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Bada To Be Unveiled On December 8th

Samsung’s Bada is said to be unveiled in London, England on December the 8th, 2009. For Samsung fans this is very good news but for critics of Samsung’s mobile OS, the unveiling of the software has mixed reactions. Samsung is not good with software; one good example of this is Samsung Behold II –a real mess in every sense of the word.

samsung-badaHowever, there is nothing that money and manpower cannot fix. Samsung has plenty of that so maybe, Bada will turn out to be a bad-ass software and it might even blow us all away. What all of us have to do now is to play the waiting game. A week of waiting is not that hard to do but let us all hope that Bada is worth the wait.
According to Samsung officials, the press conference for Bada’s launch will be in London and Samsung’s EVP and current Head of Samsung’s Media Solution Center; Dr. HS Lee will be attending the conference. Tagging along with Lee is Samsung’s Head for Mobile at Twitter, Kevin Thau. Thau’s expected appearance in Samsung’s launch for Bada somehow signals that this new mobile OS will be a bit more social than other mobile operating systems –but hey, what new software doesn’t?

What does Bada have to offer? Well, that is something that all Samsung fans and critics alike will have to wait it out. The word Bada is Korean for ocean. This name was chosen for the OS because of its limitless potential applications. Samsung’s Bada represents opportunities and challenges available to developers. Apart from that, a wide range of entertainment potential is stored for future consumers –this of course is controversial on its own because many consumers doubt that Samsung can really deliver especially in terms of software. Well, we shall see on the 8th!