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Acer reveals 4.8-inch Android smartphone With 1024x480 Screen

Acer has referred to their new smart device as both a smart phone and a tablet because of the size of the screen. The 4.8 inch screen on the phone is huge compared to other phones and will even be larger than the unlocked Dell Streak, which was highly coveted when it was announced because of the size of the screen. It will be interesting to see how well received the new Acer device is after it was announced at the Global press event that was recently held in New York City.

The phone boasted an unknown version of Android, and a quick demo of the phone was given to the eager crowd. The phone will also feature a two megapixel front facing camera that will likely work in a way that is similar to the iPhone 4, and allow users to video chat with their friends that they are speaking with on the phone, as well as an eight megapixel camera at the back of the phone that is capable of recording up to 720p video and also boasts an LED flash.

Acer did not give any clues as to what one can expect to pay for the phone, but did say that they expect the phone to first ship in the early weeks of the second quarter of 2011. An estimate of April was given to the crowd.

The phone also has a full metal body that will help to keep it from breaking, and will support Bluetooth 3.0. The Acer device will also have a 1GHz snapdragon processor along with an HDMI output, which will enable to watch whatever is playing on your phone on your HD television.

It certainly is an interesting announcement. The phone looks very similar in shape to an iPhone 4 unlocked but the metal case and huge screen definitely separate the phone from the pack. Acer has marketed the device as “100 percent smart phone and 100 percent tablet,” which is precisely what they have done with this device.