy Things Caught On Cell Phone Cameras

Life is full of zany occurrences and cell phone cameras help us to catch them as they come. Acting as our own personal evidence keepers, cell phone cameras have had enormous implications for society as well as the privacy of individuals. You never know who could be watching or where you’ll turn up next. Your blunder could be the next viral video and though the camera phone can capture defining moments in time, there is still much controversy as to what extent people will go to “make history” and share what they’ve witnessed. As we become more aware of ourselves than ever before, here is a compilation of some of the funny and outrageous things people have caught on their cell phone camera.

(WARNING: some of the videos may contain violent or disturbing images)

When a teacher says turn off your cell phone, you may not want to test them...


Staying in shape is important; just make sure you get yourself a good gym partner…


Employers should re-think how hard they work their employees. You never know when one could crack…


On the other hand, lazy employees may get burned...


Missing your flight can be a real drag, but is this really necessary?


There's nothing like a good old fashioned cat fight to remind you how cruel girls can be...


Just when you thought no one was looking...


Who needs fireworks when you've got power line explosions?


Oh! The lengths people will go to share their experiences- even when they are being rescued by a SWAT team in a hijacked plane!


Some people will do just about anything to get a laugh...


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