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Clearwire and Sprint Launch WiMax

Austin and San Antonio, Texas were the two cities lucky enough to experience Clearwire and Sprint’s unveiling of their WiMax technology today. The WiMax is a 4G network that will ultimately serve to optimize the efficiency and mobility of service for their customers. Essentially, the WiMax system is like an upgrade but for wifi—bridging the ever-shrinking gap between …as it helps to make every handheld wireless devices to become every bit as efficient and capable as large modems, hard drives, engines and hardware.

This also serves as a potentially lucrative business incentive for Sprint and Clearwire, as the prospect for faster and more efficient service is made readily available for their clients upon the purchase of 4G equip devices such as modems, laptops and other various 4G embedded processor devices.

clearwire-logoAt present, Sprint’s nationwide communications consists mainly of 3G networking. They currently enjoy the title of being the nation’s largest 3G network and they are looking to expand that into 4G territory. Together with Clearwire, they have already introduced widespread 4G coverage to the public in Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston Salem and Greensboro and by the end of the year plan to have made it available in more than a dozen cities nationwide.

As of now, it is not clear exactly why Sprint and Clearwire have chosen the select cities, nor do we know the specifics of the proposed 4G devise that they have on the horizon. One can only guess, however, that they have chosen Second tier cities, surrounded by relatively rural or sparsely-populated areas in order to ascertain and to more closely examine to what extent exactly, the new and improved technology will have on society as a whole. What is certain is that such a move can only help Sprint to further secure its position as a nation’s leading service provider, as today we see once again, another innovative thrust towards an increasingly informational-driven society.