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Apple iPhone surpasses BlackBerry as the #1 Opera Mini device in the US

With Opera Mini launching just a few weeks ago on the Apple Unlocked IPhone it is pretty remarkable that the Apple handset has taken the top spot as the device with the most Opera Mini users as measured by the number of installs in the US.  The iPhone has surpassed BlackBerry as the device with the most Opera Mini users in the US and is reported to be leading in Canada as well.  However on a global scale the iPhone currently sits in third place behind Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets.  While the large number of downloads may be the direct result of iPhone users downloading the app simply because it new and noteworthy it will be interesting to see if these trends continue for Apple and the iPhone.

The Opera Mini is another web browser that iPhone  users can use instead of the standard Safari that comes preinstalled on these devices.  Opera Mini is known for its various features that are designed to make browsing the web on your mobile device quicker and easier.  With one tap zoom functions and various other loading techniques the Opera Mini browser can save a person browsing on the mobile web a significant amount of time.

I am sure that a good number of the initial downloads have been from curious Unlocked IPhone users wondering what all the buzz surrounding Opera Mini is all about.  I do not expect these numbers to continue at the rate they are now but I do think that Apple can stay atop the rankings when it comes to the device with the most Opera Mini users.