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Apple to Release iOS 4.3.3 Fixing Tracking Bug

Do you remember the story about Apple subtly tracking every location that you have taken your smart device over the course of the last few years and storing it in a database? Of course, Apple will want to distance themselves from this story with all of the attention that it has gotten and have released an update that does not allow for the location database cache to get nearly as big, or store information forever. This was something that bothered many users who felt that Apple should have made this clear to them when they signed up for the service.

The new upgrade will be available for the unlocked iPhone 4, iPhone 4GS, iPad 2 and iPad to get rid of the cache and make sure that the users data remains safe. You had to have guessed that they would want to roll this update out sooner rather than later, with all of the attention that the story received within just a day or it breaking.

Apple has apologized for the mishap and has expressed that it was never intended to be used for malicious intent. This update is supposed to smooth the issue over with consumers. However, with the level of products that they provide you have to guess that a vast majority of users will get over it quickly now that the update is being offered for all to download.

The changes will reduce the size of the cache, and make sure that it is not continually updated when you connect your iPhone 4 unlocked to iTunes. This will certainly make many of their users happy, as the issue has been promptly addressed following the bad press.