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Blackberry Storm 2

So word on the street is that RIM is releasing a Blackberry Storm 2.  There is still no release date for the phone but currently it will be an upgrade to the Storm.  Now the original Blackberry Storm did well.  It was popular but like most new phones it wasn't without it's faults.

The new Blackberry Storm 2 will finally be getting Wi-Fi which was a major complaint of the first Blackberry Storm and it will be using the new 5.0 blackberry operating system that is being anticipated by many as a significant upgrade to the current operating system

Lastly and probably most important.  According to it looks like RIM is developing a GSM version this time so companies like AT&T will be able to carry it.

RIM has said that the new Storm will be out this year so for now all we can do is wait.

Blackberry Storm 2

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