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Carriers Considering LTE 4G iPhone

The various large carriers out there have done a lot of testing on different devices that are out there. Now they are looking at testing the LTE enabled 4G iPhone and the device looks as if it will be making its way to Verizon. It would be interesting to see this device as there is currently no 4G iPhone. Apple was involved in a rumor that stated that they were going to be looking at releasing a 4G enabled iPhone later in the month. A number of different large media sources have claimed that they were going to be looking at releasing a 4G iPhone as soon as they could.LTE 4G iPhone

A number of companies have been claimed to have tested the 4G iPhone, but now it appears to be headed toward Verizon. The IOS is an operating system for unlocked iPhone 4 that can continue to grow along with new releases from the company. The fact that they are looking at testing new versions of the device is something that would definitely be in the best interest of both Apple and the companies that are doing the testing. This of course does not guarantee that Apple even be considering shipping of an LTE Smart device. However, it does look as if the testing will be going on during late 2011 and you can bet that if the testing goes well that there could be a release around that same time. Orgy compatibility for the iPhone would definitely bring a lot of people to the platform and would be a much needed upgrade for the device. It will be interesting to see if they are able to put together a plan that will allow for it to be utilized with different carriers and also will be a very popular option, as all iPhone devices are. The iPhone in 4G format would be highly anticipated by many.