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  • Acer beTouch E200 Review & Features
    Posted on October 20, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    There are new smartphones on the market recently released by Acer that cater to both the casual user who enjoys features and tech savvy users who are looking for the bells and whistles. Divided up into two categories, Acer has has come out with the beTouch and neoTouch series.


    The above picture is the Acer beTouch E200, it has a touchscreen and is based on the Qualcomm processor. The bundled camera is 3 megapixel and the operating system is based on Windows Mobile 6.5. The beTouch E200 is Buletooth 2.1 ready and supports quadband GSM and dualband HSDPA. A nice feature to this touchscreen phone is the slide-down numeric keyboard that allows for easy dialing that is sometimes an issue with touchscreen based phones.

    The Acer beTouch E200 is already available in the UK with a price tag of £225 or $358 usd. No word on availability but as with other Acer products, their entry into North America is sure to be a competitive one with feature rich smartphones at an affordable price.

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  • What Are The Best Smartphones?
    Posted on February 27, 2009 by Pure Mobile


    The Blackberry Cellular phones were first introduced in the market in the year 1999. These high-tech smartphones are developed by Canadian company named Research in Motion (RIM). Initially the company focused only on emailing technology but now the company is into manufacturing of high-tech smartphones. Usually the blackberry phones support excellent features, such as e-mailing, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing, address book, calendar, to-do lists and other wireless information services. Here, is a list of few popular models from Blackberry.

    BlackBerry Bold 9000: Technology meets style with this excellent smartphone from Blackberry. This premium smartphone comes with an impressive design and high-end functionality. This powerful smartphone delivers fast performance as it provides high speed internet access using tri-band HSDPA networks and also offers the capability of Wi-Fi and integrated GPS. Other features loaded in BlackBerry Bold 9000 include 2 MP camera, video recording facility, 128 MB flash memory, media player and 1 GB storage memory.

    BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220: Experience the new world of functionality and style with this amazing smartphone from Blackberry. BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is the first smartphone from Blackberry to come in the clamshell design. The stylish handset offers features, such as excellent email solutions, Wi-Fi support, mobile streaming, video recording, media player (with support for MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG4, WMVformats), BlackBerry Maps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and attachment viewer.

    BlackBerry Pearl 8100: This extraordinary and unique smartphone is one of the world’s smallest smartphones introduced till date by Blackberry. This sleek, smart and intelligent smartphone is small enough to be taken away anywhere. This is a complete phone that offers capabilities of multimedia, emailing, browsing, messaging, and even more. Other features in this phone include a great quad-band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS and EDGE networks which provides for faster access to data.

    BlackBerry Curve 8320: The BlackBerry Curve 8320 comes with an elegant design and has a great finishing body with impressive edges and curves. This smartphone is equipped with a fully- featured QWERTY keyboard, large 320x240 display, 2 mega pixel camera (that offers features, such as  5x digital zoom, built-in flash, self-portrait mirror and full screen viewfinder), Roxio Media Manager, trackball navigation system, email, MMS,  BlackBerry Messenger and microSD expansion slot.

    Now couldn't be a better time then any to get yourself a Blackberry smart phone.  With the ability to keep you always connected what could be better?  Get a complete line up a Blackberry phones and accessories over at puremobile

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  • Where Cell Phones Are Going
    Posted on December 16, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    This year has seen some major leaps forward in the mobile handheld industry.

    In a recent article by PCMag this is exactly what they discussed

    ...[j]ust two years ago, the mobile phone market was pretty ho-hum. You had your candy bar phones and your flip phones. There were BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile phones. Those phones had calendars and contact lists, and a few other apps that were too annoying to use. Few people ever added any new applications to their phones. Surfing the Web was for emergency use only, since it was slow and ugly.

    Fast forward to this year. You've got the must-have iPhone. For open source fans, there's the Android phone. The idea of shopping for, buying and downloading new apps isn't remotely unusual. Browsing online means seeing Web sites that look just like they do on a computer.

    It's the ultimate dream of the mobile phone industry, but it wasn't created by the mobile phone industry -- the dream was actualized by outsiders. The result is that today, the traditional phone makers are playing catch-up and some are in such a struggle to do so that their future existence is uncertain.

    What it means is that since the Apple iPhone was released in July of 2007 the cell phone industry hasn't been the same.  We've gone from regular old phones like the Motorola Razr that really had one function to phones like the upcoming Nokia N97, which does just about everything your heart could desire.

    More and more people are expecting more from their phones.

    ...Avi Greengart, analyst at Current Analysis, sees a fundamental shift in the mobile industry that has only just begun. "We've gone from an era of hardware design where all you needed was something pretty to an era of software design where people expect to do more with their phones," said Greengart.

    People still care about the look of the phone.  The "pretty" factor still exists, but not as much as before.  People want a good looking phone that does what they want.  People are no longer happy with being able to have their phone sound an alarm in the morning to wake them up.  They want to be able to go on Facebook, send email, play games, and sync to their computers.

    What does the future hold for cell phones we can only wait and see.  If it continues to progress as it is now there is no telling what we can expect.

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