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Apple May Be Launching ‘iTunes Replay’

The rumors are swirling that Apple is preparing to launch a new service that will allow unlocked iphone 4 and ipad users to re-download music that they have previously purchased, TV shows that they previously purchased in movies they have purchased completely for free. This shows that the company is able to put together an excellent new plan that many users will find to be very beneficial. The fact that they could not previously download many of the things that they had already purchased definitely troubled some users. This new update will allow for users to have access to all of the content that they purchased previously.

This is something that had definitely troubled many users in the past, and the ridiculous practice that the company had previously is now coming to an end. It is interesting that they are going to be jealous now debuting the service, when other operating systems that utilize services like this in the past and it may be common practice. This new iTunes Replay service is something that many users have been waiting for a very long time, and you can bet that they are going to continue to roll out new features as they become requested. Apple has been notorious for not ruling out features as quickly as many thought that they should have, but this feature is a timely addition to accounts.


Apple May Be Launching ‘iTunes Replay’In all, Apple has managed to address some of the key concerns with their service with this update. The company themselves have not officially announced the service, but it appears to be very solid information that they’re going to be releasing in the future in that the update will add a number of very good additions to the iTunes service. Hopefully Apple continues to provide new updates to the service moving forward, and continues to bring new features to the table that users have been waiting for.