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Apple Looks to Improve Device Battery Life

Apple is always looking for ways to improve their existing products in an effort to keep up with the market. With more high powered devices boasting about the life of their batteries, Apple is scrambling to find ways to increase the battery life of their unlocked iphone 4, ipad, ipod. In a recent patent filing, that was titled Increasing Energy Density in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells, the patent describes technology that Apple is experimenting with. According to the way that it was described in the filing, the new technology would allow them to increase the capacity of the battery without changing the size or the amount of time that it takes to charge the battery.

Essentially, the change would go unnoticed to most consumers, but would greatly improve the life of the battery. Apple’s mobile devices have always had a fairly impressive battery life when you compare them to other smart devices that are currently in the market. It would be interesting to see how far Apple can take the new design and exactly how much extra battery life it would provide most of the users.

As more phones become high powered, it is hard to create batteries that will fit inside of the device and not have to diminish the power of the battery. No one wants to have to charge their phone halfway through the day, but as the battery is continually used, the overall effectiveness will slow down, which is something that Apple is looking to put a stop to with a new design.

Apple’s iPhone 4 unlocked is still one of the best smart devices in terms of battery life, but an upgrade would really put them ahead of most of the competition and would be a great thing for future generations of the highly popular phone. As Apple continues to innovative to improve upon their design, it seems as if the media is always a step behind their moves, as this technology was not discussed until the patent leaked.