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  • LG G2 To Be Announced August 7th
    Posted on August 5, 2013 by keith holland

    Apple, Samsung, and HTC better have August 7th circled on their calendars. This is the day that a new high-end smartphone is entering the market. LG's G2 is the new contender. Boasting some high-end components and performance, this phone is sure to add another dynamic layer to the phone market and further push tech as companies are forced to take notice.

    While we still don't know every feature of the LG G2, what we do know is already staggering. The LG G2 will be powered by a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2 GB of RAM. The screen is huge, measuring in at 5.2 inches. The screen is of course full HD and will have a resolution of 1920x1080. It will house a 13 megapixel camera and will also feature dual speakers, taking on the HTC One as another smartphone with stereo sound. Lastly, this LTE phone will run on the Android 4.2.2 Operating System. Clearly this phone was built and designed to challenge the best of the best.

    There are some interesting factors to be determined when it comes to this phone. Firstly, while it is being unveiled on the 7th, we don't know when this phone will be on shelves. Secondly, a phone with the specs that the G2 has should be quite expensive. In order to catch attention LG will need to be competitive price wise. In fact, undercutting the current crop of phones would introduce some real mayhem to the market and make things very interesting for the big phone companies. Lastly, we don't know if these are the full specs for the phone. How much more can they cram in that chassis? We'll have to wait and see if LG stands pat or has any tricks up their sleeve. PureMobile will be on top of the announcement and we'll keep you updated on this new smartphone from LG.

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  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, it's time to get ready to hit the books again. Back to school has taken on a new meaning for older students. Instead of a new box of pencil crayons, it's phone, tablet, and laptop accessories as classrooms and lecture halls enter the 21st century and embrace technology in new and exciting ways. With that being said, here is our look at PureMobile's top picks for our favourite College accessories. Be sure to check out our website to cash in several other great products at low prices.

    iHome Portable Alarm Clock For iPhone 

    The first thing you see when you wake up, whether that is at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m., is your alarm clock. iHome has a great alarm clock that will charge your mobile phone as you sleep and wake you up with your favourite songs. This alarm clock is also portable, just in case you decide that the couch is your best option for the night.


    Incase Reflex Headphones

    For that long walk to and from class, the Incase Reflex Headphones are your new best friend. Featuring great sound quality and a sturdy steel band holding it all together, these headphones are a great value for anyone looking for a pair of durable yet great sounding headphones.


    Be.ez LA Besace MBP

    For the student who needs to carry everything with them at all times, the Be.ez LA Besace is the bag for you. Carry your papers, laptop, lunch, and whatever else you need to get through your school day all in one bag. In addition to versatility, the outer layer of this bag is pretty tough as well, protecting the contents and the outside of the bag from wear and tear. It's sure to get you through a year of classes or two because it is just plain tough.

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  • The cold case of what Apple has been up to has possibly been cracked. Photos, shown above and leaked over the weekend, appear to show what could be the next new phone from Apple. Branded with the name "iPhone 5C", and knowledge that Apple's next phone is supposedly low budget, will prompt jokes of the iPhone 5Cheap, but we have reason to believe that the C will in fact stand for something else.

    The C in iPhone 5C could stand for colour. It is believed that the new iPhone, which will be a budget phone in terms of hardware, will borrow from the iPhone line and introduce a wide range of colours in terms of casing. The phone itself is expected to come in at a mid-tier price despite its potentially low grade hardware, making it appear that the apple won't fall too far from the tree.

    As for a launch window, nothing is set in stone. It is expected to launch side-by-side with Apple's new flagship phone, whether that be the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. That timing hasn't exactly been nailed down, but some say it could be as early as September. The iPhone 5S or 6 is expected to be something more akin to what we are used to with Apple, a new top of the line smartphone that is sure to shake up the mobile landscape. In terms of what the 5C is expected to be, think BlackBerry Q5. A clearly inferior, yet more financially palatable version of the BlackBerry Q10. Apple has been experiencing sales issues over the past year and a surge in competition from brands like Samsung and HTC, making their status as the top phone somewhat cloudy. With a new line of phones, including a variety of options, it wouldn't be surprising to see Apple propel itself far above the competition with its new phones.

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  • The BlackBerry Q5 Phone Review
    Posted on July 31, 2013 by keith holland

    While it lacks the razzle dazzle of the BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10, the Q5 is a phone that gets by on serving its niche. Built as a mid-range device in the mould of the older BlackBerry Curve, the Q5, as a budget device, has its shortfalls both expected and unexpected. The rapidly antiquating QWERTY keyboard is a letdown on this device, along with some sluggish hardware, but the Q5 knows what it is. It is a device that works, sometimes well, but usually, it gets by on just working.

    The first thing anyone looks at when they see this phone is the Q5's QWERTY keyboard. While becoming something of a rare feature, this keyboard doesn’t really nail it. The keyboard feels cheap and I shutter to think of how this keyboard will hold up after two or three years of use and abuse. Bottom line, the most important feature of this phone doesn’t exactly draw much confidence. Sad, because the Q10 keyboard really advanced the QWERTY keyboard and excited us about future iterations.

    In terms of body, the Q5 is about the exact same size as the Q10. Gone is the removable battery, and in is the new plastic chassis. The 3.1 inch screen is square, meaning any widescreen video is awkward to view. It isn’t all doom and gloom with the screen though, the display has a great backlight and a great resolution. The 720 x 720 screen pumps out 329 pixels per inch which does look sharp, even if you are squinting to see smaller fonts on this smallish screen.

    Despite some head scratchers, the phone surprises on this device. For just a 5 megapixel camera it really does shine. This phone’s camera app also holds up, making you forget for a few minutes about the lack of crucial apps like Instagram. The app stacks up well when compared to photo apps from major OS’s like Windows and IOS 6.

    The prowess of BlackBerry 10 is available on this phone. Shipping with versions 10.1, those who dedicate time to learn the new OS will really enjoy its intuitiveness. The BlackBerry Hub returns, bringing all your emails and social notifications to one place, pleasing most. Hardware wise though, this phone clearly doesn’t stack up with the Z10 or Q10. In fact, this phone barely holds up against other budget phones in its class. Good news though, the battery is very strong and will easily get you through the day.

    While it isn’t a bad phone, the Q5 isn’t a great one either. Designed to be that mid-line phone with a QWERTY Keyboard, it has goofed that up by building the mid-line phone with a sketchy keyboard. All BlackBerry needed to do was put the Q10 keyboard in a scaled down phone and sell it. Instead they tried to cheap out on the most important feature and we’ll just have to see what the market says.



    -Good battery life

    -New BlackBerry 10 OS

    -Cool colours



    -Surprisingly poor QWERTY Keyboard

    -Small, square display

    -Not the best tech



    Weight : 120 grams

    Size : 120 x 66 x 10.8mm

    Screen : 3.1 inches

    OS : BlackBerry 10 OS

    Camera : 5 megapixel rear-facing, 2 megapixel front-facing

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  • Better late than never for Google as they finally unveiled their new update for the Android Operating System, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. While it is no Key Lime Pie, the next big update coming to Android soon, this stepping stone does repair some of the qualms that users may have had with prior Android versions. Let's take a look at some of the new features of Google's new operating system and what you should expect on your Samsung, Sony, or Nexus phone.

    Android 4.3 features Multi-User Restricted Profiles. What this does is also a person to control which apps are used by certain users of the device. While less prudent on a phone, this app would be extremely useful at the tablet level as more tablets are considered shared devices amongst family and friends. This is a boost from the original system which allowed for the creation of profiles but did not allow for the creation of restrictions on said profiles. This feature also marks a step up on IOS machines, as devices like the iPad and iPad Mini have yet to develop a system that enables the creation of users.

    In what in considered a big step for Android gamers, the new operating system will feature Open GL ES 3.0. What is that you ask? It essentially is a software upgrade that allows programs to run more efficiently, and frankly, just plain better. This will improve gaming on every level on Android devices which is sure to please the both old and new Android gamers alike.

    Ultimately, most of the improvements to Android's flagship operating system would best be described as under the hood. While there are no new sexy features to discuss, the jump to 4.3 will makes things run easier for gamers, and introduce some profile management tools. While Jelly Bean will still satisfy an Android users sweet tooth, the table is now set for Key Lime Pie.

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  • Another day, another shot fired between the boats of Apple and Samsung, and this time it's in favour of the Galaxy S3 and S4 maker. Last week it was announced that Samsung had surpassed Apple in terms of profitability, becoming the most profitable phone maker in the world. This means the end of Apple's four year reign at the top, beginning with the rise of the iPhone. Samsung now has its own powerhouse in the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4. But how exactly did they, being Samsung, do it?

    It came down to last quarter. Apple posted $4.6 Billion in profit in the second quarter this. A handsome chunk of change for sure. Samsung managed to top that though, bringing in $5.6 Billion dollars in profit in the second quarter. The recipe to their success? strong volumes, high wholesale prices, and tight cost controls. Those factors combined pushed Samsung into the mobile profits lead, knocking the giant, apple, out of top spot for the first time in 4 years. But why did Apple sink? Apple has failed to deliver a wide variety of phones at lower price points, something they are now under a tremendous amount of pressure to do.

    So what's next? Well, Samsung is here to stay. While a lot of this has to do with Apple falling, Samsung has also risen up to take control of their share of the market. With that being said, I believe Apple is just one announcement away from regaining their post at the top. Why? Because no matter what Samsung does it will never be as cool as Apple. Plain and simple. The only problem with Apple right now is that they have gone too long between devices, but people will forget that when they roll out their next iPhone or iPhones later this year.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S4 has had some time to get the training wheels off and we are still in love with it. The follow up to one of the most successful phones ever, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of our more popular phones. Additionally, it is one of the more popular phones on the market, receiving rave reviews across the web. With that being said, here are our three favourite accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Samsung Flip Cover for the GS4

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover is the official cover of the device. It is very clearly designed with optimization in mind. The cover wakes and sleeps the device and is incredibly streamlined and thin. This is maximized by the fact the cover doesn't wrap around the device, but actually takes the place of the phones back panel, giving it an incredibly slim profile. This cover ships in many bright colours and is a must have for any S4 owner.


    Samsung Leather Pouch

    This universal pouch has been a mainstay with Samsung since the days of the Galaxy S2. This thin, leather pouch helps keeps your phone snuggly and safely in place and protects it from the rigours of day to day use. This case is crafted with genuine soft leather.


    Samsung Universal Desk Top Dock

    This is a very versatile dock for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Charging is an obvious feature of this accessory. Additionally, you can use this dock to watch videos or movies and conduct video chats hands free. Also, The dock features ports for connecting to external speakers to get high quality sound. This sleek dock looks professional and looks even better with your Samsung Galaxy S4 stationed on it. When it isn't in use it can be folded up and stored in your desk for the next time you need it.

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  • A Brief History Of Mobile Phones
    Posted on July 25, 2013 by keith holland


    Mobile phones have permeated every aspect of our lives. We talk on them, text on them, email on them, bank on them, shop on them. Fact is, you can pretty well operating your entire life with that little device in your pocket. But, it hasn't always been that way. It has been a rocky road of development for the cellphone. Let's take a look at the story of mobile technology with a brief history of mobile phones.


    Early Days

    Mobile technology began to be explored as far back as 1918 in Europe. Like most things in those times, the technology was centred around trains. Military trains experimented with mobile communications tech post World War I and went public in the 20's on trains largely based out of Germany.

    In the 40's the first mobile call was made from an automobile. In 1946, the first call was made from a car in St. Louis, Missouri. That was followed up by a service set up in Chicago, illinois that year. These phones weighed 80 pounds and operated on just three channels city-wide. That later expanded to 32 channels on three bands. This practice continued in some capacity until the 1980's.


    The First Truly Mobile Phone

    Motorola began development on the first truly mobile phone in 1973. It took a decade for the first phone to hit market. The Motorola DynaTAC launched on March 6th, 1983. It retailed for $3,995 for those who were lucky enough to get their hands on one. The phone itself featured up to 30 minutes of talk time, 8 hours of stand-by time, a 10 hour charging cycle, and cost $100 Million dollars to develop. This phone ran on a 1G Network and was followed up by several variations.

    The Network Expands

    2G Networks launched in Finland in 1991. It took 10 years for 3G Networks to start pop up, followed up by the standard 4G Network in 2009, and now, we are settling into LTE networks. During this period phones began being offered by numerous companies and service providers. The number of subscribers has sky-rocketed, going from 12.4 Million people in 1990, to over 6 Billion people in 2011.

    Other Important Dates In Mobile Phone History

    April 3, 1973 - First mobile phone call placed between Motorola worker and Bell rival

    December 3, 1992 - First SMS (Text Message) Message sent wishing "Merry Christmas"

    June 29th, 2007 - The Apple iPhone launches

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    The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the heir apparent to one of the most popular phones ever made. It released this year to high acclaim in the mobile world, settling comfortably in most critics top five smartphones. The S4 Mini is, as expected, the shrunken down version of that behemoth. While it packs some of the same punch, the weight behind it is expectedly less.

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

    For starters, the S4 Mini features a dual-core processor that is clocked at 1.7 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM. For your eyes, the Mini features a 4.3 inch AMOLED qHD display. This display is of course known for its ability to conserve battery power by not requiring juice to project black. Unfortunately, it is also not a true HD screen, but it is still very crisp. The Mini features a plastic chassis, which might feel cheapish to some, but keeps the phones weight very light. The S4 Mini ships with the Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean OS.

    For those who were completely turned off by the gesture controls on the original S4, rejoice! Gesture controls are gone with the Mini. Unfortunately, LTE also didn’t survive the chopping block when it came time to fit the S4’s guts into a smaller chassis.

    The S4 Mini features a 1900 mAh battery which hides behind the phones removable back panel. There you’ll also find the absurdly hard to access microSD port. The Mini only features 8 GB of internal memory, but luckily that can be expanded up to 64 GB.

    Big Brother, meet Little Brother.

    The S4 Mini ships with two cameras. Firstly, a 1.9 Mega-pixel front facing camera for your shameless selfies, and an 8 Mega-pixel shooter on the back. It also features an LED Flash which should help with night time photography.

    Battery wise, due to the dual-core processor and smaller screen, the S4 Mini actually fares quite well when it comes to battery life. The average user will have no problem going to bed with plenty of battery to spare, meaning you won’t have to worry about late night cabs or emergencies.

    While companies continue riding the wave of the Mini craze, Samsung has made a pretty decent phone. The S4 Mini may feature less processing power and a not-quite HD screen, but it gets a lot of things right too just by nature of being the little brother of the S4. People looking for a smaller scale superphone don’t need to look much further than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.



    -Good battery life

    -A proven design

    -4.3 inch AMOLED Screen



    -Drop from quad-core to dual-core is quite pronounced

    -Only 8 GB of internal storage

    -No LTE



    Weight : 107 grams

    Size : 124.6x 61.3x 8.9 mm

    Screen : 4.3 inches

    OS : Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean

    Camera : 8 Mega-pixel rear, 1.9 Mega-pixel front

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  • They may have just launched the HTC One and HTC One Mini, but HTC has started to stumble. The company is slowly but surely starting to separate itself Samsung and Apple, and not in a positive way. Even though their phone, the HTC One, is thought to be the best phone available on the market today, the company as a whole is starting to become something of a third wheel next to the giants of mobile technology. HTC is now looking to get their horse back in the race with their new Emerging Devices department, a department hell-bent on innovation.

    HTC's new department's main task is obvious. Find a way to make themselves the top phone builder. This would of course be done by making the most innovative products. In addition to creating new phones, the division also has the slightly vaguer task of working on "global distribution strategies".

    While there are no whispers of any new phones creeping out just yet, what is apparent is that there is a pretty major shakeup going on at HTC. Numerous people have come and gone over the past little while. This is a sign of the company's dissatisfaction of with mediocrity.

    The question is why does a company who builds the consensus best phone on the market need a shake up? Well, that vaguer part of the "Emerging Devices" department's mandate might play a role. To me it seems HTC has an image problem. Their name isn't as well known as Samsungs, and isn't as cool as Apples. It's a tough spot considering that the HTC One is such a good phone. While good products tend to sell themselves, HTC is up against the king of cool and the king of tech. This means they need to find a new way to breakthrough and get noticed in an oversaturated phone market and one built on being cool. While being good at something is usually good enough, HTC needs to work on doing it good, and looking good in the process. Something they have yet to master.

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