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Friday Review

Moshi for iPad
  • Skyfire may have had a few bugs and problems with their US launch of their browser that is able to take flash video and convert it to a video format that is acceptable on unlocked iPhone 4 and on other platforms as well. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is that they do not support Adobe Flash, which is the largest platform for delivering animation the web. The Safari browser just simply will not read flash, and a number of other browser apps have been developed that support the usage of flash, but none of them have been as promising as Skyfire.

    The browser has been surrounded in controversy, but nevertheless has expanded their reach to countries outside of the US including France, Germany and Italy. The iPhone is nearly as prevalent in these countries as it is in the US, and the complaints regarding the support for Adobe Flash have been widespread.

    Skyfire apparently worked out so0me of the kinks with their launches with their US launch, because things seemed to go much more smoothly for the browser in these other countries. The app was the number one app in the Apple marketplace on the first day that it was released, but has not been able to regain that position since the initial launch, but has remained one of the most popular apps that is currently available.

    Apple has not given an official stance on the app, but since they have loosened their restrictions on apps entering their app store Skyfire looks like it is here to stay. Apple may not support the Flash platform for Internet animation, but that does not mean that they are going to keep app developers from making it part of their arsenal and part of the general appeal of their mobile applications.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of cell phone accessories, fun gadgets and unlocked cell phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Blackberry Torch 9800 unlocked,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • Android handsets are increasing in popularity through all of the leading unlocked cell phone service providers.  To keep up with this growing popularity, Verizon has introduced a new express service for Android phones and plans.  Announced on October 18th, Verizon has developed tools that will allow contract holders to access a plethora of account-related information in as little as one-click from their handset.  Information that can be accessed will include call logs, management of accounts, and billing history.  Also included in this Express Services tool is the ability to activate phones and add lines of service whenever and where ever they want.

    The Express Services tool by Verizon is easy to use for all Verizon customers.  Recognizing that today's society requires features that will let the population manage their account on the go and at home, Verizon has developed this new program and makes it available as an OTA update.  With this new feature, it is said that account holders can effectively manage their accounts on a consistent and convenient platform, eliminating the need to call customer care and wait on hold for minutes they cannot afford to waste.

    The initial update is available to several Android Smartphone’s.  These phones include DROID by Motorola, DROID 2, Unlocked DROID X, R2-D2, DEVOUR, DROID ERIS, DROID Incredible, LG Ally, and the Samsung Fascinate.  All Verizon customers with these handsets will receive a message offering the free update for installation.  Those who are not setup on My Verizon will have the option to download the application directly from Android Market on

    While Express Services is only available for the models listed above, Verizon has announced they will be implementing a similar program for other Smartphone in the near future.  This new development proves that Verizon is keeping up with the need for convenience tools and they are enabling customers to obtain important data in as little as one-click.

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  • The big red continues to expand its horizons evermore with each passing day. This time the target for Vodafone’s rapid expansion plan is TIM Brasil. TIM Brasil is a unit of Telecom Italia and is one of the four companies that ply in the Latin American country where 80% of the total 190 million population keep a mobile phone in hand. This comes in the wake of acquisitions by Telefonica, a Spanish wireless carrier and Portugal Telecom in the Brazilian market. Telecommunications over the years has become one of the more dynamic industries in the fast-growing Brazilian economy in the past one year. This has happened as a direct result of the resilience of the job market and a steadily growing total family income. A trend has emerged amongst the bigger groups who are now gradually acquiring the smaller rivals in order to integrate services and monopolize services like pay-TV and Internet connections

    According to a local newspaper, that goes by the name, O Estado de Sao Paulo, Vodafone held negotiations with Telefonica, a company holding an indirect stake in the parent unit Telecom Italia. The Spanish company Telefonica has a stake in Telco, a consortium that has a 24.5% stake in Telecom Italia.

    Recently there was a report that Telefonica were looking to acquire a local service provider Vivo and in the process the local regulatory board intended to force them to let go of their stake in TIM Brasil to avoid a clash of interests. Vodafone in turn intend to acquire this very stake in TIM Brasil. A complicated process is involved in the matter and experts believe that the deal will eventually fail to materialize but reports in the press believe the deal will be in place soon. If this is true, then the largest telecom company in the world might just be that bit larger soon.

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  • The "Great" Exodus
    Posted on December 22, 2008 by Pure Mobile


    Friday again and it's on week until Christmas.  It's coming to that time of the year where people are starting to call loved ones and spending more time on the phone and it turns out that more people are turning toward cell phone only lives.  That means less people are getting home phone lines and opting for the cell phone as their only phone.

    On a recent article on they said

    ...The portion of homes with cell phones but no landlines has grown to 18 percent, led by adults living with unrelated roommates, renters and young people, according to federal figures released Wednesday.

    An additional 13 percent of households have landlines but get all or nearly all calls on their cells, the survey showed. Taken together, that means about three in 10 households are essentially reachable only on their wireless phones.

    That is not very surprising as more and more people are finding that being always available is very convenient

    Another article from explain the reasons for the switch

    ...People who have made the switch cite several benefits. Wireless communication saves money on local and long-distance phone charges, frees people up from their desks and prevents having to lay new cables. Laymen Global, the New Jersey company, saved $4,600 on its phone bill by forgoing landlines

    Now this isn't saying go out and cancel your home line but it is something to think about.  With more and more people wanting to be always available or less people spending time at the house it is a nice option.  You no longer have to remember phone numbers as you always have your phone book with you.  If you haven't considered it you can always go to and see what phones are available.

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  • It's that time of the week again.  Good old Friday, which for many of us means getting to spend time with loved ones and sleeping in.

    Well this week we thought we'd give you a list of the top bluetooth headsets

    5- Nokia BH-101

    4- Motorola H710

    3- Anycom Milos-9

    2- Aliph Jawbone 2

    1- Sony Ericsson HBH-PV703

    Like last week this list is by all means not absolute.  We like to thing the above list is a good suggestion for people looking to get a bluetooth.  With bluetooth laws coming into effect all over the place headsets will likely be a big seller and a great stocking stuffer this year.

    Don't forget to be safe on the road this holiday season and if you have any questions about the bluetooth headsets our dedicated staff is here to help

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  • It's Friday again.  It's also one week closer to the holidays. This week I thought we'd discuss gift ideas.  Yes, it's going to definitely involve cell phones.

    This week specific will be the top 10 cell phone must haves for the holiday season.

    10 - Sony Ericsson W610
    09 - Sony Ericsson C905
    08 - Blackberry Bold 9000
    07 - LG KS360
    06 - Nokia 5310 
    05 - Nokia N95 8GB
    04 - Motorola V3 Razr
    03 - Sony Ericsson W810
    02 -  HTC G1 Google Phone
    01 - Apple iPhone 16GB

    The above list  is only a suggestion but we feel it's a complete list.  It has many options like the 8MP C905 or the hot G1 from HTC.  There are also a few old fan favorites like the W610 and the W810.  They might not have any majors bells and whistles but they definitely have stood their ground.  There is even the KS360 which is a inexpensive slider phone that was missing from the line up for the longest time.

    If you want any advice on which phones to ask for this holiday season don't hesitate to call, email or chat with one of our representatives.  They are standing by to make those holiday wishes come true.

    Happy Holidays from!!!

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  • Those Other Uses For Your Cell Phone
    Posted on November 28, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    It's Friday again.  Who's with me?  Anyone?  I thought this week we'd take about what you can use your cell phone to do.  Everyone knows the

    common things like answer calls, text message, but have you ever thought of what else it's capable of doing.

    10: Chipping ice from the freezer - Have you ever needed to defrost your fridge and not had a blunt object to help.  Well reach for your cell phone.

    9- Proping up a uneven table: Have you ever been at dinner and had your food or water spill because of a uneven table leg.

    8- A game of catch: who doesn't like playing catch?  Who always has a ball handy?  Well no need anymore...

    7- A shovel: Ever needed to dig a quick hole?  Didn't have a shovel handy?  Don't want to get your hands dirty?

    6- GPS: Most people don't realize but you a lot of cell phones these days are actually coming with GPS units built right in

    5- Watch TV/Movies: More and more people are using their phones to watch movies or tv shows.

    4- Facebook/MySpace: Who doesn't want to stay intouch with your friends when you need to

    3- Twitter:  Hey why not?  Well not if you are in Canada anymore

    2- Email: Tried and true Blackberry phones or Windows based

    1- Boarding your plane: Now you can actually have your boarding pass right on your screen scanned.

    Hopefull those suggestions give you an idea what else the cell phone can be good for.  We do remind you that using any of our suggestions are at your own risk.  Truthfully cell phones have many practical uses.  If you are looking for a new phone don't hesitate to go to to see what's available.

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  • Which Phones Do Celebs Choose And Why?
    Posted on November 22, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    This week we will be starting a new topic every Friday we are going to have a posting related to cell phones and their everyday use.  At we feel that we bombard you with so many cell phone reviews that maybe our customers would like to read something more interesting.

    This week being the introductory entry we thought we'd write about celebrities and their cell phones.  In the past the celebs tended to gravitate toward phones that were both functional and made a statement.  At one point many celebrities were using the Sidekick by T-Mobile.  This was a favorite for quiet sometime and actually was a phone that gave many people the option of a full keyboard.  Many of these phones have gone to the wayside but you can still see their influences in phones like the i-Mate Ultimate 9502.  These days many celebs can be seen using more than one phone, but among all the choices there are two favorites and they seem to be the iPhone and Blackberry Curve.

    Among the celebrities Miley Cyrus uses the iPhone, which seems to be more popular among the younger celebrities.  Being the kind of phone it is likely drives the younger generation towards the style and more importantly younger people tend be adopt new technology faster.

    Paris Hilton in the past has been seen using the sidekick and even had the phone hacked at one point where all the internet had private phone numbers of various celebrities.  These days she's been seen using the Blackberry Curve with it's full QWERTY keyboard.  Other celebs that use the curve are Lindsay Lohan and Katherine McPhee among a whole slew of others.  Even Barack Obama uses a Blackberry but may have to give it up on January 20th when he takes office.

    Eva Longoria uses the BlackJack II from Samsung.  It's similar to the curve but slightly larger.  Other notable names that use the BlackJack II are Jon Voight and Kevin Connolly.

    Now the real question is what motivates the phone choices.  We guess it's something that no one other then the real inner circle of each celeb can answer.  Among the reasons are sponsorship/endorsments, usefulness and simply a need to fit in.  The last one being something that both celebrities and us everyday people share.  One celebrity might by a specific phone because all her friends have it then in turn we will get that phone because so and so has it.

    In the end why they do what they do no one can really know, but we do all find it fun to delve into someone elses life for a little to see what others are doing.  There is a world of information out their about which cell phones people use and we suggest going out and seeing others use and think.  It gives you an idea of what can be good.  If nothing else you can learn a little something about that celebrity you love to watch.

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