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Android and Apple Poised to Dominate

App Downloads and Virtual Goods at CES

By Megan Fleet

Anyone with a tablet, smartphone, or is in the vicinity of someone with these devices knows about apps. Downloads of apps on smartphones and tablets are projected to be in the 41 billion range for 2012. With those kinds of numbers, there is some serious cash to be made on the focus and popularity of apps. The industry knows it and these small applications have become all the rage at this year’s CES.  More and more consumer are leveraging the power of unlocked cell phones to choose their preferred service providers and break away from long term service contracts... while customizing their phones with both apps and cell phone accessories of their choice.

App Download iPhone

The flip side of this is that costs of downloads is ever decreasing with the increase of competition. To counterbalance these declining revenues, players are looking to virtual goods. Already ahead of the curve, both Apple and Android are evolving to inhabit this space. In turn, they will keep customers hooked into their ecosystems and continue to diversify the different kinds of devices and accessories are integrated into consumers’ lives on their platforms.  Experience the mind blowing clarity of XMI Speakers.  Uncompromised sound quality and a revolutionary design accentuating today's interactive lifestyle.   Our earpieces and headsets combine sophisticated style and precision engineering that deliver brilliant sound for your total listening pleasure

Apple vs Android UFC Fight
Both Apple and Android own the lion’s share of app downloads to date, but according to Josh Martin, Director of Apps Research at Strategy Analytics, “The introduction of tablets from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and a renewed push for Windows Phone ensure an intensifying battle for the third horse in the apps ecosystem race.” Customers are bound to vote with their wallets and their thumbs with consideration of unlocked devices as well. The industry is changing, becoming more competitive and giving consumers more options of how they receive their data and how they communicate.

Luckily for us customers, this spirited competition is the recipe for lower prices, more choices, and better technology as developers scramble to win us over with must have accessories that make life better and faster speeds. Clearly this is the free market at its best (ignoring carrier exclusivity in this last statement!).