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  • When Microsoft announced that they were going to end the production and designing of The Courier, their upcoming tablet, fans were mad because the tablet actually looked quite promising with its dual displays that was held like a book. However, the company is still reportedly working on putting out a tablet that will be released sometime in 2012. The company will be working with Texas Instruments and other companies to release a tablet that should be released at least by the end of 2012.

    Microsoft to Launch Own Tablet Sometime Next Year

    So far, the Xbox console has been the best investment of devices other than Pc’s for the company, and they have not had much luck beyond that throughout the course of the last few years. Their Zune player, while functional, it never really reached the heights that the team was really hoping that it would. A new tablet would be right up their ally. Of course, they have not stated whether or not the new tablet will be the book-style dual display tablet as the Courier was supposed to be. They haven’t even gone as far as to confirm the rumors, but the sources that stated it are very reliable with the company rumors.


    Microsoft to Launch Own Tablet Sometime Next YearHopefully this tablet will be better than the previous devices that the company has released for Microsoft’s sake. They have been able to release a solid operating system for mobile devices such as unlocked Dell Streak, HTC HD7, etc.. and now it looks like they are looking to get into the mobile business their self. Since we are in the early days of the tablet market it is wide open and a large company like Microsoft will have no problem competing if they are able to put together a great option and market as an alternative to the iPad which already seems to have the market sewn up at this time.

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  • There has been a lot of talk as of late about Nokia potentially being acquired by Microsoft. The rumors have stated that because of a recent deal between Nokia and Microsoft that will bring several devices to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform such as unlocked Dell venue pro, LG C900, etc.. that we can soon here expect to see the companies perhaps merging, which would fall in line with what Microsoft is trying to do. A number of moves that Nokia has made in recent months seemed to support that fact, but taking a closer look we can now see that it doesn’t exactly look like the rumors are true, although you can never really trust what a CEO says in regards to huge rumors such as this one because would they really want to tell you the truth anyway?


    The CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop said on Wednesday that the reports that the company had agreed to sell the cell phone part of their business to Microsoft for $19 billion is not true. There were a number of well known media outlets that reported the rumor, which has been vehemently denied by the company. The news first came from industry insider Eldar Murtazin, who seems to be behind all of the biggest rumors - some of which have turned out to be true.

    “There’s no basis for them,” said the CEO Elop when he was asked about the rumors. It was clear that he was looking to clear the air. While he claims that the rumors are not true that may just simply mean that a deal has not been done at this time. It will definitely be interesting to see if anything about this comes out in the near future, but as of right now it looks like there is no real deal in the works. He went on to say that Nokia has never even discussed a potential acquisition and said that he does not understand where the rumors were coming from.

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  • Microsoft has allowed a number of different media sources test out their brand new Windows Phone update which has been codenamed Mango since it was first announced. The update will likely not be available until sometime this Fall, but things are looking great based on what is out there so far. They have addressed some of the key concerns that users have had with the way that the previous operating system worked and you can bet that users will be more than satisfied with what Microsoft has brought to the table with their first real major update for windows phone users

    Microsoft Windows Phone Mango the Update We’ve Been Waiting For

    The 7.1 version of the device will run Windows Phone will be the first version of the operating system to offer 4G support, which seems a little odd in this day and age and is one of the main things that many users were looking for. The new operating system will also allow for threads to run, which means that there will be more multitasking options available to users. It will also have some new features that allow for deeper social integration with all of your favorite networks.

    Microsoft Windows Phone Mango the Update We’ve Been Waiting For

    Other upgrades that users can look forward to from Mango include the ability for voice dictation, and new multi-tasking abilities with the apps. In all, Microsoft claims to have added more than 500 new features but has not gone as far as to announce what those features might be. You can get a good look at the update for the first time this fall, when it is officially released. It is good to see that Microsoft is addressing the key concerns of their windows phone users . So far they have put together a very interesting package that will likely only be getting better as time goes on. For now, the update is being thoroughly tested and added to before its release, but Microsoft is already starting to build hype for the device.

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  • Although T-Mobile was recently acquired by AT&T, still many fans were anticipating the release of the T-Mobile LG G2x that was first seen during the CTIA Wireless 2011. The device will run the Android 2.2 operating system and has amazing specs that make the small device extremely quick. The device will feature a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor that will be more than enough to power the operating system and then some. The applications during the hands on seemed as if they opened up and then closed seemingly instantly. The 4G network will also help to speed up the browsing of websites, creating an all-around very quick machine.

    The G2X phone feels great in the end, and has the specs that match some of the top devices int eh space that are being released over the course of the next few months. One of the biggest complaints is that the screen seems to really hold fingerprints quite well. The device will also feature an 8 megapixel camera, which is above the curve in terms of phones with these devices.


    Although T-Mobile has seemingly reached its end and will become a part of the AT&T network at some point in all likelihood, that does not mean that the G2x will not be one of hte most impressive phones released this year - that much is already clear from the hands on that was granted. The device will easily be one of the fastest available, the the company has managed to keep the battery life manageable.

    Watch for the company to continue to expand the number of top notch smart devices that they offer moving forward. This is one of a few top tier smart devices that have been rumored to be coming to T-Mobile prior to the merger. It is not clear if these devices will be absolved into the AT&T brand name, or if the company will allow T-Mobile to continue to operate under its own name for the time being. From the hands on it is clear that the G2x will be one of the top flight smart devices in the world moving forward.



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  • It looks as though Hewlett Packard is quite serious about using WebOS in their PC’s. The company has long been rumored to be condiering adding that functionality to their PC’s, but the announcement was made by the CEO, Leo Apotheker that all HP personal computers will start working with both Web OS as well as Microsoft Windows starting next year. The company said that they were trying to find a reason for developers to have incentive to developer new apps for the platform, which is used on many HP unlocked cell phones and printers.

    Right now, the software sector is digging a 2 percent hole in their finances, which is slowing the company down in their investments. It will be interesting to see if this move convinces more people to create software for webOS now that it will be included on personal computers.

    This does not mean that HP personal computers will not have the ability to use Windows 7. In fact, the software will still come loaded on the machine, but will not be the only option available. Apparently, the company is looking to make their WebOs just as available as the windows installation and allow users to switch from one to the other. It certainly is a bit of an interesting strategy and is not one that we have seen employed by really any companies that are taking part in the Mobile revolution. Look for WebOs to gain some popularity from this move, but who knows if it is really enough to help the company deal with not having any development companies that are interested in developing software for their platform.


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  • Windows Phone 7 Update Is Here
    Posted on February 24, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Microsoft announced that the first update for their Windows Phone 7 operating system such Unlocked LG c900 is finally here. The update has been rumored to be coming soon for quite some time. Although it has been highly anticipated, some of the more prominent feature upgrades were not included. The upgrades that many were expecting, such as the ability to copy and paste, were mysteriously absent in the first upgrade for the operating system that is suddenly gaining a following.

    It also does not include third party multitasking support, which was one of the biggest features that many thought may be included in the update. The update does provide users with a number of fixes, and is probably serving as a test run for the company to roll out bigger, more prominent features in the future. This might end up being a good thing, and allow them to seamlessly transition in the future when these features are added.

    Users will likely first hear about the update on their phones. They will be notified directly on their devices. They will also need to connect their phones to a desktop computer in order to install the new software.

    Now that the first update for Windows Phone 7 has been released, you can expect the company to more continually roll out updates in the future. With these prominent features not included, Microsoft probably knows that they are disappointing some users that were expecting to be able to copy and paste and also multi-task.

    Microsoft addressed these issues on their Windows Phone Blog, and provided users with information regarding everything that is included in the update. They claimed that it is “praving the way for all future goodie-filled updates,” making it sound as if this update was a preliminary update more than anything.

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  • Dell Venue Pro Reveal - Bulky, But Solid
    Posted on February 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Dell Venue Pro unlocked is a phone that has been highly anticipated since it was first announced, and is easily one of the bigger high powered smart devices on the market. The display is AMOLED, has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and has a physical screen size of 4.10 inches, which should be more than enough to work with. Along with the touch screen technology, there is also a slide out keyboard that is one of the better QWERTY keyboards that have been offered with a top tier smart phone in recent memory.

    The processor is a Snapdragon 1000 MHz phone that features 512 MB of RAM and runs on the smooth Windows Phone 7 Operating System. The new operating system is unbelievably smooth, but does lack some of the key features (including multi-tasking) that have been available for other operating systems for quite some time.

    The phone weighs more than 180 grams, which makes it a lot heavier than both the iPhone 4 unlocked and Nexus S, which are each at least 40 grams lighter. This is a bit of a gift and a curse in regards to the Dell Venue Pro. While the extra weight might be annoying to some users, the fact of the matter is that the phone is sturdier as a result and will likely be able to solve some fairly moderate falls that might claim the lives of other high powered mobile devices.

    The power button on the phone is sort of awkwardly placed, which is a minor issue that you should be able to easily look past and only focus on the positives of the Dell Venue Pro, which overall is one of the most solid smart phones that the company has offered throughout their history. The Unlocked Dell Venue Pro is a great device that should serve as the standard for future Dell releases.

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  • The Unlocked LG Mobile Optimus Quantum is a phone that is not all that loaded with features, but nonetheless provides a great experience for end users who are looking for a Windows Phone 7 phone on a budget. It features a QWERTY keyboard that allows you to easily type out text messages, emails, or any other correspondence easily and quickly. The sliding out motion for the keyboard is about as smooth as it gets, and does not add too much weight to the phone as a whole.

    The LG Mobile Optimus Quantum is one of just a few phones that provide a QWERTY keyboard in conjunction with Windows Phone 7, which should draw in quite a few users. It also features a 5 megapixel rear camera that comes complete with an LED flash to add extra brightness to your pictures. The camera is actually placed on the top center portion of the phone much in the same way that the HTC Desire HD camera is. It can be a bit cumbersome to use when you are trying to take anything but a portrait shot, but the flash feature makes up for this.

    The edge of the phone features a several controls for the volume, and USB charger and a headphones socket. The LG Mobile Optimus Quantum unlocked handset has a great size that fits comfortably in the hand and also is not too heavy in the pocket, weighting 185 grams overall. This is heavier than many smart phones, but this can be attributed to the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

    The biggest draw to this phone will undoubtedly be the slide out keyboard. It is laid out in a way that makes sense and is easy to use, and will probably be one of the best Windows Phone 7 OS devices that LG has to offer throughout the early goings of 2011.

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  • An update for HTC  HD7 Unlocked Windows Phone 7 is on the horizon, according to an article that was released on the support site for the Microsoft software. In an article that they recently posted to their support site, the company suggests that the update for the operating system could be released here soon. The article goes over some information regarding troubleshooting for the software in case the software is unable to automatically update and install properly.

    The first software update for Windows Phone 7 has been highly anticipated and could potentially be coming in the weeks ahead. The update is thought to address a number of common issues and also introduce a number of new features to the software.

    One of the most popular features that will be introduced is the ability to cut, copy and paste text from any website or app. This is a feature that has been included on virtually every other operating system through updates if it did not come standard over the course of the last year.

    The update will also likely address a recent bug that came to the attention of Microsoft. This bug reportedly causes a large amount of data to be sent randomly over a 3G network. Microsoft was previously rumored to be releasing the update sometime in January, but with just a few short days left in January, and no formal announcement as of yet, it is clear that users can likely expect to see the update come sometime in February. The update has been highly anticipated and will be adding to the feature list and addressing a number of the more overwhelming bugs that have been reported since Windows Phone 7 such as unlocked HTC HD 7 was launched. Although smaller updates have been made available to address more concerning issues, this will be the first large update that the software has seen.

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  • With CES just on the horizon, a lot of announcements are coming down the pipeline that could change the face of the cell phone industry. One recent rumor is that Microsoft will be announcing an upcoming ARM compatible version of their OS Windows Phone 7 like LG C900 unlocked. The Consumer Electronics show is a hotbed for all of the newest technology, and is the perfect place for Microsoft to make an announcement as large as this one. The new OS will run on ARM CPU architecture, and will be created to run on devices that have batteries including on netbooks and upcoming tablet devices.

    This is a huge move and shows that Microsoft themselves are looking to break into the tablet industry, where Apple has already entered and more companies are following suit. Instead of waiting to jump in head first as they did with mobile, Microsoft is attacking at the source. With only a few weeks between them and their originally release of the Windows Phone 7 Operating System.

    Some have speculated that this announcement could be the Windows 8 release announcement that was rumored not too long ago. Although there has been no confirmation from Microsoft that they are working on a new version of Windows, this shows that they will probably have to develop some sort of technology that is specifically designed to run tablet applications, as they often function slightly differently than they do on normal smart devices.

    With the success of the Apple unlocked iphone 4, most guessed that Microsoft would be quick to follow suit and enter that market for themselves. Now, instead of creating their own tablets, it looks like they will go back to their roots and what made them prosperous in the beginning; operating systems. Giving users the ability to easily navigate and use the utilities they provide is something that set Windows apart int he 90’s, and they are hoping that it will in the twenty-teens as well.

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