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Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint Apps

Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint AppsAfter a bit of poking and prodding from the government, it appears that Apple has finally agreed to get rid of apps that allow iphone 4 unlocked users to add the points in which there are DUI checkpoints in an effort to avoid the police while driving drunk. There were numerous of these apps that had been added to their app marketplace and had become quite popular with many other users. Research In Motion also came under fire after allowing some of the same apps into their marketplace. Research In Motion quickly removed the apps, but Apple appeared a bit reluctant to do so.


Apple claimed that since the apps were not in violation of any of their App Store guidelines that the company could not remove any of the apps at that time. However, it appears that they have received enough of a backlash as a result of their decision to have the apps removed.

Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint Apps

The request came from the current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. As a result of the request the company has changed their guidelines and added a section that specifically gets rid of the ban on DUI checkpoint apps. These apps will still likely be available to users that have a jailbroken phone.


Specifically, the new guidelines state that apps that have DUI checkpoints that are not actually published by the law agencies that enforce them will not be allowed in their App Marketplace. This is a move that has likely been expected since the government first started calling for the removal of these apps. It is a little puzzling as to why Apple took so long to address the issue, but they did eventually give in to the plees.