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Apple will Fix Location Tracking Bug Issues

After the media firestorm that engulfed them following the leaking of the information about the tracking bug that tracked the locations of their users over the lifetime of them using the device. Sources at Apple have confirmed that they are not going to wait to fix the tracking issue both on unlocked iPhone 4’s and all iOS devices, but will be releasing a new update that will do it within the next two weeks. This will be iOS version 4.3.3. It still remains to be seen if there will be any legal fallout as a result of the tracking bug that gave Apple access to the whereabouts of their users over the course of the last few years.

They probably do not want to go too long without addressing the issue for fear that it will look like they do not care about the bug in the first place. The update will no longer send the locations of their users to iTunes, where the information was sent before. The location database will also be reduced by quite a bit to ensure that user locations are not tracked for all that long. It will also be deleted entirely when the location services for the phone are turned off.

This issue should also make for minor adjustments in the battery life of the phone, improving the battery life slightly because your unlocked iPhone 4 is not constantly storing information. The update will also fix some of the iPod bugs that have been around in recent years. You can bet that other things will also be included in the update, but Apple will save that announcement for a later date, closer to the actual release of the update. It is good to see that Apple is quickly addressing this issue.