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Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

This week is all about Apple and the many different releases they have coming as well as the new features included with each. The most exciting of the bunch is the release of the iPhone 5 and it was the main topic of discussion during their press conference. To accompany the iPhone 5 will be the release of their operating system to support the phone. The iOS 5 will be available as of October 12th. Early reports say that there are some 200+ features enhancements and new features.Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

The Gold Master version of the iOS 5 operating system will be released in the next couple of days to allow for developers to review the changes and start building their 3rd party applications to take advantage of the new features. Doing this allows the launch of the iPhone 5 to have applications available that make use of the new hardware specs and software upgrades. Be prepared to have to make updates to a majority of the applications you have downloaded on to your Apple device.Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

Of the 200+ new features announced at the press conference, there are a few worth mentioning that can be considered major. First off the notifications system of the operating system has been redone. There is also something called iMessage which is included and also the built in Twitter integration. Other than that the only other newsworthy release is concerning the Apple Newsstand.

Everyone is excited this week as Apple has released quite a few new pieces of hardware and software for the holiday season. Moving forward we will be hearing more about them and they will each be reviewed in more detail. For now, start planning to upgrade either your unlocked iPhone 4 or all the applications you have installed on your apple device. The iOS upgrade will almost require it.