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  • On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, T-Mobile announced that it has expanded 3G network services to two cities in Indiana.  Bloomington and Lafeyette are the targeted markets.  These two markets are home to Indiana University and Purdue University.  Together both areas boast over 100,000 students, making these academic areas a great place to start services.  The folks at Notre Dame are hoping to be next!

    T-Mobile began its expansion into the 3G market back in the fall of 2006 with its announcement that it was going to spend over two billion dollars to expand 3G wireless services.  T-Mobile was one of the last of the major cellular services companies to enter into the 3G network.  The company announced at that time that they should be completed with the conversion by the end of 2009.

    t-mobile-logoWith the introduction of the Android model and other smart phones, T-Mobile has been trying to quickly add as many 3G network areas as possible.  With T-Mobile still lagging behind the other companies, they are well on their way to catching up.  Each week we see more and more cities being added to the network.  To date, T-Mobile has over 240 cities with 3G coverage.

    Most people have the need for the 3G network for web applications and email applications.  The increased speed of the 3G network will assist the customer in their day to day applications and usages.  T-Mobile has also announced its usage of 7.2 mbps HSPA through its 3G networks which will increase the speed of data transfer.  This expansion will continue until the end of the year.  This coincides with the introduction of the Android and other smart phones.

    We can look to next year for the company to upgrade its 7.2 mbps HSPA to further enhance its 3G network and there is also speculation that this upgrade will be a smoother transition to a 4G network in the near future.

    The announcement of the two cities in Indiana comes on the heels with announcements for Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee and Nebraska.  Each announcement centering on larger urban areas with more dense populations.  We will continue to see additional cities being listed almost every day.

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  • The Nokia 7230: An Unexpected Slider
    Posted on December 1, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    The Nokia 7230 is a quaint and compact sliding smartphone that is both practical and affordable. Time and again, Nokia has proven itself as the champion of simplicity and the 7230 helps to reinforce this reputation and at a price of just under $200, the Nokia 7230 promises to be one of the best potential buys for a low-range smartphone.

    Unlike the confusingly cumbersome bulk of rival phones such as the Samsung B3310, the Nokia 7230 unlocked contains an efficient and inconspicuous messaging board that fits easily and conveniently under its 2.4 inch screen, combining to form a comfortably portable 100 gram handset. The large display screen that sits atop its rounded contours gives it the sleek appearance of a touchphone.


    The 7230 also has a camera with 3.2 megapixels and 3G networking which will enable it to connect with rapid ease to the network and all those social networking sites. It is also Bluetooth compatible, has an operating system (S40), FM radio and a memory of 2GB. Perhaps one of the most interesting, but less ostentatious features of the 7230 is its battery life, which has the capability to run on standby mode for a full two weeks.

    The 7230 was only recently announced to the public but it will more than likely contain more features than are listed here. It may be good to know for those less-technologically-savvy customers who have come to identify such qualities as being exclusive to those handsets of iphone caliber. It also seems to be ideal for wither those who are still incredulous about graduating to the complexities of fully virtual smartphones, or for those who want a smartphone without having to spend a fortune.

    Scheduled to be released to the public at the beginning of next years, the Nokia 7230 will be available in six different colors.

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  • The Nokia 6700: The New Classic
    Posted on November 30, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    At a first glance, the Nokia 6700 is reminiscent of a luxury vehicle. It is sleek and stylish with a refined and dignified design which would fit just as comfortably in the palm of any business executive as it does in your pocket. It is a polished, evolved and no nonsense take on the already-classic Nokia design which, on the pure basis of aesthetics, can hold its own in comparisons with smartphones such as the iphone or blackberry pearl. This is even more impressive due to the fact that it is not a smart phone but just a solid piece of technology that gets the job done beautifully—and quite frankly, it is beautiful.


    Amongst the clamor, clangor and chrome of the oversaturated market of handheld devices that resemble smartbooks more than mobile phones, The Nokia 6700 is indeed a breath of fresh air. It dares to remain handsomely minimal in terms of both looks and function; standing confidently defiant in the face of the smartphone arms race. Respectively, there is not much to cover here. All of the basic elements are in place. There is the keypad, which may be so effortlessly glided-over that it may as well be a virtual one. It contains a five megapixel camera that takes surprisingly lucid photographs which display vividly on the 56mm screen. There are also volume keys, a memory card slot and a micro USB port. Otherwise there aren’t many other features to speak of that do not come standard with basically any medium range phone. It has Bluetooth 2.1 capability, comes equipped with sms and mms messaging, including AIM, GPS navigation, a media and even OSS web browsing.

    It has been a very long time since a phone that was not a smartphone or touch screen has come around that could stand up to the competition as a viable alternative. For those who seek simplicity and smartness, the unlocked Nokia 6700 is not a smartphone but it is indeed a smart phone.

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  • Google Maps Navigation is now available for Android 1.6. It is noteworthy that Google had launched the application earlier for Android 2.0 but 1.6 was left out. Various cell phone handset owners who had Android 1.6 on their phones were disappointed, but there’s a reason for them to be ecstatic now.  A large number of users love the navigation because it is free and gives turn by turn directions of maps.

    Google has been providing free mapping software for a variety of smartphones. Though Google’s free services might be killing market for other small service providers who generate revenue by selling their navigational applications, yet the good news for users is that Google Maps Navigation, which was earlier available for Android 2.0 is now available for Android 1.6 also. There’s no monthly fee and since the application connects to internet, you don’t need to purchase any updates of map.

    Phones running Android 1.6 can download an updated version from Android Market now. The early adopters of the Android platform were left out since the navigation facility was not for latest version of Android. It is noteworthy that earlier Google earlier announced that Android 2.0 will be running its navigation application.

    The phones that were left out earlier from the Google Map Navigation can take a sigh of relief as their cell phones running on Android 1.6 will also be able to use the navigation facility. Google only recently made the announcement that its navigation facility will be available for Android 1.6 also. The application is free of cost and provides directions by using Smartphone’s embedded GPS and internet connection.

    Several other services which provide paid services for navigational applications would be hit as the latest announcement by Google will kill their market. This will be a tough time for them. Anyways, users will have a great time using the navigational application running on their mobile handsets.

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  • Review of the Samsung T109 Features
    Posted on November 27, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    Call it a basic or an entry-level phone, the Samsung T109 is an easy to use clamshell phone that offers features like speakerphone, multimedia messaging, and web browsing. You can keep in touch with your friends and family even while you are on the go. The phone can handle high-speed data connectivity via T-Mobile’s EDGE network. T109 can also support advanced data services.

    With a battery life of 4 hours talk-time (or 10 days straight stand-by), it weighs 85 grams. The battery life is sufficient that you will not have to worry while talking. It has dimensions of 3.5x1.8x0.8 while also features photo caller ID. T109 multimedia messaging lets you share pictures, graphics and sounds. You can download wallpapers as well.


    It is compatible with T-Mobile’s MyFaves service. The mobile handset comes with inbuilt web browser. Thus, you can navigate through the web as you like and when you like. No need to install any additional software for the internet. Surfing would be fun and ease, anywhere and anytime.

    The speakerphone allows for hands free talking. It provides facility for SMS text messaging and instant messaging like (Yahoo, AOL, Windows Live, and ICQ). It supports polyphonic ring-tones and voice recording, while the organizer tool offers alarm, to-do list, calendar, stopwatch, world clock. Now you will not have to guess what time it would in the other continent.

    Thus, you can plan events in advance and store it in your mobile. The to-do list will help you keep track of your progress with your work while the polyphonic ring-tone will make sure that you do not miss on your favorite music.

    The unlocked Samsung T109 operates on GSM 850/1900 network. Comes with dual screen, one is outside and another is inside. The external display is monochrome and the size of a thumbnail picture. It shows date, time, battery life, signal strength, and numeric caller ID.

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  • New Market For Cricket Wireless
    Posted on November 27, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    Cricket Wireless, known for their affordable plans, has now opened for business in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  For Cricket, this is their first attempt to build a brand presence in Louisiana markets, and gives them new coverage from the TX/LA border to east of Lake Charles.

    What does this recent addition do for Cricket’s overall coverage? According to press releases, this will increase their footprint by 1,367 square miles.  From Leap’s (Cricket’s parent company) perspective this new market gives them continuous coverage from southwestern Texas to Crowley, Louisiana.  The total geographic area accounts for over 27,000 square miles and nationally brings their covered POPs to 91.3 million.

    CricketWirelessWith Cricket’s new Louisiana wireless services will also come 30 new jobs. These are welcomed additions to the area during such difficult economic times.  The bulk of these jobs will be provided by wireless retailers offering Cricket service plans.

    Cricket believes that the pricing on their plans uniquely positions them to increase market share. Their plans cost $30-$60 a month and include services that would be more expensive with comparable plans at most competitors’ rates.  Included in Cricket plans are: unlimited any time minutes, unlimited U.S. long distance, unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited texting to Mexico, just to name a few.  Cricket also offers daily rates as low as $1 through their PAYGo plans.  For these plans, Cricket will offer their customers about twelve different cell phones from which to choose.

    In addition to the phone services, Cricket will offer low cost broadband services in the Lake Charles coverage area.  The broadband service can be purchased by those who have an existing account with Cricket as part of their package, or it can also be bought as a stand-alone service.  Cricket will offer their newest market all these services in the same manner they do all their other coverage areas; without signed contracts or credit checks.

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  • Recently, Verizon Wireless rolled out the Motorola DROID.  This Smartphone was to be their first device powered by ANDROID 2.0 technology.  It promised speedier access to web browsing and the largest 3G network in the country as well as hundreds of ANDROID applications and widgets.  The DROID was to offer options that other Smartphones did not, and at speeds not yet experienced by users.

    Did the DROID deliver once it hit the market?  Many users noticed two things about this Smartphone almost immediately.  First, it was everything it promised it would be related to speed and its software applications.  The initial reviews were outstanding when it came to the DROID’s performance on the phone, and applications side of the equation.  However, there was recognition by DROID owners concerning an obvious flaw in the device which has some wondering what happened?  The flaw that many DROID users had noticed was the camera function was not working properly. More to the point, it simply would not focus and leading to poor quality pics was a major complaint.  There were other issues people were having with the camera including lack of clarity.

    As quickly as owners had noticed the deficiencies it seemed the camera began to improve in almost every way.  What happened?  No technical service was sought, although there certainly were customer complaints and dissatisfaction with the camera.  Did Verizon quietly perform updates to the DROIDs that had been purchased?  All over owners are reporting significant improvements with their camera problems leaving many to speculate that in fact there have been updates to their Smartphone.

    Some find this a bit weird, even somewhat sneaky.  Others are pleased that Verizon has heard customer complaints and moved quickly to address the problems.  There are those who have concluded in their minds that the planned December 11 updates were moved forward once the issues were made known by DROID owners.

    Sneaky? Good customer service? Either way DROID users are reporting significant improvements with the quality of their pics.  In the end, having their device work as advertised is all most consumers really care about.

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  • The Samsung B3310 is primarily designed for social networking. It features a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, direct access to Facebook and MySpace, is affordably priced, and comes in the prettiest pink. The applications that come with the phone help to an active social life well organized.

    The full-QWERTY keyboard on the Samsung B3310 makes composing email and sending SMS messages a snap. It slides out of the side and the screen adjusts so the images stay upright. Having direct access from the home screen to the social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace, enables constant chatting with friends and updating of pages with ease. The unlocked Samsung B3310 also supports sites like Flickr to share photos.  Photos can be taken with the 2.0 Megapixel cameras that are built into the phone. The camera also has video capabilities.  The phone book holds 1000 entries and there is a 30 number call log.


    For personal pleasure, the B3310 has an FM radio and can play MP3, WMA, and MIDI. The 40 MB of memory can be expanded if more storage is needed. The phone is Bluetooth compatible for hands free talking and the battery holds a 5-hour talk time charge.  It is also considered lightweight at 100g with the battery. Standard time management applications are included like a calendar, alarm clock, and voice memo.  In addition, there are the necessary time wasters like games.

    The Samsung B3310 comes in black, blue, green, and pink.   This phone is for serious social networkers who are young or young at heart. Most QWERTY phones are in the higher price range but the Samsung B3310 is in the entry to mid-level range.  This is because this phone is not designed for business applications.  It is designed primarily for fun and keeping up with friends and family.

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  • AT&T revealed that they spent approximately $65 million in the Bay area between 2008 and through the third quarter of 2009 to enhance their 3G network services.  The upgrade is part of a strategy for AT&T to deliver innovative services for Smartphone and broadband users. With the new 850 MHz Spectrum in, place AT&T will provide greatly enhanced quality for those accessing their wireless network from inside buildings, and it will allow the company to adequately handle the growing mobile broadband customer base.


    In addition to the 3G network, upgrade the expenditure by AT&T also improved cellular services around the Bay area as well.  The investment increased the capacity for connection between cell sites, which is critical due to the rapid expansion of mobile connectivity needs.  The growth in AT&T 3G users, due to Smartphone upgrades and other mobile devices, has been over 2000 percent since 2008 according to internal company data.  This exponential increase is the primary driving force behind the millions spent.

    Across the country, AT&T offers 3G services in more than 350 metropolitan areas. However, nowhere is the desire for these devices more in demand than San Francisco specifically, and California in general. To keep up with this massive, and growing, demand AT&T felt that the 3G infrastructure investment was warranted and will serve to solidify their position as the top provider of these services.  To that end, the Spectrum upgrade will allow users to experience a greater quality when making a call, accessing an application, or surfing the net.

    AT&T has also announced plans to upgrade their infrastructure nationwide with the HPS 7.2 technology.  They hope to have this project completed by 2010 in the San Francisco area and nationwide by 2011.  As part of this effort, the company will also add 1900 cell sites around the country to meet the demands of consumers.

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  • Blackberry Pearl 9100, codenamed Striker or Stratus is a 3G phone and an updated version of BlackBerry Pearl 81xx Series Smartphone. It gets its styling from latest generation smartphones. The QWERTY setup has been reworked into SureType setup.

    The new Pearl features a newly designed battery. Lovers of small handsets are going to have a bash at it because it is so attractive that you cannot put it down once you pick it. The SureType keyboard seems less cramped than it used to be.


    It is going to pack 3G, Wifi, BlackBerry OS 5.0, the RIM optical trackball, and the mentioned keypad. However, we cannot find information regarding price and carrier, yet we can be sure that BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is surely in the pipeline.

    It is non-touchscreen smartphone. In addition, it will be a successor of BlackBerry Pearl 8100. The photos were recently out and BlackBerry enthusiasts were delighted to see the new design. The new smartphone comes with a new keypad and a slimmer design. The battery too is newly designed to fit in the slimmer profile of the soon-to-be successor.

    The images were made available recently through a website, courtesy Reach Internet Mobile (RIM). Apart from the basic features of a BlackBerry Pearl smartphone like, phone, camera, email, instant messaging, multimedia and organizer, the slimmer design and new keypad would be an attraction for the enthusiasts. The massively popular BlackBerry Pearl has been an instant hit earlier too.

    An innovative keypad technology, SureType gets rid of the limitations of traditional mobile phone keypads. It uses an integrated keyboard and software system. The polished black slim design of BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is in the news and more updates on it will surely trickle down from the top ups.

    It packs the slick exec looks of Bold 9700. For the time being let us keep our fingers crossed for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

    [Image Source:]
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