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Moshi for iPad
  • Apple found a winner when the company developed and released the iPhone.  Even in Japan, the iPhone 4 has started dominating the smart phone market.  This has happened despite the fact that the ordinary phone in Japan can buy train tickets and feed pets.  They will have the iPhone but they also carry other phones to cover all their needs in their portable technological world.  The iPhone’s design and ease of use has helped it grow into a player in the international smart phone market. Unfortunately Apple does not sell the iPhone 4 unlocked in most countries. This can be a problem.

    The iPhone is generally locked into one carrier.   Apple uses the Softbank Corporation in Japan and in the United States AT&T.  The cost of the iPhone itself and contracts with the carriers increases the price, making many people unable to afford the iPhones.  When the Apple iPhone first entered the Japanese market it was not popular.  Softbank came down on the contract price and saw the iPhone quickly dominate the smart phone market.  Some have asked if Softbank will have the iPhone 4 unlocked.  Softbank replied that they had to cut their margins and need the protection of a locked SIM card.  So, in Japan it will not be happening anytime soon.  Another reason people want the iPhone unlocked is that non-approved carriers have features that are either free or the iPhone approved carriers do not carry.  Apple will not honor unlocked iPhone warranties.

    Maybe someday Apple will have the iPhone 4 unlocked.  Until then people have found ways around the challenge by using specialized software or physically altering the hardware.  For people who want to choose their carrier, having the iPhone unlocked could provide many benefits.  Maybe Apple will discover they can really increase their market if they free their unlocked iPhone4.

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  • Android handsets are increasing in popularity through all of the leading unlocked cell phone service providers.  To keep up with this growing popularity, Verizon has introduced a new express service for Android phones and plans.  Announced on October 18th, Verizon has developed tools that will allow contract holders to access a plethora of account-related information in as little as one-click from their handset.  Information that can be accessed will include call logs, management of accounts, and billing history.  Also included in this Express Services tool is the ability to activate phones and add lines of service whenever and where ever they want.

    The Express Services tool by Verizon is easy to use for all Verizon customers.  Recognizing that today's society requires features that will let the population manage their account on the go and at home, Verizon has developed this new program and makes it available as an OTA update.  With this new feature, it is said that account holders can effectively manage their accounts on a consistent and convenient platform, eliminating the need to call customer care and wait on hold for minutes they cannot afford to waste.

    The initial update is available to several Android Smartphone’s.  These phones include DROID by Motorola, DROID 2, Unlocked DROID X, R2-D2, DEVOUR, DROID ERIS, DROID Incredible, LG Ally, and the Samsung Fascinate.  All Verizon customers with these handsets will receive a message offering the free update for installation.  Those who are not setup on My Verizon will have the option to download the application directly from Android Market on

    While Express Services is only available for the models listed above, Verizon has announced they will be implementing a similar program for other Smartphone in the near future.  This new development proves that Verizon is keeping up with the need for convenience tools and they are enabling customers to obtain important data in as little as one-click.

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  • With trends in modern technology emphasizing portability and personal convenience, many cellular devices are now being created to serve all imaginable needs, for every imaginable facet of life. Amidst this new wave of Smartphone’s, one of the most widely anticipated and critically acclaimed model is known as the Samsung captivate, released by AT&T. It was created with the competitive market in mind, and now stands as one of the most technologically advanced Smartphone’s available to the general public, proving to even be a match for the Unlocked  iPhone4.

    At its most basic, the  Samsung Captivate features a 1GHz processor, allowing for a great deal of versatility in downloadable applications and internet content. It feature easy-to-access master volume and power buttons, in the same traditional locations as would be found on any contemporary Smartphone, with the vast majority of the phone’s others functions carried out by the four inch touch screen.  The screen features brand new Touchwiz 3.0 technology, which essentially allows the containment of a miniature computer in the palm of your hands. Users can drag and drop application and folders, with the new technology allowing the user to arrange numerous home screens at the same time, with up to seven available for one’s completely personalized use. The phone does not come immediately cluttered with Apps and the phone’s owner can customize each homepage with a wide variety of widgets and Apps at any time, with widgets built into the notification bar, something that would have originally required for users to download other software to do. Amongst the numerous widgets that have been included are a calendar clock, a yahoo financial clock, and many more, such as quick links to your FaceBook or MySpace account and just about any other social networking website that one may take part in.

    Of the pre-installed Apps, the Samsung captivate unlocked Handset includes Allshare, several AT&T related applications, instant messaging services, and mobile banking services. As with most Smartphone’s, the amount of apps pre-included may seem overwhelming to new users of the phone, but is fairly easy to get used to and leaves the user with 1.7 gigabytes of free space still left over on their phone. With all the applications and computer-like capabilities available in the phone, one must remember that it still is essentially a phone. The phone call quality is very clear, with only the slightest of variations based on location. For those subscribing to the AT&T network, the Samsung Captivate is sure to be an excellent buy, providing state-of-the-art quality in its every use.

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  • On the 11th October technology journalists from around the world will be gathering in New York for the 'Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch Event'. Amongst the excitement around the launch there are growing rumours that T-Mobile will be the first operator to partner with Microsoft for the operating system.

    Windows Phone 7 is expected to be unlike any previous cell phone operating systems developed by Microsoft with a 'Metro style' interface that places emphasis on simplicity. As with almost any phones these days Windows Phone 7 with have deep integrated social networking capabilities as well as Zune and X-box live components which will help make it the all-in-one device for Microsoft fans.

    Early reviews and videos of the software show a quirky interface full of colour and simplicity. Anyone who's ever used a Zone HD will find the interface somewhat familiar. There are virtually no menus or icons, just large flat squares which a uses presses to navigate. It appears very simple and easy, but what it offers for the type of user who isn't afraid of complexity is yet to be seen and there is some question over just how questionable the operating system will be.

    One of the major drawbacks with Windows Phone 7 is that it is likely there will be no support for multitasking or copy and paste functionality. However it is possible that Microsoft simply left these out for the time being to bring forward the release date and as with the iPhone4 unlocked handset, increased functionality will come with free future updates. Also you can use Bluetooth headset with the phone and other accessories which are essential.

    What's known for certain is that Windows Phone 7 is likely to be a very powerful operating system and all technology fans will have their eyes open on Monday to see just what exactly Microsoft has for us.

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  • One of the last frontiers for cell phone coverage - the New York subway, is set to be reached within the coming years thanks to a deal involving AT&T and T-Mobile each signing ten year contracts with Transit Wireless allowing their customers access Transit's subway network

    The infrastructure is still a number of years from completion, but after years of delays and negotiations the signing and length of the contracts is a solid indicator that subway users will soon be able to utilise their cell phones while waiting for their trains.

    Crucially however, the signal will only be accessible at the subway stations themselves, there will be no reception on-board the trains once in transit. However, even given this the news is a welcome development for commuters for whom the ability to send a text, or make an email would be very useful in the event of a delayed or missed train on the way to work.

    The planned infrastructure has traditionally been compared with that of London's in the UK, which is on course to have a fully installed below ground mobile network installed before the launch of the 2012 Olympics. Importantly however, the London network will include coverage for subway trains in transit which shows New York it is possible, even if the London scheme is expected to cost hundred of millions of pounds for the installation.

    Although to some this introduction of below ground network coverage may seem high tech, for large European and Asian cities it is as natural as running water and if New York is to remain a world class city  it's quite evident that technological investments such as this are a necessity.

    Whilst the introduction of such a scheme would no doubt be a serious technological advancement for New York, there are concerns amongst many New Yorkers of the annoyance the ability to hold phone conversations on the subway may cause to other commuters.

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  • Verizon have today announced the upcoming release of their 'Fivespot' wireless modem. The Fivespot aims to provide wireless internet access for up to 5 separate devices, be they notebooks, laptops or gaming devices to name a few possibilities, in countries around the world.

    The Fivespot comes with a built in Sim card and would obviously be very handy for the family on the go or a team of professionals away from the office or home. The fact that the Fivespot works in countries outside America is obviously also a plus however it would no doubt be potentially quite expensive, especially if gaming consoles are connected to it.

    Traditionally people on the go have had to make use of small dongles or using phones as an internet modem. For a single device these are usually adequate however with more and more devices now having internet functionality the Fivespot could prove to be quite handy as well as potentially cost effective, especially when 3G internet access in a foreign country can be so expensive outside an arranged plan.

    The pricing details for the Fivespot have also been announced so expect to be paying $60/month for 5 GB and the Fivespot itself will retail at around $100. Although this sounds more than reasonable the prices jump quite significantly for data usage outside the American continent. For instance in Europe 100MB data usage would cost somewhere in the region of $120. Clearly then for anyone but the highest paid professionals this seems undeniably expensive.

    For those who are price concious yet seek to utilise wireless internet outside the American continent, it would be far cheaper to buy local pre-paid SIM cards for your cell phone even if it was a bit of extra hassle.

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  • It has just been announced that over the last several years Verizon have been billing millions of customers for data usage in unfair circumstances. It appears that these were customers without data plans whose phones contained software that occasionally connected to the internet without the users consent. Often this was caused by customers accidentally hitting the 'internet button' on a cell phone and then immediately closing the window.

    Without a data plan in place, this resulted in minor charges for the customers involved eventually building up over time to several dollars per customer. Verizon have announced that most customers affected by this will be receiving $2-$6 credited to their accounts or else if they are no longer with Verizon they will be sent checks in the mail.

    Whilst for individual users the amount refunded isn't all that significant, given that Verizon have said this could affect up to 15million customers it appears that this will end up costing them quite a large sum of money once this is over.

    In a press release explaining this situation Verizon said that: “Verizon Wireless values our customer relationships and we always want to do the right thing for our customers.”

    However according to the New York Times, Verizon have known about this issue for quite some time and it would appear they are only issuing the refunds after hundreds of complaints and significant pressure being applied from the FCC. To quote the FCC Enforcement Chief Michele Ellison, “ questions remain as to why it took Verizon two years to reimburse its customers and why greater disclosure and other corrective actions did not come much, much sooner”

    In light of this condemnation, for some cell phone users  the unexpected dollars credited to their account might be a pleasant surprise, for others however this will only add to Verizon's poor reputation when it comes to looking after their customers.

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  • We have been receiving further more and even more information regarding the infamous (for now) HTC Vision or G1 Blaze, and it is on the way of shaping up of being the first device with HSPA+ from T-mobile.

    As previously reported by us, the Emerald of project might be an adorned launches of both the the MyTouch 3G HD and Vision, it seems that the name is kept all to itself by HD.

    First off, these names like G1 Blaze and Vision looks like to be murdered off, and new device will be renowned with the name of T-Mobile G2 now and Not at all the G2 Touch. The roadmap of T-mobile which was leaked pegs the G1 successor’s launch for the month of September, where it has been referred to by them as the Vanguard. What is even much more exciting about it is supposedly is that this G2 should have been running the stock of all the androids, which apparently is meaning much faster updates than existing any other unlocked cellphone over there, at least theoretically.

    With the version of Android 2.2, several bodies out there still believe that this is the very first time that no one actually needs any skin of custom on that very device, even if all the aesthetic appeals might not be at the par with those skins just as such HTC will sense. I still thought that the stock of Android would apparently be quite dead right after the sipping Nexus one is stopped, and the Unlocked Motorola Droid ( 2 ) which is actually using the UI like Motoblur. We are entirely glad that we have seen that HTC has not given up completely the stock of Android.

    It has been said that the G2 will come certainly with a CPU of 800Mhz MSM7230, which might not be the much fastest in the entire of the Android land.

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  • Not so long ago Nintendo, the renowned Japanese, gaming company set consumer markets ablaze with its Gameboy Advance and subsequent Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii releases. Profits at that point of time for the Japanese firm had sky rocketed through the record breaking sales of their subsequent platform releases. However the most shocking reports to surface about the company was the whole plan for a proper Nintendo cellphone. The rumours that had been sparked at the time, had set gaming enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, for in all practicality it meant that an incredible gaming oriented phone was on its way. However the rumours and in effect the plans died down.

    Now detailed reports are surfacing that the rumours were actually true and there had indeed been plans for a Nintendo phone which died at the Research and Development headquarters of Nintendo in Japan. The reports claim that the whole idea was started when Nokia initiated contact with Nintendo over plans for a joint effort in releasing the rumoured device. R&D apparently took serious initiative in moving forward with plans for the same. The blueprints were readied and a board approval impending further steps were about to be taken when the whole idea was rejected by the board.

    Apparently Nokia’s parallel failure with its gaming platform form the N-gage played a catalyzing role in the board’s decision to reject the plans which had reached a sufficiently advanced stage. This is a pity because today Apple and Google with their Unlocked  iPhone4 and Android respectively are laughing away to the bank with complete dominance over the mobile gaming industry. To think if Nintendo had pushed through with their plans the mobile gaming industry would have looked entirely different altogether. Imagine the sheer delight of phone and gaming enthusiasts considering the options they would have had at hand!

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  • The CEO of News Corp. Mr. Rupert Murdoch stated that he would like to introduce the digital content of newspaper to the Apple iPhone, Android, and the Apple iPad in a different and attractive way. The launching date has not been declared yet. But it’s been told that the Managing Editor of The New York Post will be in charge of this new strategy.

    Murdoch is hopeful that the adolescents will love this new idea of presenting the news and it will be a huge success for them.

    This new application, which will have the free access, will be far better than the present iPad application of Wall Street journal. Though some of the newspaper companies found it troublesome, but it’s true that this is the best possible way to convince those people who are apparently new.

    There are some other news companies like USA Today and the New York Times who have the same Unlocked iPhone4 and iPad applications and now News Corp. joins the queue. But it is to be noted that this apps apparently cause no good to these companies.

    So these newspaper companies are now looking for some brighter applications as the journal, New York Times, already came with a new application through which publishers are enabled to open an application without putting their money. The NY times will profit from the license fees which they will get from it.

    But it is not going to be that easy for the News Corp. as the existing specimens are not exactly what is required to support its bigger overhead. So the News Corp. needs to find out a solution and let’s watch how they find it!

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