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Accessories Match Up : Samsung GS5 vs HTC One M8

This week is punctuated by two major phone launches. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the All New HTC One M8 are both hitting shelves this week to much fanfare and are sure to be huge movers for both companies. But what about their accessories? Who has the edge when it comes to cases? We have seen and tested all the new cases for both phones and are ready to help point you in the right direction when it comes to accessories for these two flagship phones.

Interactive Cases

Both HTC and Samsung have innovative cases that go beyond protection for the launches of their new phones. With HTC's Dot Matrix and the Samsung S-View, both companies are pushing the boundaries of what a case can do while still protecting your phone. The HTC Dot Matrix features an almost retro look with things like time and notifications projected onto the cover using dots. This cover can then be interacted with to respond to alerts and alarms without opening the cover. Likewise, the Samsung S-View is similar, but without the look. Instead Samsung uses a window to view notifications. This round goes to HTC for originality and creativity.

Victor : HTC

Flip Covers

Both HTC and Samsung have their own lines of flip covers as well. HTC's Flip Case is a pretty basic cover. It's easy to remove the cover and respond to alerts. With that being said, Samsung has been at this for years, and they know what they are doing. Their Flip Wallet actually takes the place of the phones back battery cover making it super thin. Easily the better designed case.

Victor : Samsung

Third Party Cases

Both phones have a strong lineup of cases from other brands as well. Samsung, being the more established of the two, has a much stronger variety. Samsung is supported very well by Incipio, with the GS5 having versions of the Feather, NGP, and DualPro. HTC meanwhile has the uber-protective Ballistic line backing it up. This round though, has to go to Samsung due to the sheer variety of cases available for the Galaxy S5.

Victor : Samsung