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Moshi for iPad
  • Apple COO Talks Cheap iPhone
    Posted on March 6, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The rumors about a cheaper unlocked iPhone 4 have been around for a long time. They first started a few weeks ago when reports stated that an iPhone-mini version was being worked on. these rumors were quickly shot down and now it appears that instead of a smaller version of the iPhone, Apple might just be looking into creating a version of the iPhone that features lower quality hardware and is able to be sold for a cheaper price.

    The Apple COO, Tim Cook stated in a recent press event that Apple does not want their products to only be for “the rich,” and confirmed that they are looking to release cheaper versions of their products in order to make them appeal to a larger selection of people. Of course, the rumors of a cheaper version of the iPhone have been all over the net in recent months, but Apple has not really addressed them as directly as they did today.


    Apple is also looking into expanding into the prepaid market. The moves that Apple was looking to make in the prepaid market was described as “clever,” although Tim Cook did not go any farther with his explanations then that. He also confirmed that Apple was going to be aggressively pursuing the tablet market moving forward, as the demand for those devices has risen substantially over the course of the last few weeks.


    some have said that they believe that tablets could one day end up being as much as a $100 billion business for Apple, followed by other companies who are releasing devices in the space. With technology moving so quickly, who knows what kind of features could be included with tablets in the future. Watch for more rumors of a cheaper iPhone 4 unlocked and other prepaid plans being released at some point in the near future.

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  • The system for iOS notifications has never been heralded by the media. Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 maintains that the system is the way it is for a reason, and they do not want their users bombarded with notifications from applications that they have downloaded and not knowing how to turn the notifications off.

    However, a new app from Peter Hajas called MobileNotifier proves that not every notification has to be as intrusive as people have believed. The new application will provide users with an easily accessible notification tray, which will allow users to take a look at the notifications that have been send their way throughout the day. The idea behind the app is that it provides non intrusive notifications for applications that you want to receive notifications for, but do not want to be  interupted or have the phone make a noise when the notifications are delivered.


    Hopefully Apple is working on a similar solution for iOS 5, but for now Mobile Notifier is definitely the best available option for individuals that are looking for non-intrusive notifications. Apple has not publicly addressed the idea of non-intrusive notifications or including the technology in future updates, but that certainly would be something that a majority of their users would be interested in.

    In order to install Mobile Notifier, you will first have to jailbreak your phone because the application is not currently available in the Apple store. The reviews for the app have been raving so far, so there is a chance that in the future it could be included in the iphone 4 unlocked apps store, but not if apple is ever planning on implementing the technology themselves. Apple has been known to shun applications that capitalize on technology that they themselves are looking into expanding toward. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these claims if the app gains a lot of popularity.

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  • In this new cell phone age, smart device theft is something that has become all too common, and has really become quite a problem. Several apps have been released that attempt to solve the problem, but now the carriers themselves are getting in on it. Sprint has announced their total Equipment Protection Application, which shares a name with a very similar application in which it shares many features.

    With the new application, you will be able to track the whereabouts of your phone with a web interface, making it easy to see who has your phone and where they are headed, regardless of whether or not the phone is turned on. The Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 will allow you to sound an alarm even if the phone is muted. You can also lock the phone and wipe all of your contacts (which can then be restored if you are able to get your device back.) So far, the application is only compatible with Android and BlackBerry devices, and is completely free with Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection Program. Right now the program costs only $7 per month. That amount might seem like quite a bit, but for the knowledge of knowing that your device is always going to be able to be tracked and your data will always be safe, you really could not ask for more.

    Other features that have been rumored for similar applications are the ability to delete text messages and calling data as well, so that the thieves could not go through your text messages and retrieve information through them. Look for apps like this one to continue to grow in popularity and expand to other platforms in the future. Soon the days will be gone when people can steal your mobile device and activate it under their own plans. Applications like this one could effectively wipe out the underground black market of stolen cell phones that has run so rampant in recent years.


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  • As per one of the leading unlocked cell phone blog site, it is easy to see why iPad’s or other tablet devices would be solid purchases for members of parliament. Having all that power on the go would probably allow them to stay connected with their people a little bit easier. However, it was recently released that the ruling by the Board of Internal Economy (a ruling that was actually placed in November) that states that the board did not agree to allow them to purchase the iPads because of the great expense.

    Not including taxes, the iPad’s would probably cost more than $160,000 in total.  Another reason behind the decision was that the “house system is totally based on Microsoft.” The ruling suggested that perhaps the infrastructure would be different and would cause issues as well. Of course, this does not seem like that valid of an excuse given how user friendly the iPad is and has been as a whole.

    Many of the parliament members have purchased the iPad on their own dime since the ruling came down. Had they allowed members to use the iPad, they would have become the first major country to adopt the iPad on a government level as a legitimate tracking tool. It will be interesting to see how many decide to go out and buy tablet solutions on their own. It is easy to see how a purchase like this could benefit parliament members. They would probably be more likely to stay in contact with the general public and would have a device that would allow them to constantly update on progress during negotiations and share information with other members of parliament.

    Although problems regarding infrastructure were cited as the reasoning behind the decision, the cost probably had more to do with it than anything else. Thousands of dollars on devices that are not required for the job is a hard sell, especially with the economy the way that it is today.

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  • Have you ever worried about falling asleep while you are driving? What if you could have an app on your unlocked iphone 4 that would help you to stay awake even when you are on a long road trip and are having trouble staying awake with the heater blaring at you?

    A new app called the Anti-sleep Pilot app will help you to stay awake. The app is built to help you out when you might be tiring on the road. When you first start up the app, you give the app a number of details about you to give it a good idea of when it needs to start working. The app will also take the time of the day into account straight from your iPhone 4 unlocked clock. Some of the questions will deal with your work hours and when you expect to fall asleep at night.

    The app tries to judge exactly how alert you are and tries to judge when you should probably pull over and sleep it off for a little bit. Unfortunately, the app costs twenty dollars, which seems a bit high given what other apps are out there for much lower prices. In today’s day and age, nearly everyone thinks that they are the best drivers on the road so this app may not take off like the company had hoped it would, but nonetheless it is a very interesting idea and could help out individuals that have long commutes.

    It will be tough to convince individuals to make the purchase at this high price tag but for those that truly need it, it might just have the perfect price point for making sure that you do not fall asleep behind the wheel. Expect to see some copy cat apps coming out in the future for a lower price point since most publications have pointed to the price as the largest drawback for a potentially very solid app.

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  • Apple is always looking for ways to improve their existing products in an effort to keep up with the market. With more high powered devices boasting about the life of their batteries, Apple is scrambling to find ways to increase the battery life of their unlocked iphone 4, ipad, ipod. In a recent patent filing, that was titled Increasing Energy Density in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells, the patent describes technology that Apple is experimenting with. According to the way that it was described in the filing, the new technology would allow them to increase the capacity of the battery without changing the size or the amount of time that it takes to charge the battery.

    Essentially, the change would go unnoticed to most consumers, but would greatly improve the life of the battery. Apple’s mobile devices have always had a fairly impressive battery life when you compare them to other smart devices that are currently in the market. It would be interesting to see how far Apple can take the new design and exactly how much extra battery life it would provide most of the users.

    As more phones become high powered, it is hard to create batteries that will fit inside of the device and not have to diminish the power of the battery. No one wants to have to charge their phone halfway through the day, but as the battery is continually used, the overall effectiveness will slow down, which is something that Apple is looking to put a stop to with a new design.

    Apple’s iPhone 4 unlocked is still one of the best smart devices in terms of battery life, but an upgrade would really put them ahead of most of the competition and would be a great thing for future generations of the highly popular phone. As Apple continues to innovative to improve upon their design, it seems as if the media is always a step behind their moves, as this technology was not discussed until the patent leaked.

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  • There is no doubt that Apple easily has the biggest App store in the world. They were able to generate more than $760 million in revenue through their app store in 2009, a number that increased to more than $1,782 in 2010, over 80% growth in just one year.

    BlackBerry App for BlackBerry Phones such as Torch 9800, Bold 9780 unlocked, etc world now sits in second. They had done over #36 million in 2009 in terms of revenue, and were able to move that number up to $165 million in 2010, proving that they belong in the top tier of app markets. You might be a little surprised to find out that the Nokia Ovi Store was in third place, still above the surging Google Android Market, which was in fourth by just 3 million less than the Nokia Ovi Store.

    As of right now Google Android Market has over 150,000 apps available for their users, but that doesn’t seemed to have help them move up in terms of revenue above the competing companies in the space. The BlackBerry app world is easily one of the best performing in terms of revenue per app. They have just over 20,000 apps currently available, but many of those are enterprise-level applications that are substantially more expensive than the apps that mgiht be found in other app stores.

    It will be interesting to watch how these numbers move in 2011. All of the companies are aggressively expanding their app stores, devices and carriers so more people are exposed to their products. Now that the very last users are starting to make the move to smart devices, it will be interesting to see if these new smart device users choose to go for the newbie friendly Apple iPhone 4 unlocked, or look elsewhere.

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  • Dell Venue Pro Reveal - Bulky, But Solid
    Posted on February 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Dell Venue Pro unlocked is a phone that has been highly anticipated since it was first announced, and is easily one of the bigger high powered smart devices on the market. The display is AMOLED, has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and has a physical screen size of 4.10 inches, which should be more than enough to work with. Along with the touch screen technology, there is also a slide out keyboard that is one of the better QWERTY keyboards that have been offered with a top tier smart phone in recent memory.

    The processor is a Snapdragon 1000 MHz phone that features 512 MB of RAM and runs on the smooth Windows Phone 7 Operating System. The new operating system is unbelievably smooth, but does lack some of the key features (including multi-tasking) that have been available for other operating systems for quite some time.

    The phone weighs more than 180 grams, which makes it a lot heavier than both the iPhone 4 unlocked and Nexus S, which are each at least 40 grams lighter. This is a bit of a gift and a curse in regards to the Dell Venue Pro. While the extra weight might be annoying to some users, the fact of the matter is that the phone is sturdier as a result and will likely be able to solve some fairly moderate falls that might claim the lives of other high powered mobile devices.

    The power button on the phone is sort of awkwardly placed, which is a minor issue that you should be able to easily look past and only focus on the positives of the Dell Venue Pro, which overall is one of the most solid smart phones that the company has offered throughout their history. The Unlocked Dell Venue Pro is a great device that should serve as the standard for future Dell releases.

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  • Pac-Man, Twitter, and iPhone Team Up
    Posted on February 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The unlocked iPhone 4 app store certainly is not suffering from a small amount of Twitter clients. In fact, the app store seems to be littered with so many Twitter clients that it can be hard to sift through them all and find one that suits your needs. However, there is a new Twitter application that might be a little bit hard for some die hard gaming suers to pass up.

    The application, from NamcoBandai was released in Japan and is called Pac’N TWIT. The application is a Japanese Pac-Man playable game that also allows you to access the Twitter features while you play. This should allow you to effectively pass some time while using the app. It is currently free, and is also translated into both English and French, but is currently only available in the Japanese App store. If the app finds a good amount of popularity, you can expect it to bridge the gap to the app stores of other languages as well.

    At the very least it is a refreshing take on Twitter clients, which have run rampant in recent months. The ability to play Pac Man (and supposedly soon, other games) while you use Twitter will help you to pass time while keeping up with all of your followers and followees. Pac-Man recently saw resurgence in popularity when Google made a version playable on their homepage, in place of their usual location of their logo. The game was one of the most searched terms online for over a week, and it became clear tat there is a huge demand for apps that support Pac-Man play, even though the game, at this point, is more than 30 years old.

    If the app does well in the Japanese app store, which it is expected to, then you will find that the app may quickly expand to other app stores as well.

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  • iOS 4.3 Coming Mid February
    Posted on February 9, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The newest version of iOS, iOS 4.3 for unlocked iphone 4 will be launching on February 14th, according to a number of different sources. So far, Google has had a pretty standard operation in terms of the development of the newest version. They have been releasing a new version of the iOS platform about once every two weeks. With the final beta version seemingly upon us, you can expect the company to release the software for all to use sometime next week.

    Apple has remained silent about when users can expect the official launch to come, likely for fear that other bugs would be discovered and they would not meet their original plan. All that you can know now is that Apple will release the software when they feel it is ready.

    It looks as thought they are hoping to release the update close to Valentines Day, which could be a bad thing for those of us that are looking to play with the features. Playing with the phone on Valentines Day will not make the wife happy, but for some of us could be worth in the long run.

    A few different rumors have been leaked so far, pinning the release date either earlier or later in the week depending. It will be interesting to see how and when the software is finally launched. iOS 4.3 for iphone 4 unlocked and ipads has been the talk of the town since word of it first made its way online several months ago, and Apple has continued to test it throughout its beta stages. It appears that the newest update could be just on the horizon, so keep your eye out for the announcement as we get closer to Valentine ’s Day. Apple has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors that have been released so far.

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