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BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review

The unlocked Blackberry Torch 9810 is a device that serves as the new area for RIM and their new line of phones. This is one of the few devices that they have announced over the course of the last few months, and so far it appears to live up to the expectations of the users. The device will be launching with AT&T later in the month and features a 4G GSPA+ network. It utilizes a 1.2 GHz processor that is much faster at getting around the Blackberry seven operating system that some of the previous phones. This is one of the most feature-rich phones that Research In Motion has released in recent times, and you can bet that it will continue to make the phone much more popular.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review

The device also features an 8 GB onboard storage that allows you to store quite a bit of media. The 640 x 480 pixel this way looks really good and is much better than some of the previous phones that they have released. The metal finish that has been provided to the phone definitely gives a sharp look. It is a device that is much better looking overall than some of the previous devices that are then released.


It is clear that Blackberry is trying to change the way that they have done business in the past by offering high-quality phones after the last few have failed and lost a large number of subscribers in the process. Research In Motion has tweaked the design of the phone a bit, and the high-end smart phone looks better than ever. The only thing that can make it better is if it weighed a bit less or was a bit thinner overall.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review

In all, the device is much better than some of the previous devices such as unlocked Torch 9800 that the company has released and is overall a step in the right direction.

One thought on “BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review”

  • Matthew Stuart

    I know that this Blackberry will not display any flash content but do you know a way around this as I have tried out this new Blackberry and would like to buy it?