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Cisco Changing Structure, Will Get Rid of Flips

Cisco is going to be restructuring their business, and has stated that they are going to be killing off certain parts of their business. They will make a larger effort to focus on the core of the company, including collaboration, services and video. Their popular camera, the Flip, will no longer be in the company’s plans as a result of their restructuring. The company has said that they will continue to support those that had already purchased the phone, but would not be dedicating any more resources to the development of the device.

They claimed that a larger profitability was the main reasoning behind their decision to restructure. In rent years they had moved more toward the retail end of things, when that was previously not the type of products that they had put forward. They are looking to get deeper into video and explore new ways to profit.

The company said in a statement that the company was making a number of targeted moves to end in a new platform strategy for the company. It is good to hear that they will continue to provide support for Flip users, despite the fact that they will no longer be releasing new versions of the device.

As Cisco’s profits have fallen in recent months, many have expected for plans to be made to change the direction that they were heading. Today’s announcement shows that they are now looking into their past and their future for new revenue sources and are concentrating on aspects of their business that they have a strong hold over.

It will be interesting to see if they release any more retail products like the Flip Video, or if they will take things in a completely different directions.

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