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  • Motorola Backflip Quick Review
    Posted on March 29, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    This phone is duly noted as being the first ever Android phone without Google search - instead it has Yahoo search! This a big factor for a lot of people out there because usually with an Android phone you don't have a choice in the matter. Its Google or nothing. Believe it or not, a lot of people would rather use Yahoo! While the Motorola Backflip is not one of the more high-end phones like the Apple iPhone or the Blackberry, it still holds some pretty awesome attributes that make it one of the most bought phones of 2010. This is their 4th release for the US market and the fifth universal.

    First off, this phone has a clam shell design all in its own respect. It's not the usual clam shell design that most other phones have because the keyboard is almost always visible whereas with other designs the QWERTY keyboard is usually hidden away. Also, this phone has the touch panel on the back of the phone rather than the front of the display and utilizes the back with a keyboard as well. For all of you Social Networking freaks, the Motorola Backflip also supports the ever popular Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.

    These are two of the top networks in the world, even overrunning that of Myspace. For those of us that are looking for a unique design, but also want something super-lightweight and a nice picture resolution, the Motorola Backflip offers a mere 133 grams and 320x480 pixels which are pretty awesome stats for a cell phone of this stature. This is a nice phone for basic usage, but it is also spectacular for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, and talking to your friends using the unique QWERTY design option of the Motorola Backflip. As with most QWERTY enabled phones, this one does take some getting used to, but in the end it will be as natural as the air you breath!

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  • Android’s U.S. Market Share Soars
    Posted on March 25, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Looking at comScore’s January quarter cell phone manufacturer and platform market share statistics in the United States, we see some interesting trends.  Despite a sharp decrease in global sales, Motorola mobile devices surprisingly still maintains a 22.9% market share of American cell phone subscribers.  They saw a 1.2% decrease since October 2009, which is strange considering the release of the success of the Droid in recent months.  Considering Motorola’s lack of smart phone offerings, it tells you that the smart phone does not quite dominate the cell phone market as much as one might expect.  Samsung recently claimed to hold the number one spot in U.S. market share, but as with any claim, you need to take with a grain of salt and dig a little deeper.  When referring to total sales, and not current subscribers, this claim could be feasible, as there are still a huge number of legacy RAZR phones floating around and inflating these numbers.

    Motorola Cell Phones

    Looking at the other popular smart phone manufacturers and platforms, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android all saw gains this quarter, while Palm and Windows Mobile each saw large downturns.  Regarding the decreases, it seems as though most can be attributed to a large number of Palm OS and WinMO phone subscribers coming off their contracts.  At this point, at the tail end of two year contracts, those operating systems are antiquated at best.  It’s well known that WinMo is well past its expiration date, with most people who used Windows Mobile heading to the Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry.

    Blackberry and iPhone still dominate the smartphone landscape, but it seems like Droid is determined to steal some market share, as they’ve already gained 4.3% since it was released in November 2009.  It will be interesting to see if the Droid can continue to win over loyal iPhone and Blackberry users in the next quarter.

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  • According to, 57% of mobile workers (meaning people who primarily work on the road), use their unlocked cell phone while in the bathroom.  And I’m not going to lie, I do this regularly myself.  Polling 5,200 respondents, they found a host of interesting stats.  Not only do we engage in dirty behavior, the majority of us also engage in extremely RISKY behavior.  54% of all workers admitted to checking their phones while driving, and in no surprise, in their never ending quest to make a sale, 66% of sales workers admitted to smartphoning behind the wheel.  In one of the most disturbing responses, half of all health care workers admitted to using cell phones in their cars.  We can only hope that statistic does not include ambulance drivers.

    It truly is an addiction.  Almost one fifth of all respondents said they check their phone immediately after it vibrates or beeps, and the same percentage says that their employer demands they be reachable via cell phone after work hours.  Most professionals relay on their smart phones such as the Motorola Backflip, for a non-stop flow of incoming and outgoing information, and based on the above stats, I’d be surprised if we don’t see an increase in state and federal legislation penalizing those who use their cell phones while driving.  Some other interesting stats taken from this study:

    • 62% check during a meal
    • 60% check while on vacation
    • 57% check while in the bathroom
    • 50% check while lying in bed at night
    • 25% check when at the movies
    • 18% check while on a date
    • 17% check while working out at the gym
    • 17% check when attending their kid’s  events
    • And in a move that will probably shock and disgust your Grandmother, 11% admit to checking their smartphones while at church!

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  • Droid 2.1 Update coming in March
    Posted on March 18, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Droid owners might be in store for the update they have been longing for.  According to the internet rumor mills a customer service rep for the Motorola Droid says that the long awaited Android 2.1 update is set to be released by the end of march.  While the update is already available in places like Spain and Bulgaria users here in North America can expect the 2.1 update to be rolled out very soon.

    “Marcelo M.: Hi, my name is Marcelo M.. How may I help you?
    Kellen B: Hey Marcelo! Since the Spain Milestone has Android 2.1 and the Bulgarian one launches at the end of this week with 2.1, should Droid users expect it this week as well?
    Marcelo M.: Within the next 2-3 weeks
    Kellen B: Really? That’s awesome news. So by the end of March?
    Marcelo M.: Yes
    Kellen B: Very cool! Any details on what will be included in the update?
    Marcelo M.: Not at this time Kellen, I am sorry
    Kellen B: Ok, well thanks for providing me with a more defined timeline than just “soon”. Greatly appreciated.”

    While you can never take a customer service rep’s words as gospel this does sound like some very encouraging news for those of you who have been waiting for the Android 2.1 update to be released.  It will be very exciting to see what new features are included with this update.

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  • Well I am sure you all expected this at some point.  AT&T announced plans to start selling their first android service.  AT&T is set to sell the Motorola Backflip unlocked and join the other mobile phone companies in the Android race.  The Backflip is a full QWERTY keyboard device that runs Android with Motoblur UI.

    The unique aspect about this phone, aside from being the first Android phone on the AT&T network, is the way the QWERTY keyboard is set up.  As you might guess from the name the keyboard is actually upside down when you flip up the phone’s face.  When you want to type using this QWERTY keyboard you will need to make the phone do a “backflip” so that the keys are in the position you are accustomed to.  Pretty clever by those fellows over at AT&T eh?

    Aside from the quirky keyboard the Backflip is your pretty standard Android phone.  Sporting a 3.1” HVGA touchscreen, 528 MHz CPU and 5MP camera the Backflip provides you with enough power to handle all over your mobile device needs.  The Backflip also comes standard with Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth technology and GPS capability.  These features make this device a really nice start for AT&T’s entrance into the Android market.

    AT&T does not plan to stop with just the Motorola Backflip.  AT&T also plans to release a Dell and HTC Android phone but the models are unknown at this time.  Either way this is some exciting news for AT&T customers who are looking for an app friendly phone and do not want to purchase the iPhone.

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  • In 2007 the Motorola W180 cell phone was brought into the Motorola family and now it is available as the Motorola W180 Unlocked Black GSM phone. Affordable and easy to use, this phone has won the hearts of many.  Many of the popular features available include a FM radio and headphone port to enjoy music, news and sports any time you would like. CrystalTalk technology give you noise reduction for all your conversations no matter where you are at. The enhanced ringtones allow you to personalize your phone with your favorite or you can download specialty ringtones for more options.

    The contact list of your family, friends or business associates can number up to 500, and the user has the ability of saving 750 text messages.  Twenty ringtones are preloaded for your convenience and the capability of 40 additional downloads.  Fifteen alert ringtones to quickly identify incoming text messages.

    Motorola W180 Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    SMS and iTap technology makes text messaging easy and effortless.  The phone is also preloaded with three games, a calender and a currency converter.  The slim and sleek candy bar-style phone is available in black and optional skins can be purchased to put your own personal touch on your phone.  Numbers and larger typeface making the screen easy to read as well as the 128x128 65k CSTN screen also gives an enhanced viewing experience.  This unlocked mobile phone is great for someone looking for a cell phone that offers easy-to-use features and over all operation.  Battery life between charges is 590 talk minutes, and 465 stand-by minutes, which is a great long life battery capability.

    This is a great basic phone with some really good features.  The easy to operate and view-screen makes this very attractive to many cell phone users.  The features offered are perfect for most people, not too many bells and whistles, but just enough.  This is not a smart phone but the modest price tag is another perk that will continue to bring many new users to the Motorola W180.

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  • Motorola Devour
    Posted on February 4, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Well, it is finally official.  Motorola and Verizon Wireless have announced today that the Motorola DEVOUR is available starting in March.  This is the first Verizon phone to use MOTOBLUR that makes the phone much more personalized.  This will allow you to be able to use addresses and contacts from work and play emails.  You can use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Gmail to have content automatically delivered to the screen.  Hopefully the unlocked cell phone version will be available soon just like the Motorola Unlocked Milestone.

    Some other key features and exciting uses include:

    Android 1.6
    Touch Pad
    3.1 inch Screen, 320 x 480 Resolution
    Happenings Widget
    Slide Out QWERTY keyboard
    Universal Inbox
    Security and Back Up Features
    8 GB microSD card
    Bluetooth Supported
    3 megapixel camera
    Talk Time, 340 minutes
    What all of this means is that this newest Android based phone has access to all of the preload Google Talk, YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps and Navigation.  You will be able to go to the Android Market for use of the more than 20,000 exciting applications.  The MOTOBLUR will put all of your postings your wall posts, pictures and updates from your social network sites right on the home screen.  You will also have the back up feature through the secure portal so you will not lose your important information, and for those of you that lose your phone, the GPS feature can help find it.

    The phone weights in at 5.89 ounces which is less than the 6 ounces that the Droid weighs in at.  It looks like is will be available in silver as well.  It is a sleek looking phone with the great pull out keyboard.  The screen size is certainly large enough to keep track of all of the postings and updates you receive each day from your friends.  The phone has not been priced yet, but speculation says that it will cost around $39.99, with a contract with Verizon.  It should be slightly cheaper than the Droid phones.  We can wait and see come March, when the phone should be available.  With all of the power and applications, it should give a boost to Verizon.  Don't forget those all important Motorola accessories to go with it.

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  • One Cool App!
    Posted on February 4, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    With the new unlocked Motorola Milestone cell phone, sometimes it is very difficult to figure out which applications you want to download.  The big thing is that there are actually many free applications that you can use on your Droid.  Now that the New Year has arrived, perhaps we want take a look at a really cool application for us to start our weight loss program.  The application is called the calorie counter.  This really neat gadget helps you to figure out some of the nutritional information on all of the food groups.  It will let you know the total calories, how much fat, what part is protein and all of the carbs for a variety of foods.   You simply input the foods that you are eating throughout the day and you will then be able to see some of the patterns regarding your eating habits.  The bonus is since it is on your cell phone, which is with you all of the time, you can enter the information right away.  Another really neat thing about this application is that you can even get information from some if your favorite restaurants.  It has hundreds of restaurants with their complete menus for you to download the information into your calorie counter.

    Motorola Milestone GSM Droid Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    Going shopping has never been easier through being able to use the barcode scanner.  You can do this with items in the store or once you get them home.  They can all become a part of your calorie count.  The application even allows you to keep a journal about your exercise routine and the ability to figure out how many calories that you burn.  It will even give you some information about how you are coming along with your goals.  It retrieves the information extremely fast, and this tool can help get you going on your New Year’s resolution of getting fit and losing weight.  Check it out for your Motorola Milestone unlocked GSM Droid, download it for free and start using it today.

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  • Quick Review Of The Motorola Milestone
    Posted on December 20, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    Motorola Milestone is a mobile phone initially launched in Europe in late 2009. It is the first device to feature Google’s new Android 2.0 operating system, although Motorola has previously used the older Android system in its CLIQ and MOTOBLUR mobile products.

    Technology sites are praising Milestone’s ability to make social networking truly mobile. Milestone includes access to Google’s Search, Maps, Mail, and YouTube.

    motorola-milestoneIf you are researching the Motorola Milestone unlocked, you will also find the U.S.-based Motorola DROID. Those reviewing both models note the DROID’s navigation comes with the aforementioned Google features. The Milestone features Motorola’s exclusive MOTONAV navigation, which has 2D and 3D maps and a program that speaks the directions. Milestone plots the routes quickly and combines traffic information with a searchable directory of friends and businesses along the route. The Milestone offers GSM radio standards, the most common digital wireless program for phones. The DROID has the less popular CDMA.

    The exterior of the Milestone has a 3.7-inch WVGA widescreen, handling an impressive 400,000 plus pixels, and a QWERTY keyboard. Some reviewers complain that the icons are too small. The phone provides access to 3G networks and Wi-Fi, giving you the ability to call, text, or email a friend while both of you are on the run. You can even receive software updates and mesh your personal and work calendars with a touch of the screen.

    An optional, and separate purchase would be the multimedia station. This would enable the Milestone’s multi-media features, which would allow the user to watch movies, listen to music and use the phone as an alarm clock.

    With all its enhanced navigation and social features, the Motorola Milestone should leave its competitors, including the iPhone, in the dust. The battery will last at least 8 hours, making the Milestone an excellent traveling companion.

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  • Recently, Verizon Wireless rolled out the Motorola DROID.  This Smartphone was to be their first device powered by ANDROID 2.0 technology.  It promised speedier access to web browsing and the largest 3G network in the country as well as hundreds of ANDROID applications and widgets.  The DROID was to offer options that other Smartphones did not, and at speeds not yet experienced by users.

    Did the DROID deliver once it hit the market?  Many users noticed two things about this Smartphone almost immediately.  First, it was everything it promised it would be related to speed and its software applications.  The initial reviews were outstanding when it came to the DROID’s performance on the phone, and applications side of the equation.  However, there was recognition by DROID owners concerning an obvious flaw in the device which has some wondering what happened?  The flaw that many DROID users had noticed was the camera function was not working properly. More to the point, it simply would not focus and leading to poor quality pics was a major complaint.  There were other issues people were having with the camera including lack of clarity.

    As quickly as owners had noticed the deficiencies it seemed the camera began to improve in almost every way.  What happened?  No technical service was sought, although there certainly were customer complaints and dissatisfaction with the camera.  Did Verizon quietly perform updates to the DROIDs that had been purchased?  All over owners are reporting significant improvements with their camera problems leaving many to speculate that in fact there have been updates to their Smartphone.

    Some find this a bit weird, even somewhat sneaky.  Others are pleased that Verizon has heard customer complaints and moved quickly to address the problems.  There are those who have concluded in their minds that the planned December 11 updates were moved forward once the issues were made known by DROID owners.

    Sneaky? Good customer service? Either way DROID users are reporting significant improvements with the quality of their pics.  In the end, having their device work as advertised is all most consumers really care about.

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