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AT&T to start selling Android Phones

Well I am sure you all expected this at some point.  AT&T announced plans to start selling their first android service.  AT&T is set to sell the Motorola Backflip unlocked and join the other mobile phone companies in the Android race.  The Backflip is a full QWERTY keyboard device that runs Android with Motoblur UI.

The unique aspect about this phone, aside from being the first Android phone on the AT&T network, is the way the QWERTY keyboard is set up.  As you might guess from the name the keyboard is actually upside down when you flip up the phone’s face.  When you want to type using this QWERTY keyboard you will need to make the phone do a “backflip” so that the keys are in the position you are accustomed to.  Pretty clever by those fellows over at AT&T eh?

Aside from the quirky keyboard the Backflip is your pretty standard Android phone.  Sporting a 3.1” HVGA touchscreen, 528 MHz CPU and 5MP camera the Backflip provides you with enough power to handle all over your mobile device needs.  The Backflip also comes standard with Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth technology and GPS capability.  These features make this device a really nice start for AT&T’s entrance into the Android market.

AT&T does not plan to stop with just the Motorola Backflip.  AT&T also plans to release a Dell and HTC Android phone but the models are unknown at this time.  Either way this is some exciting news for AT&T customers who are looking for an app friendly phone and do not want to purchase the iPhone.