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  • FCC looking to accept 911 texting
    Posted on November 25, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    With texting becoming increasingly popular across the globe among the unlocked cell phone users, the FCC is now taking a look at how viable 911 texts would be in situations of emergency. Of course, this could potentially pose a number of problems, but if the system were not abused it could help save lives. There are plenety of situations where someone may want to silently contact 911 in order to receive help without alerting individuals around them that they are doing so.

    For instance, if someone were in your house it would make a lot of sense to hide and text 911 rather than to call and risk being heard. Or, if you were running from someone and didn't have time to stop and talk, you could send a text in order to keep moving.

    As of right now, it is not clear if they will expand their 911 services to include text messages. Any widespread roll out of the feature would likely require quite a bit of testing to ensure that the system works correctly and is not abused. The FCC is also reportedly looking into receiving MMS with streaming video and pictures so that you can more accurately describe your location or give the operator an idea of what police or medical officials can expect as they arrive on the scene.

    It will be interesting to see if they adopt this practice. It is a good idea, but may not be as practical as expected and might actually cause more confusion and problems than the current system does, which requires that you call for help. If successful,t he program could potentially save quite a few lives.

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  • Many new smart devices are finding that when they partner with Facebook and provide features that other phones do not for the social networking platform, their chances of success rise quite significantly. Now, the Skyfire 3.0  app for Android is going to be adding a number of Facebook features to their browser that will increase compatibility with the device.

    Skyfire is known for being the web browser that allows unlocked iPhone 4 users to play flash content online even though Apple has not officially supported flash because they claim that it will make their phones vulnerable to attacks. Skyfire works by converting the flash videos into other types of videos that are more suitable for a plethora of different devices, and the fact that they are adding Facebook integration will only help the browser to grow.

    In the same way that Digg and other social bookmarking sites work, Skyfire will allow users to check out the most popular content that has been bookmarked to Facebook through their browser. They have also added the “Fireplace” which gives you all of the news feeds and links, videos, and images that your friends have posted. You also can access a number of different Facebook pages, including your profile with a single click of a button.

    This is good news for Skyfire users who have been hearing rumors regarding Facebook support for weeks now. With nearly the entire world on the social networking service it is smart to add integration on devices, apps, websites and everything in between. This is a move that will not only benefit thegrowth of the app, but the users who use it as well. It will be interesting to see how well the new features are received by their current users because it will take away from the browser screen and will add a number of different buttons to the browser itself, drastically changing the interface.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, LG Eve unlocked,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • LG enV Pro Not Cancelled
    Posted on November 16, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    According to a leading unlocked cell phone blog, the released of LG enV Pro may actually not be cancelled.  Instead, the delay of this possible new phone is probably just delayed.   Many people will be relieved to hear this news because many people speculated that it would just be cancelled completely.  The LG enV Pro, in case you already did not know, is the latest incarnation of LGs line of dual-screen clamshells for Verizon.  It would be the first with Android, if it does in fact get released at some point.

    Rumors have it that this phone may actually get released sometime in January, but we all know how rumors are.  If they are right, then several people will be happy to get their hands on this.  This phone will also already have Android 2.2 installed, so that is some more good news.  Several people speculate if the delay to get this phone released was to give LG the time it needs to toss Éclair and get the Froyo built.  This definitely seems to be the case to me, but you would think that they would make it more known that it was not cancelled, especially since many people were worried and thought that was the case.  You would think that they would put out some type of statement saying that there would just be a short delay for the phone being released than letting people worry and make such speculations.  You just never know what some companies are thinking.

    In a couple months, people should be expecting to see these new phones in stores.  I am sure more information will be released in the coming weeks, so you should make sure to be on the look-out for that.  From there, you should be able to make a decision on if the phone is worth it.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Unlocked LG Eve,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • Samsung Orion Spotted
    Posted on November 16, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Even though chips are not the most popular thing to talk about at the cool kids lunch table, this article would definitely be worth reading.  Many people would think that this would just be some ordinary, average chip – but really, it’s not.  It is much more than that actually.  The Orion has a dual core 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU with a quad-core Mali 400 GPU on board.  This was seen at the ARM Technology Conference sometime this week when they were showing “Linaro” Linux middleware, along with some stock Android 2.2 technology.

    All of the bugs were not worked out with the Samsung Orion, so they were not able to show what a HDTV would look like with it.  However, there was a demo given of Futuremark’s old Cyber Samurai benchmark which was running on a smaller screen.  This gave people a good idea of what this chip was capable of.  Many people were quite impressed as you might of guessed.

    The news keeps getting better.  There are also a lot of rumors going around that this chip will be in other products later this year into next year – and years to come.  People are really expecting this chip to help out other products, so there is a lot of excitement at this point.  Rumors have it that this will most likely end up in some other type of flagship phone soon such as the next Unlocked Galaxy Tab.  There is no word when all of the kinks will be worked out on this chip where people can be shown what a HDTV would look like with it, but they have been working non-stop on it over the past few days to get it fixed.  Pretty soon, we will get to see all of the capabilities that this chip possesses; there’s a lot to look forward to.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Blackberry Curve 9300,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • According to a leading unlocked cell phone blog, Apple’s Ping, which is a music social network, is getting integrated with Twitter.  Twitter actually just announced the other day that users of Ping and Twitter will be able to link their accounts from within iTunes.  Once they link their accounts, they will be able to let others know which bands they listen to, along with their favorite songs and albums.  They will also be able to review them.  All activity on Ping will be tweeted to your Twitter account, so all of your followers can see it.

    If you are unfamiliar about Ping, then you are not alone.  Just recently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent out an email the other day to all of his iTunes users letting people know about his social networking site.  He reported that Ping already has millions of users and that it is growing fast.  Many could be quite skeptical of his growing fast comment though since he had to send out this e-mail.  However, this does sound like a social networking site to look into.

    Since many people have not heard of Ping, it is definitely not the most popular social networking site.  The concept of this site is that people would get on there and be able to discuss music with others.  They could follow people to see what they were listening to, and they can also follow different artists to check out the new songs that they released.  It would basically be a variation of Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes combined.  You would get to meet other people, mostly based on having similar tastes in music.  It does have a good idea by letting people share their tastes in music, but it really has never taken off as far as Apple would have liked it to.  You can assume it has gained popularity over the past couple of weeks though.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Unlocked,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • Some users have worried aloud whether or not the Unlocked Sony Ericsson Aspen Windows Phone 7 marketplace will have enough apps available to satisfy the app-craving users of smart mobile devices. It now appears that this question has been answered, and the developer community is getting behind the Windows Phone 7 project. Today, the company announced that they already have more than 2,000 apps that will be available in the marketplace. Initial worries about developer support seem to have fallen by the wayside as the interest in developing applications for the platform has skyrocketed in recent months.

    The announcement came on The Windows Phone Developer Blog, a blog that is geared toward increasing interest in developing for the platform. News that the marketplace has already been populated with 2,000 apps is a big sign that the marketplace will continue to grow quickly as developers attempt to expand the number of platforms that their apps are available on.

    The 2,000 mark is double what the company was hoping to have secured at this point. The Marketplace is currently open for developers to submit applications to. Currently there are a total of 13,000 registered developers for Windows Phone 7, which first launched on Monday. Users that have already purchased their Windows Phone 7 devices should be elated to hear this news because it means that they can expect more apps to be rapidly added to the marketplace in the coming weeks as Microsoft attempts to sift through the submissions.

    Success of the Windows Phone 7 platform will depend heavily on the ability of the company to garner interest in developing for it, and this announcement seems to suggest that Microsoft has been doing a good job of that. It will be interesting to watch the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace grow in the coming months as more devices are released for the platform.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Motorola Milestone Unlocked,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • AT&T Transition for Alltel Customers
    Posted on November 9, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Most people would say that Verizon got the better end of Alltel’s consumers after the merge, but now AT&T is trying to get the several customers that fell into their hands on handsets in an effort to get them all switched over to GSM in a timely fashion.  A lot of people who own different Alltel phones are now getting offerings in the mail about different replacement devices they can purchase, and it looks as if all upgrade deals apply to all customers making the transition, regardless to which device they currently have.  An example of some of the mailing offers is a Tritan owner is getting dumbphone promos.

    The upgrade offers generally are not a whole lot better than the best upgrade offers they will receive for the other AT&T consumers, but there are a couple of ones that really stand out at you.  For one, you can get Unlocked HTC Aria for absolutely no cost at all, or you can get a Torch for only $100, which is a lot cheaper than its normal price.  The upside to switching is that customers making the switch can cancel out at anytime within the first time without an EFT.  The carrier will not force any of their customers to make the switch yet, but they may change their minds down the line.  They have not even released a date where they will be forcing everyone to switch over either.  Right now, most would consider this an encouragement to try and get everyone to switch over, so that everyone is on the same page.  I do not see why anyone would not want to switch over at this point, especially since there are a lot of great deals on the table with nothing much to lose.  Most likely, you will be forced to switch at some point down the line anyways.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i Unlocked, HTC Desire  etc…

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  • In a matter of weeks, you can expect to get an update on your Unlocked Sony Ericsson Aspen Windows Phone 7 to be able to get a copy and paste function.  This was talked about way back in January of this year, and it looks like they are finally getting around to putting this function into action.  This would obviously be a great feature to have, so I am sure plenty of people are looking forward to using it.  This was a statement addressing critics released by Microsoft’s Director of Microsoft Project Arpan Shah:

    “Critics have commented on the lack of specific features like copy & paste and lack of 100s of thousands of applications. And while both are true, copy & paste will be available as an update in a matter of weeks (early 2011) and as for applications, it’s just a matter of time.”

    As you can see, Arpan Sha does not feel that it will be too long until this application will be available on your phone.  As you probably read, he used the phrase regarding the release “in a matter of weeks.”  His exact time frame was somewhere in 2011 like we mentioned above, and there only about 7-8 weeks left of this year, so I would say this time frame is about right.  Why would it be any longer if “in the matter of weeks” meant a substantial amount more than 8?  I am sure he has this under control.

    With this new feature, people should be able to get any work they have to do on their phones much quicker.  If they have to tell someone what another person sent them, then they can easily copy and paste what they put instead of having to type everything up like you do now.  This will obviously save a lot of time.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Windows Phone such as HTC TYTN 8925 unlocked, Sony Ericsson Aspen, etc

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  • According to a leading cell phone blog, regional wireless provider U.S. Cellular announced that they had a new plan for smart phones that they are touting as “the best value in wireless.”  Those very words would be enough to make enough people excited about this new plan that they are coming out with.  Now, here are some of the details.  The new “Primary Plus Plan” offer customers of smart phones 5GB of data, unlimited text, video, and picture messaging, free GPS navigation, and 450 voice minutes with free incoming minutes for only $69.99 per month.
    This is an extremely good deal if you think about it.  For one, there would be enough room on your phone to hold just about anything.  For two, you will obviously have unlimited text, picture, and voice messaging; that seems to be one of the most popular things to do on unlocked cell phones in today’s world – especially text messaging.  Many people send about hundreds, even thousands of texts per day.  The bill can really start adding up, but with this plan it will all be with no extra charge. To top it all off, you can save money on a TomTom or any other leading navigational system that will cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars because you can use the GPS system on your cell phone for free.  This would actually be even more ideal because it will not take up any extra space in your vehicle.
    This plan is mostly aimed at customers who want to purchase their first smartphone.  People who currently have an intelligent phone but do not like how much their monthly bill is would also like to switch over to this plan.  This is a definitely a “can’t miss” deal that you absolutely have to take advantage of.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i Unlocked, Blackberry Curve 9300,  HTC Desire  etc...

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  • Netflix and Nintendo Wii™ users have just been treated to some good news from the companies. Starting immediately, subscribers in both the US and Canada will be able to stream content directly from their Wii consoles, provided that Netflix has been installed onto their Wii menus. This puts an end to the system of having to use a Netflix disc for instant streaming from the console.

    Members who have the minimum $8.99 subscription ($7.99 in Canada) will be allowed to have TV shows and movies streamed directly to their TVs provided they have broadband Internet connection and a Wii console. All that is required is for users to download Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel, which remains on the Wii menu at no extra cost and makes it convenient for rapid access.

    Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America President, has enthusiastically welcomed the development as it comes during a time of the year where family entertainment is so highly sought after. This natural desire for family entertainment, coupled with the increased convenience and speed of the streaming will continue to further bring families to together in even more ways than before, he says. With the increase of users and subscribers of both the Wii and Netflix respectively, he believes the system could not have a come at a more appropriate time.

    His views are shared in particular by Netflix CEO and the co-founder Reed Hastings, who believes which due to the increase of popularity of streaming through the Wii. The improved convenience of streaming directly from the Wii menu is a welcome evolution in their efforts to constantly improve their overall service to customers.

    The addition of the Wii Shop Channel also allows for extra games, shows, and information to be accessed just as easily, while the parental control feature will continue to allow parents to modify material accessed by their children.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and Android phones such as the LG Eve,  Unlocked HTC Desire, etc.

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