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Amazing New Screen Technology Announced by Samsung

By: Meagn Fleet

Most readers will have seen Tom Cruise’s Minority Report – remember that really awesome screen he reviewed clues and information on? So awesome. Even more awesome is when science fiction technology becomes a reality which is what Samsung cell phone YouTube video is promising in the coming year.

As can be seen in the promotional video, Samsung is releasing flexible displays in handsets. In a company statement last month a few details were shared saying “the flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part. The application will probably start from the handset side” (which has this writer eager to read of their future announcement expanding this screen technology to their tablet line of products). In the interim, consumers will have to content themselves with the ever growing array of tablet options available and wait for the Samsung tablet AMOLED release.

The ramifications of cutting edge technology that creates a market and demand are many. As seen with Apple and the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, device accessories become a secondary industry that consumers use to brand and personalize their device experience. So this screen technology release begs the question of what kind of superior mobile device protection solution and premium electonic accessories will come with this flexible and powerful technology? Opens up a great new segment and world of opportunity for customers to customize and personalize their mobile and tablet device use.

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In fact, the promotional concept video is a Samsung tablet, not a handset to demonstrate the potential of the flexible 3D AMOLED display. Paired with flexibility and the recently announced dual core 2GHz Exynose 5250 processor, Samsung is poised to rock the socks off the mobile and tablet industry in 2012. As of now, there is no exclusive carrier named, but the beauty of an unlocked phone is that you can have your cutting edge technology and use it on your terms!