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  • If you purchase a phone through a service provider, the cellular phone will be more than likely locked. You would not be able to change providers unless they were to unlock your phone. By purchasing an unlocked device, you will be giving yourself many advantages over being limited with a locked phone. One of the latest products offered in the cellular phone market is the Dell Streak unlocked.

    The Dell Streak is a 3G device including a powerful 1GHz processor to make everything run faster and more efficiently. It combines ideal features of a personal computer and a typical 3G phone. Instead of lugging a large and bulky laptop or even a mini notebook, you can simply carry this lightweight power phone. Use it for work, to socialize and to keep in touch with loved ones.

    This phone also comes with Bluetooth, 3G broadband and Wi-Fi capabilities. It also includes a nicely sized memory card, a 32GB micro SD. This gives you plenty of memory to store plenty of videos, music, images, business presentations, documents and the ever important ring tones. The phone is about six inches wide, three inches high and the thickness is just a mere half an inch. This will allow it to fit easily into a purse or a pocket with ease.

    This phone also allows you to watch videos or even television shows comfortably on a five inch screen. The clarity and durability of the screen is enhanced with a scratch and damage resistant glass screen. This type of screen promises to remain in great condition for quite awhile. This phone also includes a light sensor to adjust the screen brightness for optimal viewing purposes and to maximize battery usage as well as ultra-intelligence in the design for facial proximity.

    Currently, the unlocked Dell Streak is available for purchase at a cool five hundred and fifty USD. You may be able to find this phone at a much lower price if you can wait until a promotional or special sale. Above and beyond working or making the next hottest business deal, you can also stay in touch with the people that mean the most to you from anywhere. The Streak can easily connect to the local area network of your personal computer or your office for real-time access.

    If you are looking for a cellular phone that has it all, then the Dell Streak is the way to go. This phone can give you the option to utilize Microsoft Applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint as well as gives you real-time access to your office local network and the ability to connect to the internet easily and quickly in order to chat, browse, search and more.

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  • The Sony Playstation phone is a device that has been rumored to have been in development for a number of years now, but excited fans have not had any big announcements or reveals until recently when pictures of the alleged device made their way online. Now, fans who have anxiously awaited details regarding the Playstation phone finally have something to celebrate.

    The phone was spotted in a “secret” spy video that that made its way to the web today In the video you can see someone using the phone and it appears that they do not know that they are being filmed while they use it, although this is up to interpretation. Companies have been known to leak similar videos online to help build the hype for upcoming devices and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that there is a similar case here as well.

    The quality of the video is fairly low so it is hard to see all of the features in crystal clear action, although a number of the rumored features have been confirmed through the video. You can see that the phone looks like any other phone device until you slide out the game pad that is used to help users control the games that will reportedly be available for the phone.

    The Playstation phone has been kept under tight wraps by Sony, but from what a number of sources have been able to surmise so far, the device will function as the next generation of the PSP and will be available on a number of different carriers if everything goes to plan. No games have been announced for the device but with videos and other details about the phone being made available online Sony should be preparing an official announcement here soon.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones, cell phone accessories and fun gadgets.

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  • Car thieves have a lot more to worry about during the smart device era. There are a plethora of different devices that could potentially track the location of a car after it is stolen and thieves have to quickly disable these devices after making off with a car. With OnStar becoming increasingly popular in many different types of vehicles, stealing cars has never been so hard for these criminals.

    One solid example of how the car theft game has changed is a recent incident in which a man was tracked and arrested less than ten minutes after stealing a car. There was no OnStar or any other built in software that tracked the location, but the man had stolen the car with an unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android phone inside. Thanks to an appt hat was running on the device, the man who owned the car was able to log in to his application account and inform police of the exact location of the vehicle shortly after it was stolen. The man responsible for the theft was apprehended less than ten minutes after the theft took place.

    The application that saved the day was Lookout, an application that is most commonly used as an antivirus tool for phone devices. Luckily, the device also doubles as a phone finding tool, allowing users to log in and check a GPS map to help them locate a lost phone. This application came in handy for the man whose car was stolen, helping him to quickly locate his car and provide police with details regarding its location.

    This serves as one of a number of examples of how smart phone technology is thwarting everyday criminals. As these features expand, you can expect to hear more stories like this coming out. A small investment for his smart phone ended up saving the man in question all of the headaches that deal with locating a stolen car.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones, cell phone accessories and fun gadgets.

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  • If you were to take a quick look at the T-Mobile support forums you would quickly notice that a large number of users have posted questions regarding the management of their pre-paid accounts, and problems that have run rampant over the course of the last few days. These users have reported that they have not been able to purchase $1.49 day passes for access to the Internet, a service that T-Mobile has promoted heavily over the course of the last few months.

    When the users attempt to make the purchase they are often provided with an error screen and find themselves unable to get through the shopping cart to the purchase screen. The fact that the prepaid phones can not access the Internet means that these unlocked phones are only able to call and text, which is not what was advertised to these individuals by T-Mobile when they made their purchase.

    Customer service has had a hard time keeping up with the complaints due to the holiday weekend and little help has been offered on the support forums. T-Mobile is aware of the situation and has stated on their forum on several occasions that they are working on finding an answer for the issues at hand. If the issue were to drag on for quite some time, users that require the use of the day passes on their unlocked mobile phones will likely look elsewhere for similar plans. The $1.49 mobile phone internet day pass has been one of the most popular features that T-Mobile has introduced in recent years.

    Hopefully they are able to get through their holiday back load and will fix this issue sooner rather than later so they do not lose their prepaid customer base that requires this feature. Forum moderators are attempting to reply to as many of the inquiries as they can but have a hard time keeping up with the incoming requests.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i Unlocked, HTC Desire etc…

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  • The BlackBerry 8980, the phone that was assumed to be the successor to the highly popular curve 8900 has received increased attention throughout the day after the FCC mistakenly made the user manual for the RIM handset available on their website, along with a number of different images of the device. In the process of posting the device on their website, they have also tipped the world off to all of the features that the phone will include. Although they have yet to comment on the fact that the phone was placed on their website, and have yet to confirm or deny whether or not it was purposely done, it is hard to believe that BlackBerry would be alright with them outing their features and look of their phone that is still in development before it even has a release date.

    The device has a quad band GSM antenna, along with Wi-fi support and a 3.2 megapixel camera that comes complete with flash. The user manual also exposed the fact that the phone will ship with the BlackBerry OS 5.Going off of looks alone, the device looks very similar to the BlackBerry 9700 unlocked, other than the type of keyboard that both phones have.

    It will be interesting to see how both BlackBerry and the FCC respond to the leak of not only the images of the phone, but the user manual and all of the features of the phone as well. Development of the phone has been known of for quite some time, but BlackBerry has been careful not to have too much information about the phone leak to the web in the final months of its development. Now that the FCC has seemingly exposed all of the great features that BlackBerry was hoping to excite fans with when the phone is released, there is a possibility that they could push the release date forward to preserve the hype that has surrounded the device.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and cell phone accessories.

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  • According to leading phone blog site, The Kindle has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for reading eBooks and other online material that can be purchased through the Amazon bookstore. Now, a number of sources are claiming that Amazon has been selling eBooks that are free to the public and have had their licensing information stripped. These books can come in a variety of different formats through their service including ePub, Kindle format and even in HTML.

    Some of the eBooks have been made available through Project Gutenberg, a project that is focused on providing free eBooks online. It is the largest and first collection of its kind. Project Gutenberg also employs a number of volunteers that are not paid for their services, so it is strange that Amazon would attempt to use these same ebooks that are available to the public for gain.

    The selling of these eBooks that have been re-branded is not illegal, but is it ethical? That is the question that critics are now asking Amazon. Charging someone for something that they acquired for free certainly will rub some of their users the wrong way, especially those that paid money for the books. The truth of the matter is that selling the books for profit isn’t even against the Project Gutenberg licensing terms.

    In response to the allegations against the company an Amazon Spokeswoman replied by saying that the books were not uploaded by Amazon itself and instead were uploaded by third parties using their self serve platform that they have provided for the distribution of ebooks online. Amazon has not committed to removing the books from their store but if they garner much more press attention there is a good chance that they could decide to remove them in an effort to avoid the bad publicity that they have created for the largest online retailer in the world.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones such as Apple iphone 4 unlocked, Blackberry Curve 9300,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • The US Phone Carrier Sprint has announced that they will be extending their WiMAX Network to six more of the largest cities across the Untied States. The additional cities that the company has blanketed with the coverage include Los Angeles, Miami, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Washington DC. This makes 68 different cities that the WiMAX Network is available in. Sprint first started to roll  out the service earlier this year and it was already available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and New York.

    They also announced that they would be looking to extend the network to a number of other markets in the coming weeks including San Francisco, which is the home of Silicon Valley and most of the tech industry.

    In order to use the new, faster network from Sprint you must have a device that is Sprint 4G enabled. WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is is considered to be one of the fastest networks currently available to US carriers with the capability to deliver up to 40 Mbit per second. It will be interesting to see if other companies adopt the network. Sprint has already reported increased speeds across all of their 4G devices which are able to use WiMAX and have decided to continue to spread the network in an effort to prepare for the upcoming generations of smart devices that will likely be able to make more use of the network than previous generations.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the network begins to spread over the coming months. Sprint already has 68 markets that are WiMAX-enabled, and they have shown no signs of slowing down their operation to expand the network anytime soon. The move is one that will not only benefit the company, but will benefit their hundreds of thousands of customers as well.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones such as Nokia N8, BlackBerry Torch 9800, etc and  phone accessories.

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  • Although spyware is mostly reserved for systems that run on a Windows platform, SecTheory, a security firm suggests that perhaps the newly acquired Hewlett Packard webOS platform could also be forced to deal with spyware concerns in the very near future.

    The security firm claims that they have already been able to find a number of flaws in the operating system that could potentially leave it open for spyware harassment and a plethora of different exploits that could hinder the experience of the end user. One exploit that the firm detailed involved the data field in the contacts app which can be used to run different types of code. This issue was actually already addressed with the release of webOS 2.0, but there are still quite a few errors that were detailed by SecTheory that have yet to be fixed. These exploits include a denial of service error, cross-site scripting issues that could leave webOS devices vulnerable to attack and a floating-point overflow issue.

    Hewlett Packard will likely move quickly to fix all of the issues that were pointed out by the security firm SecTheory, especially since the company just recently acquired Palm OS and is looking to integrate the technology into a umber of their own unlocked cell phone next year. Sectheory speculated that webOS has been exposed as an underdeveloped platform which will make the platform more enticing to hackers and coders who are looking to infect your smart device with malware and spyware in an effort to capture information.

    Although no operating system is completely secure, the flaws that were exposed in the framework of webOS devices should be worrisome to individuals that were looking to purchase a device that runs on the platform. It is clear that HP has a great deal of work to do before consumers should feel completely safe while using the platform.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones such as Nokia N8, Samsung Captivate, etc  and cell phone accessories.

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  • For fans who are eagerly awaiting the iPad 2, a number of rumors about the features that will be included have made their way to the web over the course of the last few days. Although you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about a product as large as the iPad 2, you have to believe that some of the rumors that have made their way online have some sort of truth behind them, or at least some safe bets as far as what features will be included. A recent article in a Chinese newspaper has shed some light on the features that Apple fans can expect int he upcoming version of the iPad.

    First of all, the article said that the iPad will include a Retina Display much like the one that was featured on the unlocked iPhone 4. This provides users with higher quality screen sand video and seems like a natural next step for Apple in the development of their iPad.

    The article also stated that the iPad 2 will feature a front facing camera for FaceTime video chat support, which also seems like a logical step for Apple. Most surprisingly, the report stated that the iPad 2 would feature a USB port, which is something that no previous Apple product has had. All of the data that is transferred between Apple products and PC’s and other computer go through the charging cord which also features a one-sided USB connection. It doesn’t seem likely that Apple will break from their current mold, but it would certainly be interesting and to the advantage of the user for the iPad to have a USB port to make for easier transferring of data between computers and the tablet device. It is a feature that many fans would be excited to have, but doesn’t seem to be something that would be beneficial for Apple, given the popularity of their smart devices.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones and cell phone accessories.

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  • It is no secret that Facebook as a platform has been the most rapidly expanding internet presence over the course of the last few years, but the company announced today that they have reached the landmark 100 millionth Facebook app download. When the service first launched their apps shortly after Facebook became the most popular online social networking tool it was not clear if the apps would catch on; up until that point they had been mostly associated with mobile devices and many developers were not clear on how the apps would intertwine with the Facebook interface and were worried about clutter on news feeds.

    All of the apps were silently offered through GetJar, a vendor that is carrier neutral and offered all of the Facebook apps for downloads. As more and more unlocked  cell phone users crave an increase in the number of apps available to them as well as the platforms that these apps are available for, it will be interesting to see if Facebook Apps continue to rise in popularity. After all, it was just a few months ago that Facebook announced that they had reached 50 million downloads of their apps. They have now more than doubled that number in a very short span of time.

    GetJar is now reporting that they are bringing in more than 3 million downloads per day, which is in line with the Nokia app store download mark and is nearly one third of the number of downloads that are being recorded from the Apple App Store.

    GetJar has received additional funding in recent months and secured deals with both Yahoo and AOL to allow them to expand the number of platforms and availability of their instantly downloadable mobile apps that have been gaining popularity in recent months.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of  cell phones accessories  and  unlocked cell phones like BlackBerry Bold 9700, Samsung Captivate i897 unlocked, etc

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