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AT&T will not allow unsigned Android apps on the Dell Aero

It is being reported that the Dell Aero will be following in the footsteps of the Unlocked Motorola BACKFLIP Phone by prohibiting the installation of unsigned applications. If this rumor turns out to be true then applications for the Aero can only be purchased through the Android Market. The reason for this decisions has not been disclosed but it appears as if this will be a companywide policy for any Android device on the AT&T network.

Because of this decision to only allow applications to be installed on the phone if they have purchased from the Android Market the new Dell Aero will not have the “With Google” branding that is associated with the other Android phones currently on the market. Since this branding will be non existent AT&T may be free to swap out Yahoo for Google and put its custom software on the Aero like it did for the BACKFLIP Unlocked Phone.

This is just another damaging blow to the already less than popular Dell Aero that is set to hit the shelves in the coming months. With its lack of features and true smartphone powers the Dell Aero has not been highly anticipated like many of the Android phones that have and will hit the market. This announcement of not being able to load any applications onto your Aero unless they have been purchased from the Android Market is a real let down by AT&T. One of the major benefits of having an Android phone is to utilize all of the open source apps that can be put onto the phone. I expect that many Android fans will be staying away from purchasing an Android phone, either the Aero or any other model, on the AT&T market. It does not seem to be worth your time or money to buy an Android phone if you are going to use the AT&T market. It would be a much better idea to look for one from Sprint or T-Mobile so that you can get as many apps for your new phone as possible.