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BlackBerry Playbook Accessories

One thing that Research In Motion always does right in BlackBerry Playbook Accessories and their offerings. They offer a number of BlackBerry Playbook Accessories for any device that can can help you to add additional functionality to your device for an extremely low cost. The PlayBook has a number of specialized accessories that can help you to protect the device, increase its functionality, or even customize its look. A few of the more popular types of accessories that are currently available include the following;

BlackBerry Playbook Accessories: Cases

There are a few different cases that are currently available for the device. First, there is the convertible case which is used as an angled stand, and can help you to prop the device up while you are using it. There is also the journal case. This case comes with a leather exterior that looks very nice, as well as a customized shell. This case really is great for protecting the device while adding some style.

BlackBerry Playbook Accessories: Chargers

The BlackBerry Rapid Charging pod is a very nice addition to your usual charger. The device allows your BlackBerry Playbook Accessories to charge at nearly double the rate as allowed by the typical charger. This is a great accessory for people who use their device quite a bit, or run utility heavy apps that cause the battery to drain at a faster rate. This can also be portable and allow you to charge your device when you are out and about.

BlackBerry Playbook Accessories

BlackBerry Playbook Accessories: Cases, Skins and Sleeves

There are also various skins and sleeves that are available for the device. These can be a low cost way to ensure that you keep your device safe. Sleeves slide over the outside of the device to prevent scratching, while skins will cover the backside of the device. There is also a zip sleeve which allows you to protect the back of the device while still using the front. BlackBerry Playbook Accessories have a wide range of options to choose from.

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