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Moshi for iPad
  • Sony Ericsson txt pro unlocked
    Posted on June 30, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The unlocked Sony Ericsson txt pro was a very popular phone ever since it was first announced by Sony Ericsson.  One of the reasons why it has become so popular so quick is because the company announced that they would be allowing certain users a chance to cut the phone on early, as long as they agree to write a review for the phone I would be posted to the Sony website.  It was fairly easy to get involved in this competition.  First of all, users had to just answer a very basic question which would allow them to answer in 50 words or less.  This gave Sony Ericsson a good idea about the writing style, and would allow them to decide who would be getting the reviews.  This is an interesting way for them to promote a new advice that has not been out on the market as of yet, and is raised a great deal of pride and attention surrounding the release of the Sony Ericsson text Pro.

    Sony Ericsson txt pro unlocked

    The Sony Ericsson txt pro will probably be a device that is very popular among the unlocked community.  There will be a number of benefits are provided to users when they decide to unlock the phone.  Some of the biggest things that users unlock their phone for include the ability to use the phone with various different other carriers that have not been available for the phone previously. Users unlock their phones will also have the ability to put together a number of different house for their device that would not normally be available to them.  This is another one of the big reasons why many people decide to unlock their phones.  You can bet that the Sony Ericsson txt pro will appeal to the younger generation which is much you’re on texting, and staying in communication through the social networks and the older generation.  It will be interesting to see how popular the Sony Ericsson txt pro unlocked becomes among the unlock community.  Certain phones seem to take off within that community, while others fall by the wayside after a short period of time.

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  • Sprint Heightening WiMax Speeds by 50 PercentAll Sprint users are going to be happy to hear that the company will be giving them a bump in their speeds for their network. The upload speeds specifically are going to be bumped for users of the WiMax network by up to 50%, which should allow for cell phone users such as Motorola Atrix unlocked, HTC Incredible S, transfer more data in a timely fashion. However, as you might have been able to guess, there is a catch that you have to deal with if you are looking to upgrade the speeds.


    The upload speeds, as of right now, have been capped at a mere 1 Megabyte per second. This means that even with the new speeds in place, you will only be able to upload at just 1.5 megabits per second. This is not all that great because Verizon is currently offering users as much as 5 to 7 megabytes per second through their 4G LTE Network, which is by far some of the fastest that the mobile industry has to offer. Although the improvement is a free one and is going to bring users something that they have never had before, you can not help but wish that they would allow for the bump to go just a little bit higher.

    Sprint Heightening WiMax Speeds by 50 Percent

    Sprint’s network has always been touted as one of the best but is still a few steps behind what has been offered by Verizon and other companies in recent years. Customers will notice that their speeds will increase by as much as 50% over the course of ht next few weeks, but in all the upload speed change should be hardly noticeable unless you are uploading audio and video files, and even then you will only be able to notice a bit of a difference.


    It is good to see that they are making changes to keep up with the rest of the industry but you would hope that they would be able to provide users with a little more than they have with this upgrade. Their WiMax has been highly touted, but it is clear that they have a ways to go before keeping up with the leaders in the space.

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  • Michael Jackson might have passed away, but that does not mean that his name and image are not as popular as they have ever been. Michael Jackson has been really huge in Japan in recent years with a number of very highly touted products being released that feature his image. There is a new social game that has been released on a number of Japanese mobile social gaming platforms including the popular Mobage titled “Michael’s King of Pop.


    The new game will allow for users to take Michael Jackson from nothing to the number one entertainer on the planet, just as he did throughout his early career. The game has already become quite popular and you can bet that it will only continue to become more popular as it is being covered on a number of other media outlets as well.


    The players int he game are allowed to take control of his career. They will also be able to upgrade their character by attending dance lessons as the deceased pop star, organize concerts for their fans to watch and also complete missions while building up his skills and furthering his popularity.

    Users will be able to fight it out on the dance floor with other players of the game which was  Michael Jackson’s way of defeating his critics as well. Users can learn more than 80 different dance skills including he infamous moonwalk which became his most interesting and well known dance move in his repertoire throughout his career.


    The game is an interesting one and just goes to show how popular he is an an entertainer even well after his career has come to an end. Watch as you take control of his career and build him from the ground up into the greatest entertainer of all time.

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  • XPERIA Play and HDMI Output
    Posted on June 3, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    One thing that many have wondered is whether or not the XPERIA play has an HDMI output, which would really make the device as a whole much more valuable to users considering the device is meant to play games and many users would like to be able to play games on their television sets if they so choose to. The unlocked XPERIA Play is a device that has been highly touted by does lack a few features that many find themselves yearning for. Sony should have released the device with an HDMI adapter for the mini-USB input, but they have not done that at this time. Most users would like to be able to see the beautiful HD gaming graphics on their HDTV, but apparently that might be a feature that most will have to wait for the next version of the device before receiving it.

    XPERIA Play and HDMI Output

    However, a new developer version of the phone that looks as though it will be making its debut at e3 next week has given some users quite a bit of hope. The device features a new port on the left side of the device. The area of the phone was previously just a place where the chrome face of the phone was, but now it looks like they might be prepping the phone for an apparent addition of an HDMI output, which would answer the requests of many of their users.


    XPERIA Play and HDMI OutputIt will be interesting to see what they have to say at E3 tomorrow. The XPERIA Play unlocked is a device that has received a lot of attention as the first PlayStation branded mobile device with its own dedicated game marketplace, and it looks like Sony is dedicated to fleshing the idea out despite sales that have disappointed many in the early months following the release of the device. However, Sony has remained committed to providing an excellent upgrade with each release of the device.

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  • PSN comes Back
    Posted on May 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    PSN  (PSN comes back) has been down for so long that many users forgot what it was once like to take their PlayStation 3 online and play games with their friends. However, now they are rolling out updates and have put together a huge security patch to ensure that the hacking that the company suffered would not happen again. In the early goings of the hack, the network went down and Sony was mostly silent while they took a look at the damage that had been caused. After quite some time, they stated that they believed that some credit card numbers had been broached, and the federal government got into the investigation. Other personal information was leaked as well. In all, over one hundred million user accounts were compromised.

    PSN comes Back

    The firmware update has created some problems of its own. After Sony put the update out there, users were asked to change their passwords. Sony said that it would take some time for the update to roll out across the country, and that they would be rolling it out in segments to ensure that no further issues were experienced.


    It is clear that Sony has to win the trust of their customers back again. Already the leak of all of that sensitive data has caused quite a firestorm, with federal authorities investigating who might have been behind the attack. Sony has remained quiet but open throughout the process and has released a number of public relations videos detailing what they are doing to win back their customers and to help them turn around their image in the wake of one of the biggest leaks that the country has ever seen.

    PSN comes Back

    Although the company has made their efforts as clear as possible, there are still those that believe that they were wronged in the process and the outcry around the Internet has affected the way that many view the company. Now they must attempt to win back customers faith that they may have potentially lost with the caption "PSN comes back" .

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  • Unlocked Cell Phones Phoenix
    Posted on May 11, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Unlocked Cell Phones PhoenixHave you ever considered unlocking your cell phone? There are many different benefits to Unlocked Cell Phones Phoenix and if you are any type of a tech guru, you can bet that unlocking your cell phone will be a fun task for you. There are many benefits that come with unlocking your cell phones that will help you to put together a better and more functional unlocking strategy. The reason that you unlock your cell phone will likely be the driving force behind your choice to unlock your phone, so you have to make sure that you are unlocking for the right reason and also that you will be able to do what you think you will be able to with your unlocked cell phone phoenix. Some of the benefits of unlocking your cell phone or smart device include the following information;


    Unlocked Cell Phones Phoenix - Moving Providers

    Have you ever considered moving to anew provider? Are you unsatisfied with the current service of your current provider but are not sure how to go about taking your cell phone to a new provider, you have to be able to find a cell phone that will be able to transfer providers once it is unlocked. Not all unlocked cell phones Phoenix can be moved from one provider to another, so you have to make sure that your cell phone is able to be used with just any network. If you find that your provider is able to handle your cell phone, then unlocking it might be in your best interests.


    unlocked cell phone

    Unlocked Cell Phones Phoenix - Finding Apps

    You can find apps for free when you unlock your cell phone. This is one of the biggest perks of unlocking your cell phone. While some apps can be pirated, there is a plethora of other apps that are available for you to download that are not found in the app marketplaces of your provider. The more time and effort that you put into finding an app that works for you, the better off you will be. Remember that not all free apps will work with your Unlocked Cell Phones Phoenix in the future.

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  • Spotify is a product that has quickly come to the top of web streaming and looks as though it will continue to grow moving forward as well. A number of reports have suggested that record labels are currently in the process of making it more difficult for them, especially with iTunes for unlocked iphone 4 and other competitors firmly in place in the market.

    The company on Wednesday announced that they would be adding a new music downloading service to compliment their streaming service that aims to make their new product an all in one music player. “The only music play you will ever need,” is what they described as their end goal for their service.


    Spotify will allow users to purchase the full play list from their catalogue of more than nine million songs. As it stands right now, they cost a bit more than $0.50 per song. This is much cheaper than some of their competitors and the fact that they are combining their streaming music service along with their new downloading service; they are aiming to provide a service that makes sense for all.

    The rumors that the record companies are against Spotify have run rampant in recent weeks, but their growth appears to be beyond that. They have grown at an immense rate and have continued to receive funding from investors that are interested in their unique take on the streaming and downloading of music.


    This will allow for their music to be placed on the iphone4 unlocked, iPod and other mp3 music players and will also allow for users to play the music directly from any device that the music files are placed on. This makes them a direct competitor with some of the largest music downloading programs currently available - including iTunes. Look for them to continue to grow quickly moving forward into the future.

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  • T-Mobile is still a company that is expanding despite the fact that they were recently acquired. They will be expanding their new 21 mbps HSPA+ network to two new cities for unlocked cell phone users, including Scranton, PA, famous for being the main city in the TV show “The Office.” This shows that there are still some very interesting plans in the works for a company that was recently acquired. It will be interesting to see if there are plans in the future to continue to expand their network to new locations.


    The 21 megabit per second wireless data is some of the fastest being offered in the United States at this time, which has made it an attractive offer for many of their users. Also receiving some help from the network will be Wilkes Barr, PA, Ft. Meyers, FL and also Pueblo, CO. Their roll otu of this network is slow and targeted to cities that use a lot of data, but you can bet that the ultimate plan is to bring it to the whole of the United States sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see if this helps the company to garner new users before they are inevitably swallowed into AT&T.

    T-Mobile has continued to aggressively expand and alter their services to get the best possible outcome in the long run. A lot of time and effort has gone into seeing their network expand, and it is likely a technology that AT&T themselves would love to utilize moving forward. Look for the company to continue to expand this network to new cities in the future.

    High speed is a standard nowadays, with the demand going up it is important for the supply to be there too. There is talk of capping data plans or go on a cost per usage basis. These types of launches help users efforts to keep costs down and have a solid data plan.


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  • The next owner of BlockBuster will potentially have the future of the company in their hands. The new owner could choose to close all of the movie rental locations, liquidate the assets and move on from the company as a whole. However, they could choose to continue operations within the company, although you have to know that based on the legal troubles that have been seen with the company recently, the chances of them being able to continue with all of their current stores open is very unlikely. They could attempt to compete with streaming video services and keep the brand name, which is highly recognizable.

    The business model that Blockbuster operated under simply is not practical in this day and age - especially when many of the titles that they offer (particularly older ones) are already available for free streaming on the web with a subscription to NetFlix. For physical movies, many are using the mail or RedBox dispensor machines to get their movie fix. It will be interesting to see who takes control of the BlockBuster brand and what they decide to do with it moving forward.


    The bidding was opened at $290 million to start by Monarch Alternative Capital LP. This number may seem large, but is actually very small based on how big the brand still is even in this day and age. The company was first put up for sale in February after their financial problems hit the metaphorical wall, and only bids under $296 million qualified.


    A number of other companies, including Dish Network have bid on BlockBuster, but their bids have not been made publicly available. A new owner will reportedly be chosen by Monday, and the bankruptcy judge will have to make a final decision on April 7th before the deal can move forward.


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  • It looks as though Hewlett Packard is quite serious about using WebOS in their PC’s. The company has long been rumored to be condiering adding that functionality to their PC’s, but the announcement was made by the CEO, Leo Apotheker that all HP personal computers will start working with both Web OS as well as Microsoft Windows starting next year. The company said that they were trying to find a reason for developers to have incentive to developer new apps for the platform, which is used on many HP unlocked cell phones and printers.

    Right now, the software sector is digging a 2 percent hole in their finances, which is slowing the company down in their investments. It will be interesting to see if this move convinces more people to create software for webOS now that it will be included on personal computers.

    This does not mean that HP personal computers will not have the ability to use Windows 7. In fact, the software will still come loaded on the machine, but will not be the only option available. Apparently, the company is looking to make their WebOs just as available as the windows installation and allow users to switch from one to the other. It certainly is a bit of an interesting strategy and is not one that we have seen employed by really any companies that are taking part in the Mobile revolution. Look for WebOs to gain some popularity from this move, but who knows if it is really enough to help the company deal with not having any development companies that are interested in developing software for their platform.


    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phone such as unlocked Acer Liquid Metal, Dell Venue Pro, etc..

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