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Ballistic Cases For LG, Samsung, and HTC Smartphones

PureMobile is pleased to be growing its selection of Ballistic cases with protective cases for a growing number of smartphones and tablets. Something akin to a protective Otterbox case without the excessive bulk, weight, and dimensions, Ballistic cases are some of the best protective cases on the market. Using layers, protective corners, and other forms of case technology, Ballistic provides expert level protection at a very reasonable price-point for people looking for consumer quality heavy-duty phone cases. Ballistic has designed several different versions of their cases, but we will focus on three cases for the All New HTC One, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy S5. Here is your look at Ballistic's line of protective smartphone cases.

Ballistic Jewel

Ballistic's LS Jewel Series is a gem of protection. Built with reinforced corner protection, this case features a raised lip that protects the screen. Installation wise, the process is quick, simple, and no phone disassembly is required.

Ballistic Shell Gel

Make sure you keep your new LG Nexus 5 looking great. Ballistic's Shell Gel SG Series offers the best pocket-able protection for your LG Nexus 5. This case is engineered with three layers of the best protection on the market, including Ballistic Corners™ and a lay-on-table feature.

Ballistic Tough Jacket

Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Neither is Tough Jacket™. It’s ready to handle whatever life throws your way. With reinforced corner protection and raised lips, we dare you to test this case for the all new HTC One.

Ballistic makes some of the world's strongest, yet sleekest cases. Check out Ballistic today and make sure you check back at PureMobile as we continue to add more and more Ballistic cases to our webstore over the coming weeks and months. Check back with the PureMobile Insider Blog for the latest in tech and smartphone accessories.