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AT&T to possibly bring out the Motorola Flipout

Based on certain photographs which we recently discovered, we are wondering whether AT&T will be soon greeting the Motorola Flipout. In those pictures, we have seen this phone showing certain applications which are definitely AT&T. However this may not be a good thing as AT&T have failed with the introduction of the HTC Unlocked ( Aria ) and Captivate and the Motorola Flipout is yet another sub standard release from the service provider.

We reviewed the Motorola Unlocked Backflip recently along with the Motoblur. Hence you know what the Motorola Flipout is about as it is basically a smaller Backflip and has a different mechanism by which the screen flips 90 degrees to reveal the keyboard.

There are however certain plusses to this phone. The Motorola Flipout comes with Android 2.1 and enhanced Motoblur which however we do not think will prove to be of much help to the users. However as is with the newer Motoblur, you can resize your widgets on the main screen thereby you can customize your home screen better which is pretty cool according to us.

Although we say so much about Motorola’s low end phones, the keypad on this one is actually pretty good and we think that you can actually get used to typing on this keypad pretty well.

Although we have said so much about the Unlocked Motorola ( Flipout ) coming to AT&T, there is still no confirmation but we think that it is only a matter of time before we actually get it available on AT&T. If Motorola are still trying to make its devices look different from others using the very same software, the company still has to do a lot to make their skins look better and more organized which is a vast change from the clutter that it represents at this moment. Be sure to stay up to date with this story.