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  • Research In Motion has been experiencing some difficulties over the course of the last few months. The company announced today that they will be laying off a total of 2000 employees, which accounts for about 10% of their total workforce. The company is looking to better optimize their spending, and the workforce reduction is going to be part of their strategy moving forward. They’re looking for rapid growth within the company after quadrupling their workforce over the course of the last five years. The company, most known for their line of Blackberry devices such as unlocked Torch 9800, Bold 9780, etc.. will also be reorganizing some of their top management positions in an attempt to better position themselves moving forward.

    RIM to Reorganize Management and Lay Off 2,000

    A number of executives recently left the company, and it is clear what they’re falling profits that they are looking to head in a different direction moving forward. Recently the company lost their vice president of digital marketing and media, as well as their Blackberry PlayBook Senior product manager. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes they made, as it could give some sort of hint as to their strategy moving forward in the future. Depending on the executives that they bring in, it could give some clues on the type of devices and the direction the company is looking to head.

    RIM to Reorganize Management and Lay Off 2,000

    The company also released a press release regarding their layoffs, stating that they regretted to have to do so but that it was in the best interest of the company. Many in Canada were hoping that the company would be able to turn things around and keep their current workforce, after going through a number of layoffs previously as well. It will be interesting to see if they are able to turn things around with the reorganization of their management and regain market share that they have lost two other companies in recent years.


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  • RIM Announces Hackathon
    Posted on July 19, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    You probably never thought that he would see a mobile company supporting the creation of a hacking event. However, the company Research In Motion, the makers of unlocked Blackberry devices, is allowing users to send over 100 billion messages every month through their system and are looking to bring a more popular and better experience for their users. Now, the company is reaching out to the developing and hacking community in order to put something together that will allow for users to create their own apps. They will be hosting an upcoming event titled BBM Apps Hackathon which will be held at New York City. It will be a two-day event that will last August 11 and 12th and will allow for developers to integrate the BBM social platform and the apps that are created.

    It is good to see that the company is embracing and community levels of cortical. This is something that has helped Android to become the world’s largest mobile operating system platform so far, allowing the communities to design their own applications and make them available for users with something that will ensure that were in our community and more applications are sold overall.

    The company is definitely one that could use some support from the community. They've seen their market share fall consistently over the course of the last few months and you can bet that it will continue to fall if they do not get some sort of backing from their users such as unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800. The BBM social system is one that has been picking up a lot of new users in recent months. The company research in motion has announced that they were putting together new features for the application is expected to be released at some point in the near future. RIM is a company that has consistently added new features to their messenger, especially when it has been so widely used among their user base over the course of the last few months and years.

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  • Blackberry App World has officially passed the 1 billionth download throughout his career. This is something that the company had hoped to reach for quite some time. it is amazing to see that there application marketplace has grown in such a phenomenal rate over the course of the last few years. The marketplace was first officially launched on April 1, 2009, and it continued to grow wildly in popularity since that time.

    BlackBerry App World Reaches 1 Billion Download Mark

    Since the application marketplace was first released, the company has continued to grow in Blackberry has become one of the most renowned location to download applications for the Blackberry platform. Although the application marketplace that was put together by the company research in motion is not the biggest by any stretch of the imagination in the mobile industry, it is clear that it continues to grow along with varying amounts of Blackberry devices such as Unlocked Bold 9780, Torch 9800, etc. that we have seen over the course of the last few years. Targeted toward businesses, Blackberry has continued to become one of the world’s largest mobile devices and platforms in recent memory. The Apple app store recently passed the 15 million download mark, making it easily the largest store for applications for mobile devices online.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the Blackberry application store will reach 2 billion download mark. The 1 million download mark is a huge milestone for the company, and would really like to reach the 2 million download mark sooner than they have reached the one. The devices are currently bringing in more than 3 million downloads per day, but as research in motion continues to lose market share to other mobile companies, it may be hard for them to keep up. it will be interesting to see how long they can continue to over 3 million downloads per day for their applications for blackberry devices

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  • iMessage the Start to a Larger PlanIs the release of the Apple iMessage to start to a larger plan for the company overall? It was one of the most important releases that Apple first announced at the WWDC 2011. IMessage is that service that is looking like it will be one of the most used by IOS and unlocked iPhone 4 users on the whole. Although it is a very basic application, that works very similar to that of the Blackberry messenger, it looks as though this release might be the start of a much larger social initiative on the whole for the company. IMessage is able to do more than just send text messages, your favorite photos and videos, but also works with all of the IOS devices and could be the start of Apple releasing their own instant messaging. Their own instant messaging network would be really great, because then they can outsource it to larger social networks, which allow users to stay connected through the social network utilizing the instant messaging capabilities that have been provided by Apple.

    iMessage the Start to a Larger Plan

    Soon, the company could allow users to download in a message application for their desktop computers that would allow them to connect to users on their mobile devices. This is something that a lot of companies have attempted in the past, but none have really risen to the top of the market in the way that one would expect them to with this technology. Apple seems to have the upper hand in this case with a huge, already geared-in user base. While most mobile devices utilize other instant messaging networks including the AOL Instant Messenger, it looks as though Apple is looking to create its own instant messaging service that would allow the company to further expand upon the ideas that were first launched by research in motion when they release the Blackberry messenger for their Blackberry devices such as Torch 9800, BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 unlocked. It will be interesting to see what kind of plans they have in store for the new system, and whether or not they’re looking to take it further than ever before.

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  • Best Buy Launches Cloud Music ServiceIt looks like Amazon and Apple will not be the only companies that are launching a new cloud-based music service that will allow users to play, store, and listen to music straight from the cloud.  Best Buy announced today that they would be launching a new service that will be in competition with the other cloud-based music services that have been put into motion by the company’s Apple, Amazon and Google that will allow for users to play their music straight from the cloud.  The company will have their software powered by the play anywhere application, and will allow for users to quickly sign up for the new service.  Then, the users can download the application straight from their Macintosh or PC.  The Apple also be integrated with the unlocked iPhone 4, Android, and Blackberry operating systems, allowing users to use their cloud-based music service while on the go.

    Best Buy Launches Cloud Music Service

    After you have installed the application, the Music Cloud will allow you to stream your favorite songs, or even save them for off-line playback at a later time.  The package will be completely free, which makes the service differ greatly from the other services that are currently available.  The package will allow users to utilize the Best Buy Web player, so you will have to pay a total of four dollars per month for the premium package that the company will be offering.  While this offer may be similar to those that have been launched by Apple, Google, and Amazon, there will be some major differences in the way that the pricing structure works in the functionality of the program.  It is clear that in the future music services will more than likely be based in the crowd, and will allow users to access all of the information that they have purchased and downloaded straight from the cloud.  It is clear that consumers are going to have to make a choice as to which cloud company that offers a music program they’re going to want to work with.


    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones such as Blackberry Torch 9800 unlocked, Motorola Atrix, etc..

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  • Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2
    Posted on July 1, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2 is but a device that has been highly anticipated by many different users for a long period of time.  The devices continue to be a top-of-the-line addition to everything that is already out there and should be one of the top devices released over the course of the next few months. Some of the specs that have been leaks so far that have been confirmed include the following;

    Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2

    The device 11.2 GHz processor along with a 3.2 wrenched display that has a 480 x 640 touchscreen display.  It will come with 8 GB of internal storage along with 768 MB of RAM.  You also will have access to a 32 MB micro is the current which should help you to add additional storage to the device.  The camera that comes complete with the device will be a five megapixel camera, and will be rephrasing.  There are no front facing cameras, and the device will not allow for you to have video chat with anyone else.  This is one of the things that many users were wishing would come complete with a Blackberry phone, but it does not appear as if it will be there.

     Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2

    You can bet that the BlackBerry Torch 2 unlocked will be very popular among the unlocking community.  So far they have been one of the biggest communities to support blackberries because of the features an additional customization options are provided when you unlock your phone.  One of the biggest things about unlocking your phone is the ability to customize virtually anything you want.  This is something that I filled a lot of people overlook when they are considering unlocking their phone.  Imagine being able to change the user interface, use the phone with any carrier that you would like, or even make additional changes to the way things work on your phone that you would normally not have access to if you were not going to unlock your phone.

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  • BlackBerry 9860 Monza unlocked
    Posted on June 27, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    BlackBerry 9860 Monza unlocked The unlocked BlackBerry (9860 Monza) has been a device that has been heavily covered by the media and has really been able to build a following in the short time since it was first announced.  There are a number of things that make the BlackBerry 9860 Monza, also known as the torch, a very highly anticipated phone among users.  First of all, the phone is going to provide users with both front and rear facing cameras which should allow them to video chat and take 720 hi quality HD video.  This is something that has become standard on most phones but has not been seen are many Blackberry phones thus far.  The company behind the production of the phone, research in motion, has made it a point to really push this phone among the various media sources and has done their best to ensure that the device continues to be a solid device that is upgraded on a regular basis.

    BlackBerry 9860 Monza unlocked

    Blackberry 9860 Monza is expected to be highly popular among the unlocking community.  That is because of the features that the device has, as well is the fact that it is only going to be available for one carrier.  This is something that many people have not taken into consideration, but is one thing that makes a very popular with the unlocking community.  A few of the things that unlocking provides users the ability to use the former multiple carriers, have access to a number of different apps, and generally customize their experience with the device.

    BlackBerry 9860 Monza unlocked

    As cell phones continue to become more popular the unlocking community will continue to grow.  In the end there is always going to be a certain amount of users that are always looking to customize their experience with various phones.  The ability to customize your experience is something that many users will appreciate and should make them BlackBerry 9860 Monza a very popular from among the unlocking and hacking community.

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  • Sound Charge T-Shirt Charges Phone While You ListenIt seems as if every day there is a new device that comes out that allows you to charge your phone such as unlocked iphone 4 while you’re on the go.  Now the company Orange Sound has released a new quirky way for you to charge your phone when you’re out and about.  The company will be releasing a T-shirt that will generate an electronic charge from the sound around the phone.  The idea is that the church will create an electronic charge while users are out of concerts and shows, and then their phone can be plugged into the shirt to maintain its charge while they are out and about.  This is an interesting and quirky way for users to charge their phone even while they are out of their favorite concerts.  The company has not gone much farther than explaining that harnessing the power of the vibrations around the shirt are involved in creating the charge.


    So far they have not released any information about how much of a charge, or how long your phone will stay charge for when you’re using the T-shirt.  We would expect that the charge would not be very strong; it might just give your phone a few extra minutes of life while you were out at the concert.  However, it will probably make a great fashion statement that you can show off to your friends while you’re out and about.  As far as we can tell, the louder the environment that you’re in, the more charge the shirt will receive.  At the very least, the shirt will be great for starting conversations with people that you don’t know while you’re out and about.

    Sound Charge T-Shirt Charges Phone While You Listen

    Every day it seems as if there are new ways to charge your device, but most of them that have been released in recent times appear to be gimmicks.  A T-shirt that charges your phone based on the vibrations around you is not really all that feasible, but is an interesting concept that one day may grow into something larger and the interest in the shirt that we have seen so far is any indication.


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  • Research In Motion continues to update their systems and offer new features to users that have been relatively feature starved until recently when they have started to rapidly expand the overall number of features that they are able to offer. Now, the company has released a new app that is already available for download in their app marketplace that is able to integrate with your calendar that is already present in your BlackBerry devices such as Bold 9780, Torch 9800 unlocked, etc. They will allow you to easily schedule and also join an already present conference call. You can see how this would be useful to users - especially their hordes of users that use their device for business purposes.


    The app will likely find a good following with business users that have already been driven to the BlackBerry platform for their business needs. It will certainly be interesting to see how quickly the app rises to prominence among users. The app is great at easily scheduling and creating conference calls. They will allow provide you with a reminder notification that will pop up when you reach a scheduled conference time that you have previously scheduled.

    Also, if you lose your connection to the audio conference, you will be able to rejoin with the single click of a button, which is a huge feature of the app. It will be interesting to see how quickly business users gravitate toward the scheduling features that have been provided in the app, but you can bet that some users will gravitate toward it if nothing else than for the great scheduling features and notifications that have been made available to users when they are scheduling their conference calls. This app effectively allows you to set and show up for meetings, reminding you of when you need to be in your conference call.

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  • Have you ever wanted to mimic the way that the Bond characters drink in the movies? No matter what kind of crazy situation they seem to be getting into , the Bond character is always drinking an assortment of different drinks that would probably really mess the average person up. Somehow,t hey seem able to still leap from buildings, fight evil and get the girl at the end of each movie. Now, a new app, titled Bond Mixology will allow you to copy the exact drinks that the Bond characters had in each of the different Bond movies on your unlocked cell phone such as unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9780 3G.

    The app allows you to select your bond movie, and then shows you which drinks, and at what point in the movie in drink is had, and then also provides the context in which Bond had the drink. Of course, you probably do not want to drink as much as the Bond character does in the movies because sometimes in the movies the drinks are supposed to be spaced out over a very long period of time.

    For instance, the movie “Casino Royale” that stars Daniel Craig as bond, he has his first drink at 32 minutes into the movie, and then has another glass of champagne at the 37 minute mark, followed by a bourbon at the 58 minute mark, and a red wine at the 59 minute mark. This would definitely send anyone on their backside and would make for a terrible morning. At the very least, the app is a nifty one that allows you to experience the same type of drunk that Bond supposedly has throughout the movies. Remember, the app is a novelty and you should never over do it just because the app tells you to do so.  The app will probably be a popular one among the college crowd.

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