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Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently Discovered

Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently DiscoveredRecently you may remember the exploit was discovered by JailbreakMe 2.0 that allow users to unlock your unlocked iPhone 4 with just a few taps screen. Well, it looks like those days are over as Apple has released a patch that fixes the PDF jailbreak loophole that was discovered some time ago. Just as Apple is to attack the PDF exploit that allowed users to jailbreak your phone with minimal effort, it appears as if JailbreakMe 3.0 is currently in development after rumors of JailbreakMe 3.0 service surfaced last week. However, there are other applications that are coming to the market as well that could solve a similar problem for users.


One of the problems that Apple had with the loophole was the fact that it can be used for more dubious reasons as well. The loophole that allowed for the PDF document to jailbreak the iPhone, also allow users to grab your contacts database, access a number of the saved passwords on your device, and even activate the camera built into your device. These were serious security concerns that the company had, and it is easy to see why they rushed to patch up the loophole that was in place.

Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently Discovered

As of right now the company is asking all users to refrain from opening PDF documents until the update is rolled out. It may take some time for the update rollup for all users, as has become standard for most IOS update releases. it will be interesting to see how quickly Apple is able to rollup patch to fix the issue. So far the issue has mostly been used to help users to jailbreak their iPhone 4 unlocked, but you can see that it could be used for much more dubious methods at some point in the future.