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AT&T Expects T-Mobile Acquisition to Close First Quarter 2012

AT&T has said that they expect the T-Mobile deal to officially close in the first quarter of 2012. Although the deal was originally announced a few months ago, deals of this magnitude are going to take some time to close. On the same day that the company offered up some information about their earnings so far this year, the company has also said that on top of the best ever earnings in the second quarter for their smart phone sales, that they would be looking to close the T-Mobile deal once and for all. The company announced that they were able to sell more than 5.6 million mobile devices. They were also able to bring in revenue of more than 31.5 billion in total, a total of 680 million over the course of the last year. It shows that the company has had substantial growth, and continues to be one of the leaders in the industry. Most would attribute this fact and the fact that the company was the first to acquire the Apple’s unlocked iPhone 4, a deal which put them ahead of the competition in most cases.

AT&T Expects T-Mobile Acquisition to Close First Quarter 2012

The chagrin of sprints, AT&T announced that the purchase of T-Mobile was going to be completed during the first quarter of 2012. They will be offering of additional financial details regarding their earnings in the potential acquisition at some point in the future. This will be a huge move for the company, and should open up a large subscriber base to them in the future. Although the deal has been certain to go through for quite some time, the finalization of the steel will definitely bring in additional profits and great prosperity for AT&T. They can also turn out to be better for T-Mobile, the company that has a different type of network, and their own large subscriber base. The deal should open a number of opportunities to existing subscribers, and should allow them to have access to more phones, as well as an overall better network with more coverage.


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